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Legendary to Produce Godzilla Graphic Novel

Legendary Comics to create a graphic novel set decades before the upcoming film.

Legendary announced that they will launch a graphic novel called GODZILLA: THE AWAKENING which will go on sale on May 7th, 2014. Here's the announcement, via their YouTube page, from Godzilla director Gareth Edwards.

GODZILLA: AWAKENING will feature the illustrations Eric Battle (AQUAMAN), Yvel Guichet (STORMWATCH), Alan Quah (VAMPIRE DIARIES), and Lee Loughridge (HELLBLAZER). The 72 page story takes place decades before the film and will be written by Max Borenstein (screenwriter of Godzilla) and Greg Borenstein.

GODZILLA: AWAKENING goes on sale May 7th.

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Oh. Hell. Yeah.

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Hell Yes!!!!!

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My body is ready

Posted by jwalser3

I was hoping they'd do something like this, like they did with Pacific Rim.

Posted by CommanderShiro

Looking forward to it.

Posted by jackbensley777

ive been such a godzilla fan ever since i was little i used tyo watch old 70s and 60s godzilla films, ive been waiting since final wars in 2004

Posted by CountofMC

Thick. Solid. Tight.

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Alright! I'm a huge Godzilla fan who's really excited about the new movie (which is hopefully the REAL reboot we all want), and I'm happy they're writing a prequel. If it ends up being good, I'll definitely get it.

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@jwalser3 said:

I was hoping they'd do something like this, like they did with Pacific Rim.

Unlike Pacific Rim though, Godzilla should kinda revolve around the monster.

Posted by jwalser3

@herokiller12344: Are you implying the Tales form Zero Year didn't? If this is going to be a prequel book then it's going to focus more on the humans and the military group MUTO or what ever. Not saying Godzilla won't be in it, just that the book will most likely contain more human then Godzilla.

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Dang people must've gotten serious with this many deleted messages. Anyway I've never read tales from year zero whats that about.