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Marvel Announces 'All-New Marvel Now plus New INVADERS and INHUMAN Series

New jumping one points for new series are coming up again.

Today Marvel has announced that due to the success of Marvel Now, an initiative offering new "entry points" into their characters, they are doing it once again. It all begins on December 24 with AVENGERS #24. This second wave will continue through April and will launch new books for January including INHUMAN (by Matt Fraction and Joe Madureira) and ALL-NEW INVADERS (by James Robinson and Steve Pugh).

INHUMAN will focus on what happens when a large population of people are exposed to a mist (Terigen Mists, we can assume). Those exposed become powerful Inhumans.

Captain America will be teaming up with his old WWII buddies in ALL-NEW INVADERS.

Along with Cap, the series will have Namor, Bucky Barnes (as the Winter Soldier) and the original Human Torch. They won't be revisiting old war adventures as Cap's team has to fight off the Kree Empire as they try to "rediscover a device that can control gods and create an unstoppable army."

Source: USA Today

Here's a cover of AVENGERS #24 courtesy of Marvel.

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Posted by victorcheenoanleu

If you've never heard of the Invaders then please crawl back under the rock, or buy it & maybe find out. & "Cyclops is a terrorist, Namor alongside Captain" your bulls#^t makes no sense, that's the Sub-Mariner you're condescending to, show some respect.

Posted by The Mast

I know it SHOULDN'T matter to me, but I'm so lucky they're not renumbering Avengers.

New fans eventually have to be told to do the legwork, man. You can't keep renumbering everything at the expense of older collectors.

Posted by TheAcidSkull


Posted by Mangakid1995

Oh My God I don't think iv ever been so excited for a comic as I am for All-New Invaders!!

Posted by cameron83

Both look really interesting.

Especially Invaders (Inhumans,too)

Posted by WWAJfan

No Venom relaunch but more books where Cap appears ignoring the continuity...nothing new

Posted by theTimeStreamer

*with tears of joy* thank you marvel. i've been waiting forever for an invaders book.

Edited by mtrakos


Inhumans and Invaders. Panties are officially wet.

Posted by Meteorite

James Robinson a good writer? I've always liked the idea of the Invaders, so I'd definitely be willing to give it a look if knows what he's doing.

Posted by BattheMan008

So wait, this Invaders book will be set in the past, correct? Or no?

Posted by mattwing87

I sure hope there will be a solo Darkhawk series that coincides with these Inhuman/Kree titles!

Posted by Perfect 10

dont like cap's suit and can sharon carter join the invaders? we do not need another all boys club book

Posted by gor724

All New Invaders sounds pretty f*cking awesome. It looks like it has the potential to be my favorite Marvel series. Also that Avengers cover is beautiful.

Edited by Dookie_Monster

Are the playing musical chairs with the creators again?

Posted by knighthood
Posted by longbowhunter
Posted by Scarlet_Spider_Forever

inhumans looks to be a definite read

Posted by mdamasco

Woah Invaders series, did anyone see that coming? Inhumans by Fraction? Will definitely read that

Posted by Grey56

@noj said:

Meh Ive always hated the Inhumans so I definitely wont be picking that up. Shame Joe Mad is being wasted on it though. Invaders could be cool though. But how much do you want to bet that neither of those titles will make it to issue 12? I see them canceled relatively quickly. They may make it a bit further but I dont see them making it further than 20.

What this man said.

Posted by Maxpower00044

DC is doing Marvel a favor by pissing off their writers and have them going to Marvel to start new titles.Way to go DC!

Edited by Vance Astro


Edited by mickeyangel

@johnny_spam: was thinking the same thing. But it's cool to see Robinson playing in the golden age character sandbox again, albeit with marvel instead of dc's once upon a time legacy characters.

Posted by Empurios

Hickman-Ribic just like the first volume of Ultimate Comics: Ultimates, a great series!

Posted by louiecayetano85

why is avenger #24 renumbered to #1?? but I like that Esad is drawing it.. don't really know what's gonna happen but I sure do know it will look Epic!!

Posted by newmutants45

Inhumans = X-men. Is it really necessary to add this to the Marvel Universe just because Marvel doesn't have the live action rights to the X-men and wants to make an X-men movie?

Posted by kid Apollo

im so down for some Invaders actions

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Joe Mad will probably do like the first arc then after that, Inhumans will go to guest artists. I'm willing to bet anything. And Invaders I'm psyched for because..well, its Robinson, and I hate the bad blood he ended up with when he left DC.

