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Marc Guggenheim's NOWHERE MAN #1 Exclusive Extended Preview

A new series from Marc Guggenheim set 500 years in the future where the government monitors everything...including your mind!

Many readers are often looking for 'something new' or 'something different' to read. Dynamite Entertainment and Marc Guggenheim are doing that this week with a new futuristic book filled with certain fears people have about the government.

Check out our exclusive extended preview to tomorrow's NOWHERE MAN #1.

NOWHERE MAN #1 (of 4)

32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +
Art & cover by JEEVAN J. KANG

Five hundred years in the future the government monitors everything - including your mind. Everyone on earth has been infected with a nano-tech virus that allows a central computer known as the Omnimind, to tap into and analyze people’s thoughts. As a result, all crime has been eliminated from society for decades, until a violent murder shatters the fragile social facade.

Searching for answers, a group of rebels have engineered the ultimate weapon: a genetically altered child, born immune to the virus. With the ability to act undetected, he's the only one on the planet that can elude the elaborate apparatus of the suffocating Ominimind. Now in a society where security is the paramount concern, the hunt is on for the one blip in the system that might bring the whole house of cards crashing down.

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Interesting concept 

Posted by BlackArmor

I might pick this up it looks intriguing but I wonder what it costs

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Looks nice!

Posted by N0VA

I don't think I could read another Guggenheim book after his 2006 Blade mini-series. It was terrible.

Posted by Wolverine0628

It looks cool, sort of like Tron. Thanks for the pictures.

Posted by The Impersonator

Ummmm.....Isn't the title familiar? =P

Posted by longbowhunter

Halcyon was great and Resurrection was pretty good as well. I wont pay $3.99 for it, but maybe pick it up in trade.

Posted by Deadcool


Posted by Inverno

@spiderbat87: When I read the premise this instantly came out in my mind

Posted by longbowhunter

@CaioTrubat: Is that the Micro Machine guy?

Posted by shawn87

I wouldn't mind checking this out