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Madman Atomic Comics #17 Preview!

Madman meets Red Rocket 7? Check out what's in store in the finale.

Here's the moment I've been both looking forward to and fearing.  This is the final issue of Madman Atomic Comics.  As you may know, I have a deep love for Madman.  Creator Mike Allred has stated that this is not the last we'll see of Madman and the Atomics.  What's in store for the last issue and conclusion to the "Tweenage Wasteland" story?  We'll be seeing the return of Red Rocket 7, another of Allred's creations.  Also, look for an appearance by The Gear, Mike Allred's band in real life!

story, art & cover MICHAEL ALLRED

32 PAGES, FC, $3.50

The Grand Finale! Frank "Madman" Einstein and the Atomics meet Red Rocket 7 as they join forces with the surviving members of the fabulous psychedelic pop band,The Gear, after their lead singer has mysteriously disappeared. This is the climactic cosmic conclusion to this MADMAN series and will open the door for the next Madman epic in the months to come. This issue contains several ginchy extras including all-new pin-ups by comic artist legends DAVE COOPER, CRAIG THOMPSON, DAVE JOHNSON, and others!

Madman Atomic Comics #17 is on sale on September 23, 2009.  Check out the extended preview.  Look at that art and those colors.  Let me know what you think.

Posted by Decept-O

I so need to pick up many back issues and/or trades of Madman. 
   I fail to accurately describe Mike Allred and Co.'s art stylings. 
  All I know is I not only love the visuals and colors but Madman is such a unique concept and character. 
Posted by Asymmetrical

it took me a while to get used to the art in that one issue of Fables (76?) Mike Allred did, mostly because it changed the appearances of some long-running characters drastically but it seems fitting for these Madman comics, I suppose I still have to buy myself some trades of Madman though

Posted by Agent Buttons

Posted by Media_Master

such a different type of comic

Posted by Green ankh
I am with you 100% i never no why i didnt pick them up more. My shop doesnt carry  it and i aways think i'll more later but never seem to.