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Mark Millar Releases SUPERCROOKS Teaser Video

If you thought that superheroes existed only in the United States, you're in for a big surprise.

Some may call Scottish comic creator Mark Millar a hype machine, and in a sense he sort of is. Aside from writing stories that often blow our minds, Millar is also pretty good at ensuring that his books do well commercially. If there's one thing we can all agree on it's that Millar has pretty fantastic marketing skills. Love him or hate him he knows how to get people interested and talking about his projects.

Millar's next big project? SUPERCROOKS, which is set to hit comic shop shelves this Wednesday, March 21st 2012. SUPERCROOKS will introduce super villains to Europe. To promote the upcoming book, Millar interviewed various Europeans asking them what they think of the concept of superheroes and supervillains. Below is a teaser for his latest project.

== TEASER ==

What happens when American Supervillains get tired of causing havoc in America? They relocate to another continent, of course. And evidently, Europeans are less than prepared for the impending threat of a supervillain attack. Or at least that's the impression we got from this teaser. What did you think of the video? What do you think of the concept for Millar's latest series? Do you think it's a good idea?

SUPERCROOKS will hit store shelves tomorrow and is written by Mark Millar. The new series will feature art from Philippino artist Leinil Francis Yu. The book is published by Marvel's Icon Comics.

Posted by KidSupreme

I am at work so I can not watch the video ... but I get to be the first to write something....


Posted by haydenclaireheroes

This was a cool promotion for the book

Posted by gethere

Ha, this is so funny HA HA

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

This actually was kinda nice. I enjoyed the teaser, even if I didn't care for the stubborn opinions of those interviewees. Ah well :) Still good.

Posted by Deadcool

@haydenclaireheroes said:

This was a cool promotion for the book

Indeed!! I enjoyed it...

Posted by BurnSide

except that in europe we do have superheroes, sure... could work

Posted by ReVamp

I came in here expecting wanted... I came out expecting something weird as f*ck.

I know what I'll be reading...

Posted by Vincent92

funny vid, but i think europe would find way to deal with villians

Edited by feargalr

Hahhhh thats pretty funny, and so true, EVERYTHING in comics always happens in New York city, like why do people even live there anymore!?

Also its nice to see some different marketing techniques being used for comics.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Given that this is Millar, I was thinking that last guy would say "We're f**ked" instead of "Wouldn't they?"

But I guess not.

Posted by Dedpool

YAY! More Millarworld!!

Posted by JamDamage

stupid Europeans

Posted by frochez

It would be good to see more European superheroes. It never erally made sense to me that we didn't have any over here, other than Captain Britain, and even he spends most of his time off-world or in America. From what they said in the video, it looks like superheroes and villains are banned in Europe, but how could they possibly enforce that?

Posted by KEROGA

mark millar is pretty awesome at writing bad guys ..nemesis,wanted,

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

random Scotsman FTW

Posted by J1ml33

Now that`s something you dont see every day ^_^  Still Adding Millarworld to my pull list yet again .

Posted by Lexino

@frochez said:

It would be good to see more European superheroes. It never erally made sense to me that we didn't have any over here, other than Captain Britain, and even he spends most of his time off-world or in America. From what they said in the video, it looks like superheroes and villains are banned in Europe, but how could they possibly enforce that?

Yeah, definitely more european superheroes, definitely more british ones (I'm british :P), sure there's Captain Britain, Union Jack and John Constantine, etc. But I want more.

But unfortunately most of comic readership is american, so american superheroes appeals more to them than european ones.

Posted by difficlus

Looks promising.

Posted by BritishMonkey

it'll be good

Posted by AngeTheDude

It's spelled Filipino. I know it seems counter intuitive but that's how we are.

Posted by KRYPTON

That's genius!

Posted by The Impersonator

@Dedpool said:

YAY! More Millarworld!!
Posted by JamDamage

I lust love this guys work. I see a lot a complaints written about him, but then again I see a lot of complaints written about most major writers. I'll say this tho. Every little thing he does, there is a topical post on here about it. Sure Bendis writes Ult. Spider-Man and his been from the beginning, and Bendis popularity was rising from his run on Daredevil, because that was first and then followed with Ult. S.M., but Millar, an unknown other then his run on The Authority preceding Morrisons run. While Morrison was destroying the X-Men (I know, I'm the only one who didn't like his run) I had to find my X fix somewhere else. After over 10 years and dropping numerous Marvel titles, I was still on the X-Men. I was also reading Daredevil, which worked out for me for my future reference, but I had made the jump to DC as well. I owned a few miscelanious DC trades, Frank Millers complete Batman collecting, Year One, Santa wanted dead or alive, and DKR. I also had Killing Joke, and Knight Fall book 1 and 2 alond with Death of Superman and Death in the Family. Other then that I knew nothing of DC. I jumped on Morrison JLA run and was hooked. I was so stoked when he went to X-Men but ended up crying "FOUL". My trusty comic store clerk gave me newsprint collection of Ult, X-Men issues 1 thru 3 for free, and jokingly said "See you tomorrow for issues 4 and 5. I was hooked. Sure I made the shrug thinking, "How many times is Marvel going tell the orgin of the X-Men? It wasn't a retelling. It was a revamp. A modernization. I did return the next day for #'s 4 and 5 and waiting impationtly for issue 6. I came out the same week of attack on the twin towers, With the new actually on and all the issues in front of me I read them back to back to back. It home something serious. Magneto wasn't just bad guy, he was terrorist. He sent videos of himself like Bin Laden sweating in a cave. The Brotherhood attacked Parliment like terrorists. George Bush sent Sentinels to Avalon and referred To Magneto as a terrorist and this is how America deals with his kind, while Prof X pleaded him not to, warning him of his dangerousness, right after they showed on the news Oliver North, years ealier, as a witness on trial for the Iran Contra B.S. saying how Bin Laden was the most dangerous man on the planet and America should take baby steps in dealing with him. It home. It almost seemed like Millar was a member of the Taliban. Then he wrote the Ultimates. I never read the Avengers but here was a good jumping on point and was sucked in so bad I started buying the 616 Avengers. He did the same thing with the F.F.. When he left the Ult books they fell down flat. If not for Millar, I would not have gotten into so many differant books, even after so many years of reading them. Sure he's hurt my pocket, but the guy is a genious. One thing, that I didn't realize either til a few years later was that he wrote a wonderful mini-series for D.C.. On Morrisons JLA run Morrison introduced Zauriel the Angel. One of my FAVORITE characters. Being a Catholic, once beaten buy fat nuns with mustaches, I loved it. Between Zauriels introduction and his joining the JLA was a Zauriel mini-series explaining his leaving Heaven. It was written by Millar. 2 Scottish comic Catholic writers came up with Zaurial. A great mini no one ever mentions. Like Kevin Smiths Daredevil run, it was a story that Catholics can relate to. "JLA Paradise Lost" If any Millar lovers are interested. Back issues are easy to find and they are cheap.

Posted by jaredbright

When your in school and you meet people from other countries over there, they actually think we all ride around on horses or something. So, this isn't inaccurate in that sense.

Posted by dru_zod2501

I can see why Europeans wouldn't want to have a typical hero vs villain throwdown in one of their cities. Destroy five blocks like that one guy said that could be 1000 years of historical landmarks gone forever

The whole world is big enough to have superheroes/supervillains. If they wanted to use their powers it's not like the police could exactly stop them if they wanted, that's the whole point.