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Legendary Artist Joe Jusko Joins Feral Planet's Publishing & Multi-Media Team

Find out what's next for the amazing artist.

If you've been reading comics for a while or have done random comic image searches, chances are you've come across Joe Jusko's work. He's an incredible artist and I remember the old Marvel Masterpieces trading card sets that featured his art in the 90s.

Today Michael Friendlander, former CEO of FPG Inc, the premier fantasty trading card publisher, announced that Joe will be joining the ranks of FERAL PLANET, Friendlander's new multi-media venture. Joe will be involved with the creation and promotion of new products for FERAL PLANET's projects.

Here's what Joe said about the announcement:

Michael and I have talked about a collaborative endeavor like this since the FPG days, and I'm truly excited about all the ideas and prospects that are in the hopper. He has the same boyhood enthusiasm for this material as I do, and I can't think of anyone with whom I'd rather be embarking on this journey.

Joe's career spans 35 years and he's worked for nearly every major comic book publisher, producing hundreds of images for covers and interiors.

== TEASER ==

FERAL PLANET's first project is a large format prehistoric storybook entitled "GOLIATH." It's an all-age, 11" x 11" book written by Friendlander and illustrated by Mike Ploog.

This project is currently being funded over at Kickstarter and has surpassed the goal already with over a month to go. You can find out more about FERAL PLANET over at their website.

Edited by nerdork

OH MAN! Joe Jusko's '92 Marvel Masterpiece Card Set is one of my favorite collectibles i still have, and in its entirety. I got him to sign the SIlver Surfer and Thanos cards at the SDCC 2012, this year. He is one of my favorite artists. I love that, somewhere, there is an original, full sized, painting of every card in the set. JUSKO FTW!

Posted by Decept-O

Joe Jusko rocks!

Posted by Darkmount1

Wow. I got all four issues of this Marvel Art book of his, and man he's good! I've even chatted with him over on his deviantart page.

Posted by RoTheKid

Really like his artwork! :)

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Gosh I remember that artwork from the 90s when I was growing up. I was amazed with it then and am even more so now. Color me interested!

Posted by JoeJusko

Thanks, all! The kind words about my work mean more to me than you could know! Michael and I are starting this whole shebang from the ground up but there are some really interesting things in development right now, and not only in publishing (wish I could say more). :-) Stay tuned, and please check out the Kickstarter link above if you're so inclined. Much more to come!

Posted by Darkmount1

@JoeJusko: Nice entrance. :)