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Mark Millar's Working On An Old Man Logan Sequel

I think we all saw this coming.

I really enjoyed Old Man Logan. Despite being another apocalyptic future story (and we've seen tons of those), there was just something really cool about it. Mark Millar and Steve McNiven did a great job building everything up and introducing this sucky future world.
On his Millarworld forum, Millar posted yesterday that he's started working on the sequel. He said he's had an idea since he started writing the first issue of the original. He also plans on it starting with an "insane Spidey flashback which pretty much sets the tone."
It's not official just yet. Millar said he still needs to "formally pitch" the idea to Marvel. I think it's safe to say that Marvel will say yes.
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Posted by kitsuneconundrum

ye olde healing factor aint what it used to be.

Posted by Meteorite

I've only read the original Old Man Logan arc in German, but I still think that it was great. This should be good.

Posted by longbowhunter

Old Man Logan was a fun story. I'm a sucker for post apocalyptic future crap.
Posted by Duncan

I still need to read this.

Posted by fesak

I was quite underwhelmed by this story, and i'm a sucker for alternate realities and dystopic futures.

Posted by doordoor123

I was going the read the first one a while back, but it was too expensive at the time. ill buy both around the same time.

Posted by dondasch

Haven't read the first one yet.  Will h ave to pick it up at some point

Posted by Icemizer

I thought this series started off much stronger than it ended. Felt quite rushed to get to the point where we all new it was going. Still we do have lots of the country unexplored yet. Maybe we can go to the swamplands and a Curt Connors led race of Lizard Men. Or the sons of Kraven have imprisoned all the animal based heroes and villians in some sort of zoo.
Posted by bobtv

Have to pick the trade for the first.

Posted by SystemID

Awesome. I am a huge fan of that particular arc. Though mostly.. I LOVED the artwork the last go round. I just hope it'll be just as nice this time.

Posted by Comiclove5

I can't wait but shouldn't he finish his other titles first.
Posted by ninjadude853

THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jotham

AWE-SOME. Does that mean we see what happened to Spider-Man? That should be cool. The first one had some of my favorite moments in comics in it (although I thought the last issue was a little weak), the

just about made me lose my mind.
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Posted by Joe Venom

Sign me up! I can't wait to see what could possibly top Logan ripping through a trailer park full of inbreed Hulks, I just hope it has nothing to with space, zombies, or Galactus that would be epic FAIL!

Posted by yescas

Really, really REALLY looking forward to this.

Posted by G'bandit

Still a bit shocked over this scene O_O

Posted by Erik

Very awesome. 

Posted by goldenkey

HOLY S%$T!  I just realized I had not picked up Old Man Logan yet and the trade has been out for so long.  Thats the problem with going to a store that doesn't sell  trades becaue they say some just sit there to long.  I told them to photo-copy the covers and put them on a wall and if someone asks for them then tell them they will order them.  Out of sight , out of mind.  Damn it I gotta go get this.
Posted by TheMess1428

Totally sick!

Posted by Duo_forbidden

Sweet. This is one of the few apocalyptic comics I liked.

Posted by NXH

Old Man Logan was wierd. But I still thought it was alright.


Posted by danhimself
@fesak said:
" I was quite underwhelmed by this story, and i'm a sucker for alternate realities and dystopic futures. "
I liked most of it except for the ending...that was extremely underwhelming
Posted by Brickabrack

I loved Old Man Logan. I even liked the ending, disturbing as it was and despite the fact that this was the superhero version of Clint Eastwood's 'Unforgiven'. The art was amazing.  
I'm going to be first in line for the sequel. 
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Fantastic, I picked up the trade the day it came out after i had missed the inital run and i loved every second of it. Going to keep my eye on this.

Posted by zombietag

im definitely down

Posted by sora_thekey

I haven't read Old Man Logan... but I should!

Posted by Hawkling

So excited for this! Loved Old Man Logan. If Marvel denies the pitch they're dumb.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

The first one was cool, so cool

Posted by skaarason

yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by DEGRAAF

i faded in and out of this story (mostly for money reasons) but this was a great story and i would like to one day get it in HC and would definitely follow the sequel
Posted by scorpius72

what we need, another Logan comic. gee i dont think hes over exposed yet. hey how about another Batman comic. ;P

Posted by zmanm407

I wonder what adventures Millar will have Logan and Baby Bruce go on. Maybe they'll discover what REALLY happened to Sue and Reed, and maybe they'll find the "other would-be heroes holding meetings in their basements" that Red Skull wanted Tobias to tend to.  Maybe they'll come into conflict with Doctor Doom, Creel's Gang, Osborn or the Lizard King! I am excited for this.
Posted by Korg

I'd be more interested in a prequel that was based in the same world, but didn't focus on Logan.

Posted by bdot7

I just read this in its entirety last night and was thinking THERE NEEDS TO BE A SEQUEL or at LEAST a prequel. This was such an exciting read. Absolutely incredible. Kudos to the creative team.

Posted by CraigWayne

I can't wait for the sequel because Millar should touch up on somethings like the Spidey flashback,how did Red Skull manage to get all the villains EVEN Magneto together for the plan & even though they never showed her,what happened to She Hulk.I can't wait
Posted by CraigWayne
The real question is what happened to the Thing & Johnny
Posted by 62renji

is this still even going to happen cause i cant wait for it 
Posted by SexualLobster
@CraigWayne: Well Ben's arm is in Skull's trophy case in the end, so I'll assume they're both dead, and 'trophies' right now.