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Lil' G-Man Amazing Spider-Man #573

Amazing Spider-Man #573

After a little technical problems, here's the video!

Okay here's a little story.  Lil' G-Man made us a video this morning.  I had some family things to do and tried uploading the review on youtube on my way out the door.  I checked later on my iPhone and the video wasn't showing up.  Finally when I get home, I try uploading it again.  Then I notice a little thing that youtube videos can't be more than 10 minutes (never mind the fact that a couple of the Lil' G-Man's review have crept past 10 minutes).  I'm not really sure how he talked for over ten minutes on just a single comic but he did. 

Finally I found another site that wasn't so...stingy on the length of videos you can upload.  So this week's review is being brought to your courtesy of Veoh.  Seems they have quite a few programs uploaded on their site.  Sorry for the delay.

Posted by The_Martian

I loved this issue, and still love the series. Like you said the "how" we got to this point in his story totally sucked. But now that we are here, his story is completely awesome and I love Brand New Day. I can't wait to see where they go with it next.

Posted by SilverZeo

Well, I guess holding OMD againist Spider-Man has gone long enough. I'll still complain about it though, but I'll start buying Spider-Man now (if I still have enough bucks after buying the other issues of my favorites.)

Posted by Eddie Brock/Venom

really hated it untill this point,= best review

Posted by Mr. Wilson

I totally agree with what Nobaody said.  I love BND.  This is really Spier-Man.  Buy this book!!!!!  New Ways to Die also turned out to be one of my favorite arcs as well.  Just wait until BND is collected in an omnibus......that will be one killer product!!!