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Marvel Announces 'All-New Marvel Now plus New INVADERS and INHUMAN Series

New jumping one points for new series are coming up again.

Today Marvel has announced that due to the success of Marvel Now, an initiative offering new "entry points" into their characters, they are doing it once again. It all begins on December 24 with AVENGERS #24. This second wave will continue through April and will launch new books for January including INHUMAN (by Matt Fraction and Joe Madureira) and ALL-NEW INVADERS (by James Robinson and Steve Pugh).

INHUMAN will focus on what happens when a large population of people are exposed to a mist (Terigen Mists, we can assume). Those exposed become powerful Inhumans.

Captain America will be teaming up with his old WWII buddies in ALL-NEW INVADERS.

Along with Cap, the series will have Namor, Bucky Barnes (as the Winter Soldier) and the original Human Torch. They won't be revisiting old war adventures as Cap's team has to fight off the Kree Empire as they try to "rediscover a device that can control gods and create an unstoppable army."

Source: USA Today

Here's a cover of AVENGERS #24 courtesy of Marvel.

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Posted by teclo

So this is the Inhumans strategy that'll let them put mutants in the MCU, just by another name and therefore without treading on Fox's toes.

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Posted by kriminal

all new invader is what ive been wanting. I don't care for namor and human torch, but I wanted a book cap and bucky both starred in.

new entry points? hope that means they aren't shuffling writers again.

and inhuman looks cool will buy number 1 at least

Posted by TDK_1997

@v_scarlotte_rose said:

@tdk_1997 said:

Invaders looks decent but I am not a fan of the name All-New Invaders - it sounds so childish.

Are any of them even new? If not, then it seems like kind of an odd title.

Better than something like "Old Avengers" though I suppose.

Good point on the "All New" portion of the title.

According to USA Today, the follow-up to last year's successful Marvel NOW! campaign, which saw the debut of several new titles while providing jumping-on points for others, will kick off Dec. 24 with "Avengers" #24.NOW. Written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Esad Ribic, the issue finds Captain America and Iron Man recruiting a new team to stop a runaway planet that's hurtling toward Earth.

Perhaps the new team is in reference to the Invaders and Marvel is planning on adding new members.

It's still an odd choice of title.I would prefer if the book was just called Invaders rather than All-New Invaders.

Posted by SavageDragon

Im a huge Inhumans fan so this ones a no brainier.

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

I expected an Inhuman series, but I was REALLY hoping Hickman would be on it. Nothing against Fraction, but something like the Inhumans seems more like a Hickman joint. Ah well, I love the Inhumans enough to give it a shot anyway!

Love the sound of Invaders as well.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Might try All-New Invaders but will see nearer the time. Would have loved it if Brubaker was on the series (nothing against James Robinson).

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

I might have to check out both of those. I like Cap teamups (especially with Bucky) and I have taken a liking to Black Bolt

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

Initially wasn't that interested, until I saw Robinson on Invaders, so may look into it. Also, is it just me or does the Invaders logo look a lot like The Avengers logo cut in half?

Posted by MaccyD

@tdk_1997: Sounds better than New Invaders 2....

Also I hope they include the more obscure members of the Invaders... especially some of the British members, made it actually seem like a proper "international" superhero team for once.

Posted by krspaceT

Weren't we complaining about how DC was better than Marvel a few articles back? Now its the other way around

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I'm not very interested in these but a few observations if I may:

1 - I will be very, very surprised if Joe Mad stays on that book for more than 4 issues. Why it is that Marvel won't pony up and put him on a main flagship title really aggravates me.

2 - Please, please drop the damn red banner; it interferes with beautiful art work. Besides, no one cares about whatever moniker Marvel is running to try and keep up with the Jones' New 52.

3 - I seriously doubt the two new titles get beyond 24 issues. I'll be watching to see if I'm wrong.

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose
Posted by Jimmie_Hudson_


Posted by Osian2

So Cyclops kills Prof X and is now considered a terrorist while Namor drowns Wakanda is now going to work along side Captain America?

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Cool beans! Interested in both, especially Invaders.

Posted by LordRequiem

Inhuman is a nice idea but it depends how it's executed. I don't like the Marvel-Now-Again idea.

Posted by Wolverine08


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Invaders sounds awesome. I can't stick with Avengers anymore after Infinity, but the promise of Ribic is intriguing. Inhumans... I'll give it a shot...

