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Long Beach Comic Con 2010 Summary

Did you see all the coverage from this past weekend?

It's hard to believe the Long Beach Comic Con has come and gone so quickly. I do have to say it is one of my favorite conventions because it has a more intimate feel to it. It's not every convention that I get Dustin Nguyen commenting on my proper eating manners when having a pizza (hey, what's wrong with using a fork and knife?) or Joshua Williamson saying I look more fit in person than I do in the videos. It was a blast and hopefully you've seen all our videos and images. In case you missed any, here's what has gone up so far. 

Wait, there's more! 
== TEASER == 
And of course there was the lovely COSPLAY post
I do believe there might be one more video coming...
Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

 I'd love to drive Magnum P.I.'s Ferrari.  Stripper Wonder Woman was obviously my favorite costume.  I remember seeing her at another con.  You guys look like you had a great time, and the weather look rad. 
Oh yah, wow time fles, it was only a year ago that Comic Vine met Tom  Pinchuk and interviewed him over lunch about Hybrid Bastards, now he's a contributing editor on Comic Vine, Screened and Anime Vice.  Go Tom.    

Posted by EGoD

WOOT Knightrider!!!!
Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

I love Amanda conner !

Posted by LiquidSwords

This was a 5 minute drive from my house and I missed out! Shame on me!

Posted by G-Man
@Red L.A.M.P.: At first I thought it was the Ferrari from National Lampoon's Vacation.
Posted by No_name_here

I couldn't resist letting all you maniacs know that Sora just put up the video of me hosting the opening ceremonies...

Posted by Grim

Josh rocked! im a fan. Look for stuff he has coming out from Kick Start Comics.

Posted by tenavis

Woo Magnum PI!

Posted by sandman813

Magnum rocks!!
Posted by Agm

Never heard about this con.
Then again never been to Long Beach. Either way, looks fun.

Posted by Sacerdos87

LoL joshua williams is one crazy talker, VROOOM!

Posted by bignamebutton

want to go next year, too far away.

Posted by Morbus

I rarely get out of the house (work-at-home Dad with his own business, two kids, etc., etc.), so coverage like this is critical. Go, you.

Posted by LordTaronji101

Wish I could go


Posted by untammed
@LiquidSwords said:
" This was a 5 minute drive from my house and I missed out! Shame on me! "
whoooaaaat...oh man fail
Posted by Cervantes

Great Con coverage.