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Legendary Marvel Character Dies in AVENGERS VS X-MEN #11

A major Marvel icon goes out fighting in this week’s issue. Obvious spoilers within.

Before reading any further, do note that there will be spoilers for AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #11 discussed below. You’ve been warned...

Still with us? Okay, here we go….

In this week’s AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #11, Professor Charles Xavier dies at the hands of Cyclops. The issue, written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Olivier Coipel, sees the Avengers recruiting as many Marvel heroes as possible before heading out to take down the remaining two members of the Phoenix Five – Cyclops and Emma Frost. Unfortunately, the corruption of the Phoenix becomes too much for Cyclops to bear, resulting in him lashing out and killing his former mentor in the process. A world without Professor Xavier will be carrying over into Marvel NOW! as part of the X-Men’s new status quo.

Apparently, killing of Xavier wasn’t always part of the plan for AVENGERS VS. X-MEN. According to Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, that idea came later in the development process.

== TEASER ==
When we first crafted Avengers VS. X-Men, we didn’t set out to kill any characters but as the story progressed it became obvious that this had to be the last stand of Charles Xavier. He’s one of my favorite characters and while like all fans I’m sad to see him perish, both Brian and Olivier deliver a powerful, dramatic conclusion to his story. Rest assured his death will reverberate across the Marvel Universe, leading into major launches like Uncanny Avengers and All-New X-Men this fall.

Lastly, here are a few preview pages from AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #11, showcasing the battle between Xavier and Cyclops. The issue is on sale now.

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Posted by John Valentine

..... F@&k.

Posted by theTimeStreamer

sh*t just got real. damn

Posted by The Stegman
Posted by Billy Batson

Can't stop laughing.

Posted by Dfense75

Oh my god shock and awe. Lost count of the amount of times Prof X has died and returned. Yes he will be back. Good money is on it happening when the next x-men movie releases. Yawn

Posted by G-Man

These pages don't do the scene justice.

Posted by theTimeStreamer

it kind of makes sense. they were hardly using him except for a few cameos here and there. probably thought 'f it lets kill chuck'.

Posted by Duncan

@Billy Batson said:

Can't stop laughing.

Made me lol.

Posted by danhimself

@G-Man said:

These pages don't do the scene justice.

agreed...also Uncanny X-men #18 goes perfectly with this issue

Posted by Scottman22

It's not like they were using him in any of the 100 X books anyways.

Posted by ComicMan24

Coipel sure knows how to draw.

Posted by Squalleon


Posted by Inverno

Congratulations, Marvel. You thrown years and years of the X-Men fighting for co-existence with mankind down the drain.

Posted by pulseangel666

My dislike for Cyclops is now bigger than ever. But it's Marvel how many times have Prof X been death or close to, he will return in time.

Posted by Sidious

Cyclops is such a d*ck.

Posted by Twentyfive


Not Xavier!!!!

Posted by LordXorn

Oh wait, it was Changling again.

Edited by feargalr

I'm not sure how I feel about this... I was really hoping for an Xavier/Magneto ongoing from Marvel Now.

Posted by AKAWiccan

He will be back sooner or later ... like every important Marvel character.

Posted by CircularLogic

Cyclops has always been the second biggest a$$ hole in the Marvel universe (only behind Reed Richards, who has regularly beat Sue Storm).

Chris Claremont has already stated that because of Cyclops' abandonment of his wife and son in X-factor, he can never be considered a hero. This only drives the final nail in the coffin firmly in place.

Posted by htb106

For how long?

I'm shocked at this, it's really something I didn't expect. I geuss that's the point of it.

Posted by zzax

Yeah, not really a big deal. Marvel has not known what to do with the Professor X character for years. The character has floundered as the have milked the "maybe he was not such a good guy" thing for too long. Perhaps if they had killed him when the character has some resonance this would have been effective. Also since it is happening in what is predominantly viewed as a mediocre at best crossover, it lacks impact.