Posted by mdamasco


but they were both in the original Invaders

Posted by Vance Astro

@mdamasco said:

but they were both in the original Invaders

I know that, but that doesn't make it better. I assumed that Toro & Bucky were original Invaders because they were sidekicks of Captain America & Human does it make sense now? Captain America is no longer grooming him as a hero, Winter Soldier is his own entity. Cap is already all over the Marvel Universe, Winter Soldier doesn't have that luxury. Why not use the new Invaders book to help promote Winter Soldier instead of making him take a backseat to Cap..AGAIN! It's stuff like this that makes me think "what was the point of even creating Bucky?" If he's never going to make any real progress and everything in that direction will just be overshadowed by whatever Cap is doing, why did they bother bringing him back? Why did they waste the retcon to bring back a character they don't have any intention of developing properly?

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

This is so cool, I've waited for an Invaders and Inhumans series.

Edited by pspin

Invaders sounds cool but Inhumans sounds stupid, it sounds like any X-Men title but now they are from space.

Edited by Buddy_Baker

As interesting Invaders looks and as much as I like Pughs art - and thing bothers me a bit: why would Cap forgive Namor after the events of AvsX, but not Scott, Emma and Magik (even though I don't followed every Marvel Event since then, and I dont now image Colossus has in the MU, too).

Edited by jimlforeman

Its nice to see that the Avengers hasn't massively reorganised...if the cover indeed is reflective of the roster.

Posted by Vance Astro

@jimlforeman said:

Its nice to see that the Avengers hasn't massively reorganised...if the cover indeed is reflective of the roster.

That is the real roster but there is also still 5 or so Avengers teams that they are all broken up into.

Posted by sonofodin25

The Return Of The Invaders is a genius move on Marvel's part !!! Not sure about Inhuman though....

Ps. Enough The Renumbering Already Marvel !!!!!!

Posted by LCazT1996 "All-New" the title they're gonna use whenever they're having a classic line-up/concept in present day..? All-New X-Men (which is amazing, mind you) and now All-New Invaders... xD

Posted by aviaaviaavia

I'm really looking forward to Inhuman

Posted by tigerkaya

Inhumans with Jim Hammond the Human Torch! Sounds awesome but wait Robinson the guy who wrote that awful "I like Toffee apples" from Cry for Justice. I will need to wait for reviews. Wow an Inhumans comic sound awe- wait Fraction is on this well I lost interest rabidly fast.

Posted by Noteworthington

Way too many internet mads being had in this thread about two great books with two great teams coming out.

Posted by ChocolateFrogs

Getting new jumping on points is always a good thing.

Just one question: What makes the Inhumans stories (powered humans) different and compelling compared to the X-Men stories (powered humans)?

Edited by nappystr8

Not only is there a new Invaders series, but James Robinson is writing it, with Steve Pugh on art? Curses, I need to scrounge together some money for another book.

Posted by tuckboarder

Joe Mad is on a book i'll read said book

Posted by Vance Astro

@chocolatefrogs said:

Getting new jumping on points is always a good thing.

Just one question: What makes the Inhumans stories (powered humans) different and compelling compared to the X-Men stories (powered humans)?

Not much. The Inhumans are alot like Earth Mutants.

Posted by DR_Strange_
Posted by Squalleon

@shadowx said:

Oh look an all male team thats going to go unnotice by everybody.... but as soon as an all female team comes people will complain.

These actually sound really intresting but yeah.

Fearless defenders, X-men both all female teams. No one complained. Actually most praised Marvel for such a bold move in a male dominated hobby.

Also Birds of Prey another female only team that was awesome.

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

I'm there, buying all three.

Posted by Riot_Sqrrl

Marvel is headed to an endgame in which Aunt May lazily pushes herself up in bed and declares to Uncle Ben who has just emerged from the shower, "I just had the strangest dream..." (a la Dallas).

Posted by kilowog52

Wait! Didn't Bucky die in Fear Itself? I'm really behind on my Marvel stuff. I really don't see the point of having a book called Inhumans about humans powered by the Terrigen Mists when there's the actual Inhumans to write about. Or were they killed off in some recent even I haven't read yet? The Invaders title could have a lot of potential, especially with Robinson on it. Even his The Shade mini was phenomenal. I'd really like to get deeper into Marvel, but am already putting all my effort into maintaining my stance in the DC world. I'm not even sure what Marvel series are coming and going, and who is writing them. Does Marvel still have Brian Michael Bendis and/or Mark Millar?

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