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L'il G-Girl's Super Seven Comic Reviews

G-Man's daughter gives her thoughts on some comics.

My daddy is G-Man.  He has a really cool job.  I like when he brings me new comics to read.  Sometimes I read them and sometimes he reads them to me using voices.  Sometimes we take turns reading them.   
Daddy asked me if I wanted to help with reviews.  I think that's really cool.  After we read some, he told me to give them numbers like pieces of candy to show how much they should get.  He also asked me to let him know if there's any words I don't understand and then we talk about them. 

First we read MIckey Mouse #296.  Mickey is funny when he tries doing magic.  I didn't like it when Pete showed up.  He's always trying to trick Mickey. 
Mickey has to go to a place called the Dolmen Kingdom when Pete takes a magic crystal. The castle here is really pretty.  The Beagle Boys are here too working with Pete.  I know them from daddy's Ducktales dvds.  They're mean guys. 
I liked this book.  The little dragon here is cute.  I didn't like that the story ended but daddy says there's more to the story.  This book gets a 4
 Words I Learned:  dissipate, atone, alchemist.  

Next we read Mickey Mouse #297.  This is the next issue.  
Mickey wears a cool suit that looks kinda like metal.  It's cute on him.  We get to see Mickey using his brain.  Some good things happen to Mickey, Donald and Goofy. I didn't like that the bad guys are cheating.
The pictures are really colorful.  I like what Mickey does to Pete at the end.
I give this one a 5.
Words I learned: bureaucrats, incognito, arrogant, intangible.      

We got to read The Marvelous Land Of Oz #1.  I really really liked the other Wizard of Oz comic books.  Here we have different people.  I don't like Mombi.  She's not nice.  She won't share her bread or cheese with Tip.  I like Jack Pumpkinhead.  He's funny.  He calls Tip his father.  He should almost call him his mother since mothers make kids.
This was almost as good as the other Oz books.  I don't like that Dorothy is not in it.  The pictures are really pretty.
This one gets a 4 and a half.
Words I learned: dominions, tremendous 

Next we looked at G-Man: Cape Crisis #3.  This is a different G-Man than my daddy.
The G-Man comics are always funny.  I didn't like that G-Man's brother, Great Man is trying to sell pieces of G-Man's cape for money.  At the end something bad happens to them.  I didn't like that too much.  The girls calling themselves the Color Guardians are cute.  I really like the green one.  Savage Dragon is pretty cool.  Daddy told me that the man that makes Savage Dragon comics drew him in this story.
This story gets a 3 and a half.
Words I Learned: entrepreneur, ignoble, catastrophic, devastation.      

After #3, we read G-Man: Cape Crisis #4.  Great Man is in a fire world after the explosion.  I don't really like this place.  The man with the horns is a little scary.  Some funny monsters found G-Man.  I didn't like when they were chasing him or wanting to eat him for dessert.  It's funny later when Great Man pretends to be a ghost.
My daddy and I always like the G-Man comics but I don't like this one as much as the others.  There's too much fighting between G-Man and his brother.  I also don't like G-Man losing his powers.  I guess there's one more part after this one.
This one gets a 3 and a half too.
Words I Learned: deliberately, unconscious, hubris, diagnostic.     
Next is Batman: The Brave And The Bold #11.  I like watching this cartoon.  It's cool that Fox, Vulture and Shark are back from that one episode with them.  Fox uses a cool spinning weapon towards the end.  They have really cool masks even if they're not nice guys.  Batman and Green Arrow always want to be the best.  It was really cool when they switched weapons.
I liked seeing Huntress at the start.  She has a pretty costume.  I wish she was in the book more.  It's like the cartoon when they have a short part at the beginning.  
This was almost as good as a cartoon.  I give this one a 4.
Words I Learned: cavalier, elemental      

The last one for now is Muppet Peter Pan #3.  I really like that this is like the real Peter Pan story.  I got to pick which cover to get and I chose the one with Miss Piggy as Piggytink.  She looks pretty with her fancy dress and shoes.  I liked when they were at the place called Hippen Groovee.  Wendy [ Janice] also has a pretty dress with lots of colors.  Dad calls it a hippy dress.
I didn't like the way Kermit/Peter Pan was acting.  He was acting like a brat.  I didn't like what happen at the end but I know it will be happy in the next issue since I already know the Peter Pan story.  Now I have to wait for the next one.
I really liked this and give it 4 and a half.
Words I Learned: nirvana, "recount the state of play."    
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Nice review G-Girl!

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yay !!!g girl

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 Good job! Do you read Marvel Adventures?

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Heh, nice.