Otherwise it seems like a calculated, well we had to kill someone, ennie meenie minee moe. Plus as other have said he will be back shortly. He has died about as many times as he has been crippled and uncrippled.

Posted by Iridium

Unless you are Gwen Stacy or Uncle Ben, Marvel will resurrect you.

Posted by csguterres

Xavier died in the end of Messiah Complex for... less than 1 month?

He will be back soon.

Posted by Mucklefluga

noooooooooooooooooo not good ol charlie boy :'(

Posted by Gambit1024

I really like the art. I expected the stupid writing and decisions, but the art is fantastic.

Posted by csguterres

Quite frankly, I wasn't shocked with the death scene. It was predictable and disappointing

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

meh, Love the art though.

Posted by MrForms

In my opinion, Charles Xavier wasn't having any kind of impact story wise for the last few years. He's probably gonna serve the advancement of the New X-Men as being dead.

As with any deaths in the Marvel universe anyway, he'll probably be back later, either they go back in time, pull him from another parallel universe, make a pact with the devil or some other astral entity.

Deaths in Marvel are only a temporary setback :P

Posted by Crackdown

Psh, please, who cares

Posted by Danial79

I hope Cyclops dies at the end of the series. He's always been the most boring of the X-Men.

Posted by Outside_85

Predictable out come.

'Meh' art.

Negligible significance in the long run.

Yop looks like the Marvel copy-paste event machine is still running smoothly.

Posted by Dirty__1

WOW! Hey, he did get shot in the head during Messiah Complex though so we can't get to sad yet. I really haven't seen him be relivant to any story line in something like two yrs now. Hell Magneto has been more significant to the X-Men tha Xavier has been. Someone at Marvel has major wood for Cyclops these days and it's betting kinda old for me.

Posted by Mbecks14


Posted by evilvegeta74

Seriously, it's time to clean house at Marvel , i grow tired of these horrible storylines ,inconsistant artwork,and continual character slander. Fire them all to hell.This has truly gotten out of hand the last decade and a half. It's not just the Cyclops/Professor thing ,that has driven me to say this, it's to whole Marvel scope and things to come especially in November. Enough is enough!

Posted by Jacobin_Wisdom

Yea....he'll be back.....

I wish Marvel and DC would kill off characters and make them stay dead as there should be new heroes replacing the old as kinda like a generational thing.

Posted by jpblair88

really? again? i was starting to enjoy the X-books really only because of him. screw you Marvel.

Edited by k4tzm4n

Tempo is going to save him again :P

Posted by White Mage

And Magneto was melted...but just a little

Posted by ThreadPool

Freaking bingo, Scottman22!

Posted by GBrutality

what took away from this, and it had the potential to be really poetic and terrific, was the fact xavier died a few years ago at the end of messiah complex. granted they brought him back a few weeks later saying he never died blah blah, but unless he stays uncle ben style dead (which is massively doubtful) then this meant the same as his previous death; nothing.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Cyclops has finally embraced the Dark Side...

But seriously, why Cyke, why?

Posted by theTimeStreamer


he took emmas PF. and she looks like shes dying.

Posted by The_Grey_Queen


Posted by Aeroman

it's official Cyclops is a f**king douschebag for life

Edited by hyenascar

Charles dies? Who cares, that's marvel. Death is worthless. I love Cyclops' character the last few years. All the people poo pooing cyclops, with the exception of being under the phoenix, have missed out on some great stories. May cyclops actually remain as interesting as he has been recently.

Cold hard fact: Whether you like it or not, or whether your willing to believe it or not, the world needs people like that asshole to get things done.

Posted by _Zombie_


Posted by tchalla3000

seriously, this was expected. the surprise is who wound up doing it. no one should blame scott for his death since he has the phoenix is inside him, except for scott himself. marvel will probably have him locked up, or run away on some self help vision journey to find himself. plus he is not the first hero to kill. wolverine does it all the time, yet he is the headmaster, and he was originally sent to xavier to kill him.

Posted by LivingWire