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Like Star Wars Mighty Muggs? Why Not Buy One For A Good Cause?

This is your chance to own a one-of-a-kind version.

You can't argue over how cool the Mighty Mugg figures are.  Okay, maybe you could argue about it but you'd be wrong so what's the point?  While not all of the Mighty Mugg figures 'work,' they are still pretty cool.  Here is your chance to own a one-of-a-kind Star Wars: The Empire Muggs Back figure while giving to a good cause.

  Lucasfilm asked artists, comic book creators, toy designers and celebrity fans to get out their markers, paint brushes and glue guns to create their favorite character out of a blank Mighty Mugg (donated by Hasbro).  Some of the participating artists include "The Clone Wars" director Dave Filoni,  "Fanboys" director Kyle Newman, actress Jaime King, Go-Go's guitarist Jane Wiedlin and model makers from "Robot Chicken."
All pieces are auctioned by The Make-A-Wish Foundation which ends on August 14, 2009.   For more information, pictures of the pieces and auction links, go to
Posted by Decept-O

Posted by G-Man
@Decept-O said:
" *sigh* "
???  The fact that some look a little cheesey or that you want to buy some?  It is for charity...
Posted by HarryF25

ALL mighty muggs are awsome

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The Chewbacca one is actually pretty well done and I lol'd at the tie fighter one (see site).
Wow, and the Queen Apailana one is ridiculously amazing. *sigh* I'm going to end up viewing the entire gallery aren't I...

Posted by EisforExtinction

These are pretty cool but very expensive even if it is for charity.

Posted by Decept-O

@G-Man:  Both.   The slave girl Leia and Greedo with the burn hole in his chest are epic, however the George Lucas in the stormtrooper armor.....words fail me.  I did check the link and there are some really really awesome artistic renditions on these figures which admittedly I did not expect.   
This Darth Vader is BAD ASS and I want it.   This surprised me so thanks for posting it pretty neat even though I'm not a huge Star Wars fan. 
Posted by Drafta

I have to say, this is the greatest thing I've ever seen ever.

Posted by HarryF25

Vader IS bad ass

Posted by Jamiracles

Hey G-Man, are you guys going to talk about the new Clone Wars series?

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Anyone else think the Slave Leia will be the best seller, next to Vader?

Posted by MysterioMaximus

I always wanted that Lando one...all I'd need is a little Colt 45 for him to drink.
Posted by Media_Master
@EisforExtinction said:
" These are pretty cool but very expensive even if it is for charity. "
Yeah, I can see that.                   %Pr
Posted by kill-mate-repeat

I'm a cancer survivor so its good to see people do good things for a good cause...