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@osian2 said:

So Cyclops kills Prof X and is now considered a terrorist while Namor drowns Wakanda is now going to work along side Captain America?

Tell me about it. The Avengers also took in Scarlet Witch after her shenanigans... Cyke just gets the short end of the stick sadly.

Posted by BlackArmor

All New Invaders? Hells yes! When I was like 7 my Uncle got me like 50 issues of the classic Invaders series, nothing could stop me from checking out a return to that team!

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Cap's got himself a "new" costume :D

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No Hyperion, Falcon, or Shang-Chi on the Avengers cover. I hope Hyperion makes it through Infinity, Marvel have never really got a good handle on him so far.

Posted by DChero

I definitely missed something but when was everybody or cap on good terms with namor?

Posted by HumanRocket

Finally Bucky gets some time. I'm for sure going want to see how invaders goes.

Posted by Novemberx2

Why re-number avengers?

I'm guessing that the sudden focus on the inhumans (bye bye space theme) means inhumans movie is on the way, probably will be a gross comedy like iron man 3 sigh.

seriously what is this marvel NOWNOW!

Posted by Dernman

I may not be an Invaders fan but at least they are going with something other than Avengers. How many teams is Cap coming to be in now? Please don't make him the next Wolverine. Heroes should have a two team limit, one if they have a solo book.

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

Inhumans - I'll give it a shot for the first 2 or 3 issues and see how I like i

All New Invaders- I'm def collecting this, Namor is the effing man

Posted by GothamRed

I take a look, I love fraction's work and the invaders are cool

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they all sound badass cannot wait

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

Inhuman is a definite yes, for me.

Posted by noj

Meh Ive always hated the Inhumans so I definitely wont be picking that up. Shame Joe Mad is being wasted on it though. Invaders could be cool though. But how much do you want to bet that neither of those titles will make it to issue 12? I see them canceled relatively quickly. They may make it a bit further but I dont see them making it further than 20.

Posted by SoA

an invaders book AND inhumans? yes please!

Posted by flazam

I wounder if that will be johnny storm human torch

Posted by DecoyElite

Invaders should be neat.

Posted by JLArturo

@flazam: It says in the solicit in the OP that it's the original.

Posted by JLArturo

I don't know much about the InHumans, so I'll probably check it out out of curiosity. I'm interested in The All-New Invaders book though despite it being a stupid name.

Posted by jsphsmth

Robinson bringng back the Invaders!!! That helps dull the pain of him leaving Earth-2.

I hope Robinson gets to pen a few flashback stories of their WWII adventures in the series.

Posted by butters911

Im sad Fraction is leaving Marvels first family, but Im down to give Inhumans a try.

Posted by Lounging_llama

Looking forward to a new Matt Fraction line as he comes off of FF and Fantastic Four.

Posted by Avengers_4everXX

YES THANK THE LORD MARVEL PICKED UP JAMES ROBINSON. I'm definitely picking up Invaders because I promised myself I would read whatever James put out in protest of his treatment at DC, and if the new writer on Earth 2 sucks, this will replace it in my pull list entirely(also making me 100% Marvel). Sucks to be DC right now.

Posted by ShadowX

Oh look an all male team thats going to go unnotice by everybody.... but as soon as an all female team comes people will complain.

These actually sound really intresting but yeah.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Hey look! James Robinson!!! Now he's doing a Marvel book! Awesome!

Posted by PeppeyHare

I love Fraction and Robinson so i'll be picking both of these up

Posted by broo1232

Okay Invaders interests me definitely trying the first issue since it's just before christmas day.

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I've been waiting for something I can dip my toe into with Marvel for a while. I'd give all three a go.

Posted by Kerrigan

Why re-number avengers?

I'm guessing that the sudden focus on the inhumans (bye bye space theme) means inhumans movie is on the way, probably will be a gross comedy like iron man 3 sigh.

seriously what is this marvel NOWNOW!

They're not renumbering: look in the lower right corner, this is Avengers 24. The big #1 in the upper right is about the story arc, I guess, likely just a marketing ploy to fool people into buying, since first issues always sell well...

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James Robinson on the Invaders? Sounds cool!

Posted by Poncho

why are new jumping on points so taboo with everyone? if you're already reading the series its more of what you love, and if you been reading the trades its a opportunity to start collecting monthly. i don't get it.