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Madame Mirage #4 Preview/Review

Ah, looks like I messed up.  I thought this issue came out last week.  Think it's coming out tomorrow.  That's the problem with the advanced copies.  Boo hoo, right?  Don't worry, I can deal with it.  As long as I keep getting them, I'll keep reading them to let all of you know how it is. 

So have you read issue #3 yet?  Come on.  It literally knocked me on my @$$.  Okay, maybe not literally.  It was definitely a "holy crap" moment.  I really have to hand it Paul Dini.  The guy is simply brilliant.  I won't go into a rehash of what I thought, you can read my review for that.  If for some crazy reason you haven't checked this series out, you owe it to yourself.  Great writing, great art, stories with twists left and right.  There's also the cheesecake factor.  I'll admit, when I first saw the solicits for this, I stupidly had my doubts.  But with no ties to other comic "universes" anything can happen.  Issue #3 is proof of that. 

Read my review and then buy this issue tomorrow (and try to pick up 1-3 if you haven't).

With the answer to the most asked question of the summer answered – "Who is Madame Mirage?", award winning author Paul Dini (Countdown, Lost) and hot new artist Kenneth Rocafort (Hunter-Killer) turn the excitement up to eleven. Mirage cuts loose in this issue and stretches her powers to the limit as she unleashes an all out assault on Aggressive Solutions International's headquarters!

Mirage is through toying with the villains of ASI… or is she?

Paul Dini (writer)
Kenneth Rocafort (artist, cover)

Full Color
32 pages
continuing series

Just a word of caution if you haven't read issue #3 and you decide to look carefully at the images below...