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Lobo's On A Highway To Hell

Is it finally time for another Lobo mini-series?


Where has Lobo been lately?  The last time I recall seeing him was during 52.  On the other hand, I do think it's good we haven't seen too much of him.  While I've always enjoyed Lobo's antics, it can get old if seen too much.  I get that he's such a badass but sometimes he just comes across as a novelty.  That shouldn't be what the character is about.

DC announced yesterday that come November, we will be treated with a two-issue prestige format series.  It will be written by Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and drawn by Sam Kieth.  We are being promised Lobo at his best (or worst?).  Let's hope he does return to the bad, evil character he should be.  Lobo should not be watered or toned down.

What's your take on Lobo?  Is too cliche?  Do you enjoy his character?  Do you agree that he can take on pretty much anyone?  Are you going to pick up this series?

Posted by Media_Master

I've only seen Lobo on the Superman animated series and liked him then

O yeah, the art looks intense!!!

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I love Lobo but I can definitely see that having too much Lobo wouldn't be hard to do. His old monthly got a little repetitive.
Considering how damn unstoppable he is in his unwatered-down form (don't forget he beat Superman within an inch of his life) he would be annoying if he was mixed in with the rest of the DCU on a regular basis. So I think these occasional comics are probably the best for The Main Man, that way he can spend the rest of his time with his fishies.

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

the art is reminiscent of the maxx

Posted by goldenkey

Im so psyched now.  I haven't read a book that Kieth has drawn in loooong time.  Mostly because I usually only read the top 2 companies.  His art is amazing cuz he's such a wierdo.  He's like the Tim Burton of comic book artists visualy.  (does visually have 1 or 2 L's in it) ?

Posted by Nahero

Lobo is my favorite DC character eversince i saw him in the animated series and he was voiced by brad garret awesomeness

and yes im getting the series

Posted by Decept-O

Guess I'm in the minority by stating I'm not keen on Lobo.  Nor am I that overtly fond of Sam Kieth BUT his style is unique and it is interesting to see his work on this character.

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@.Mistress Redhead. said:

" the art is reminiscent of the maxx "

Sam Kieth is the creator/artist for the Maxx.
Posted by VicRattlehead

i didnt know scott ian was writing comic books....

ive never read a lobo might just have to look into this....

Posted by John Valentine


Posted by Decept-O

Does Sam Kieth spell his last name  Kieth or Keith?  I thought it was the former unless I'm mistaken?

Posted by Green ankh

Lobo is lame-o...

Posted by PrimeDirective

I smell DC trying to cash in on Marvel's Deadpool crowd...

Posted by logan48227

I like Lobo in small doses. Just don't give him another monthly!

Posted by DaMainMan

Is this a trick question Clyde? And Deadpool couldn't fight Lobo's used tissue.

Posted by Mutant X

That's awesome!! Scott Ian rocks!! I'm curious to see if he's a good writer or not.

Sucks that we have to wait until November though. :-/

Posted by Bruce Vain

Hmmm Scott Ian huh? I like to see what his writing abilities will be like.....At first I wasn't a fan of Lobo, but then he grew on me and now I'm a fan of Lobo.

I thought this was a sweet fan film that Andrew Brynarksi did to try to get a an actual Lobo movie going. I like how he used the Paramilitary Christmas Special storyline. Btw there is some vulgarity in this fan film

Posted by Th3 FlAsH 123

Wow, Scott Ian!?!? Anthrax is one of my favorite bands. I knew they were into comics becuase of their song "I Am The Law", a song about Judge Dredd, but I didn't know they were this much into comics.

Posted by TheSavageAssasin

This sounds tight!!Scott Ian???WOW Sweet

Posted by Asymmetrical

Lobo was in Reign of Hell just a few months ago, anyways this sounds awesome!

Posted by ARMIV

Scott Ian..from Anthrax...doing a book about an immortal space-biker mercenary guy...oh yeah...

Posted by burr787

Lobo is pretty cool. I liked him in the Brave and the Bold and overall he is a funny character, kind of like deadpool with a bigger ego.

Posted by NightFang

Hell will never be the same agian.

Posted by Venom=sickest

huh....scott ian...

i wish lobo killed superman

Posted by TheBat

I grew up on Lobo. For a time he was my favorite comic book character ever. Although I don't think he'll ever reach the popularity he used to have - it's good to see him back in the comics.

Posted by U R Sofa King We Todd Did

Lobo was the first comic I have ever read and I love every last comic that has him in it(except when he is watered down), I cant wait for this to come out. Ive benn waiting for The Real Lobo to pop up since Reign In Hell.