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Wow!  Li'l G-Girl learnt a lot of new words this week... That just proves that comics are educational :) 
Did Peter Pan/Kermit try to stop the Lost Boys from going back to London?  That's always a part that kids don't like (ever since it was first put on stage).  It's not a nice part, but if they have kept that in then I'm happy because it means they're staying true to the original story :)

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haha does she read Tiny Titans too?

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aww, do a video review next time. :)

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aww lol

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L'il G-Girl's review
5 out of 5

Posted by Tyler Starke

I don't like when Pete try's to trick Mickey either L'il G-Girl. Great job on your review!

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This is so cool and sweet.

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:S It's a unique idea I'll give you that, but not my cup of tea thanks.

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I think this is a good idea...comics are such a vast medium that every voice of genre should be heard. Even though kiddie comics are not for me I really liked that this is here.
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Good job, L'il G-Girl!   Cool glasses.     
Nice to see there are still comics just for kids.
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wonderful interview L'il G-Girl!!!
I hope that this can be a reoccurring thing. :-)

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I have a feeling that G-Girl will follow in her father's footsteps. Well done.
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This is a cool idea for an article.
By the way, just signed up. Hello everyone!

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Thank you very much, G-Girl! 
Those were some pretty tough words. English isn't my first language so I learned a couple of new ones.

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@inferiorego said:
"L'il G-Girl's review
5 out of 5 "
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ZOMG!  Love the glasses XD 
Nice reviews.  Even comics are a learning experience

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Great job G Girl! Thanks for the reviews!

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what a great edition to our site!!!! thanks G girl!

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Very cool!   
Btw, she's awesome, G-man!  Good work, there!

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Great job G-Girl :)

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I wish they had comics like these when I was a kid...but you know, I should probably look in to these, I've worked diligently to get my nephews into the comic book world but never actually reading the comics because there's often violence and such. Usually I just show them pictures of popular characters and teach them the names or watch the cartoons. Turns out the only X-Man's name they knew from Wolverine and the X-Men was Wolverine :O I think I successfully amended that...
But on the topic of the review, it was nice to see G-Man has lessened his work-load by bringing his daughter to work :P And these were some great reviews L'il G-Girl!
...hippy dress, ha!

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It's sad how she writes better than 50 percent of the users on comicvine. Lol jk. 
Good review.
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Best reviews I have ever read.

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Great review G-Girl! Definitely a chip off the block. This has to be the coolest review ever. Reading your review reminded me that although I consider Marvel and DC my first comics, I did read some books before them. 
Stuff like Gold Key that used to publish Disney and Looney Tunes characters. I liked Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny and some others. You will have a bright future in comics. Good thing you have those cool glasses. :)

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G-Girl you pwn! 
Great reviews. Always nice to see younger kids reading comics. And yes Pete sucks.

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very nice

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nice review lil G-Girl
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AWESOME.... Can we dump G-Man and have Lil G-Girl do video reviews now??
No offense G-Man but cute overpowers cool!
10 out of 5 for the reviews! 
We should now hear reviews from Red LAMP's kids!

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Nice Job G-Girl!

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I'm not even sure if i know some of those words you will grow up to be awsome like your dad
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@Giuseppe Riccadonna said:

" It's sad how she writes better than 50 percent of the users on comicvine. Lol jk.  Good review. "

Children do write more honest and honesty is a great tool for good writing.  I say she does write a LOT better then the some of the users on Comicvine & Giantbomb, myself included.  You're doing a great job by encouraging your daughter to read G-Man.  Good reviews Lil' G-Girl! :D
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@Gregomasta said:

" @Giuseppe Riccadonna said:

" It's sad how she writes better than 50 percent of the users on comicvine. Lol jk.  Good review. "

Children do write more honest and honesty is a great tool for good writing.  I say she does write a LOT better then the some of the users on Comicvine & Giantbomb, myself included.  You're doing a great job by encouraging your daughter to read G-Man.  Good reviews Lil' G-Girl! :D "
Actually that's so true, when I was younger (which is not that long ago), many people complained with my parents why they let me read so many comic books.... My dad's answer was always: "as long as he's reading something and not wasting his time on video games (which still happened) I'm ok with it!"
Plus it helped that my dad was a comic book collector at my age!
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Great! I want to read more from you.

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O.O the next generation is already taking over! >.<
sweet! xD awesome job G-girl

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Great Review!

Posted by G-Man

Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback!  I briefly told her that people were digging them but didn't go into specific detail yet.  While this 'feature' (if we continue doing it) may not appeal to everyone, I do feel getting a different perspective on these books that can be enjoyed by all but are more geared towards her age group.  I think it's important for kids and parents to see the great stuff that is out there.

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So cute. :D