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Man Attacked By Robot In Sweden, The Rise Of Terminators?

What really caused this robot to attack?

A factory worker in Sweden was attacked by a robot just outside of Stockholm back in June 2007.  The man has just been award 25,000 kronor ($3,000) for the incident, according to Swedish news site, The Local.  The man was doing some maintenance on the robot after it became defective.  The robot was used to life heavy rocks.  The man cut off all power to the robot before approaching it.  When he got near to robot, it came to life, grabbed his head and broke four of his ribs.

A public prosecutor thought about what action to take against the company but finally settled on a fine.  He told the news:
I've never heard of a robot attacking somebody like this.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority and the police both investigated the incident.    No word on how the robot "came to life" after its power was cut off.

Is this the beginning of Skynet?  Could the creation of Terminators be just around the corner?

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Posted by Darkchild

HAHAHAHA thats freaking hilarious

Posted by The_Martian

They need to hurry up with these Terminator movies so we can find out how to end the war fast!

Posted by Dancer

I bet in hundreds of years time, under robot oppresion those time travelling humans will actually go back and get Arny. Not knowing hes just a humble public servent and not a death dealing killer robot from the future, now theres a film.

I do beleive this is the begining of Skynet. I burned my I-pod..... thtats how much I beleive

Posted by Giuseppe Riccadonna

I KNEW IT! It's gonna happen.

Posted by Matezoide2

holy shit the robots are rebeling!

Posted by warlock360

sure it wasnt just some gas vent around and they were hallucinating?

Posted by reaper2923

ha i told people this would happen they just called me crazy... well whose laughing now!

Posted by Venom-Hulker_1

Nice suits, is that the CV staff?

Posted by Vengeance II



Posted by Gregomasta

I'm too scared to sleep anymore.

Posted by King Saturn
It wasnt a Terminator that attacked that Man... it was a Dalek

Posted by White Mage


PLEASE tell me that this bitch wasn't stupid enough to settle out of court.

Posted by Crazy Pan


Posted by G'bandit

Wow robot attack, if it was in 2007 its possible that by now they have updated their systems and are using Google to track us down O_O

Sweden? Wonders if Wando has anything to do with it O_O

OMG! the whole WAL thing is a cover he is really the evil behind Skynet!

Runs to WAL

Posted by Crimson Orchid

Wow... just wow.

Posted by Dark Chord

This would be funny if I hadn't read recently about an exoskeleton suit made by a company named Cyberdyne that oddly enough was named HAL.

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.
Darkchild said:
"HAHAHAHA thats freaking hilarious"

I second that notion..
Posted by Divine_Monkey

White Mage, this is Sweden we're talking about. The courts here don't allow people to sue eachother (or companies) for outrageous amounts. But hey, at least the the medical care is free.

With that out of the way, I just want to add that I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Posted by pixelized

This needs a video, or a reenactment.

Posted by NightFang

Now the war really begins!

Posted by warlock360
Posted by Korg

Who cares? In real life, we would crush Skynet, or be nuked the instant it gained sentience. There would be no silly robot/human war.

Posted by warlock360

your completely right! It's all going down between the Molemen and the underwear dwarfs!!!

Posted by Korg

Gnomes. Underpants gnomes.

Posted by warlock360

Bless you

Posted by Meteorite

I actually did a project in school on robots quite recently.... It would be quite unlikely for a robot to decide to attack humans, even if some cables crossed or whatever.

Posted by EganTheVile1

No worries being Swedish he chose not to fight back and the robot attacked the french factory worker next to him who surrendered immediately, leaving the machine to think all humans are wimps and that a machine uprising would be a waste of time