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Lobo: Highway To Hell Reviewed

Like him or not, Lobo's back to take on Satan.

Lobo's back.  Does anyone still care?  When I first discovered Lobo I became a huge fan.  Lobo's Paramilitary Christmas Special cracked me up.  Then it felt like he started getting a little watered down.  Let's find out how this two issue series will be.

Lobo is indeed back.  It's great getting back to what Lobo is all about, fragging anyone that gets in his way.  Scott Ian and Sam Kieth do a great job here.  Scott does a great job of capturing the essence of who Lobo really should be.  Sam's art takes us into the bizarre world that Lobo lives in.  We're on an incredible journey as Lobo makes his way to take on Satan.  
While it may not be the best comic ever produced, that's what you'd expect.  We're talking about a Lobo comic.  He's going after Satan for killing some dolphins.  Do we really need any more reason to read this?  What it comes down to is if you're a Lobo fan, you need to pick this book up.  The writing is dead on with the right amount of violence and humor.  The art is just amazing to look at and just fits in nicely.  I was worried that this wouldn't live up to my expectations but I feel like Lobo finally is back to where he should be.
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Posted by InnerVenom123

Why do a lot of Lobo things have it so hes looking right at something in the eye?

Posted by Agent Buttons
totally off topic, but awesome screen saver
Posted by War Killer
@Agent Buttons said:
"totally off topic, but awesome screen saver "
Lol, I was about to say the samething
Posted by NightFang

Its a little off topic but Lobo should fight Doomsday in a comic.

Posted by wadey wilson

the bastich's back!!! maybe the story is a little simple, but as long as lobo kicks everyone's ass I'll buy it
Posted by BillyBonzo

i wanna get this 

Posted by Xion

I read the preview at the DC website, i just love that Lobo was watching Lost :D

Posted by goldenkey
@NightFang said:
"Its a little off topic but Lobo should fight Doomsday in a comic. "

I agree, 
Posted by goldenkey

Sam Keith is the man, His art sooooo good.  Man I miss the Maxx and Mr Gone

Posted by TheSavageAssasin

I got to pick this up!

Posted by King Saturn
Lobo is back on his real BS
Posted by Dr. Detfink

To this day, Keith Giffen still doesn't understand why the character he created from the pages of Omega Men became popular. I think it's due to Bisley's artwork selling the low brow sense of humor and gore. Still, it always seems like a running gag of Lobo being a dick, laughing at his cruelty, and watching him turning the table on a bigger dick (like the devil in this case).

Posted by FoxxFireArt

The dolphins reminds me of the beginning to the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
I like the touch that the boat on the river Styx is the Titanic.
Nice review, Thanks.

Posted by Media_Master

Never read a Lobo story before, so checking this out is a no-brainer.

Posted by theevilhotdog

lobo is fat and demented and is a lady YEAH I said it uhh ................, my dads gunnna killl me
Posted by Mutant X

I'm planning on getting this comic this week. They were sold out when I went last week so I had the guy that works there to order it from another store.