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Legendary Artist Jack Kirby to Have Beer Named After Him for a Good Cause

Shmaltz Brewery fundraiser debuts King Kirby Ale

Shmaltz Brewery in Clifton Park, NY will host a fundraiser birthday party on Thursday, August 28th, 2014 to celebrate the late Jack “The King” Kirby’s birthday. Kirby is considered by many to be the co-creator (along with Stan Lee) of the Marvel Comics Universe. Kirby co-created many of the superheroes being adored by fans of Marvel’s recent blockbuster movies, including the Avengers, the Hulk, Captain America, Thor, the Fantastic Four and many more.

A group of local comic professionals approached Shmaltz about doing an event, with proceeds to be donated in Jack Kirby’s honor to Hero Initiative, a non-profit organization that helps comic creators in need. Shmaltz stepped up in a big way, creating a limited-edition, Kirby-labeled ale exclusively for the party. King Kirby Ale will make its debut at the event, and a limited number of cases will be available for purchase. With a special edition label designed and drawn by Clifton Park artist Paul Harding, the ale will be available in both Pale and Dark varieties.

"I tried to capture Kirby from an angle that few have seen before, in a way that people can actually look up to him and get a sense of his artistic power," said Harding, who has sculpted statues and action figures for DC Comics and many other comic-industry clients.

The Aug. 28 event will run from 4 to 8 p.m., and feature an impressive array of comic professionals, including Green Lantern and Silver Surfer writer Ron Marz, sculptor Paul Harding, X-Men artist Tom Raney, Conan and Spider-Man writer Fred Van Lente, writer Crystal Skillman and many others, who will be signing and sketching for donations to Hero Initiative. Van Lente and Skillman are the co-authors of the recent play "King Kirby," about Jack Kirby's life, which enjoyed a successful, well-reviewed run in New York City. Fans attending the party will be able to get autographs and sketches from the comic pros, and enjoy a beer tasting as well as a piece of special Jack Kirby birthday cake. Live music will be provided by Saratoga-based rock ensemble Sugar Pill, led by John Stack on guitar and vocals. Party tickets are $20, with proceeds donated to Hero Initiative. Door prizes have been donated by Comic Depot of Saratoga Springs, and Excellent Adventures Comics of Ballston Spa.

Tickets for the event are available at :

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Posted by Fallschirmjager

Words cannot describe how awesome this is

Posted by BumpyBoo

So much win! What a lovely idea :)

Posted by inferiorego

Why aren't I drinking this yet?

Posted by pingclang

Really awesome, I guess they couldn't put a cigar hanging out of the mouth so they had to use a pencil? Bummer.

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan
Posted by TimeLordScience

I hope someone is willing to buy this for me, even though I won't drink it :P

Posted by AmazingWebHead

For the first time, I can't wait to turn 21!

Posted by LenSnart

god damn I want some of this oh and i bet the recipe for the ale is the anti life equation

Edited by Fallschirmjager

@lensnart said:

god damn I want some of this oh and i bet the recipe for the ale is the anti life equation

my mind would explode

Posted by LenSnart

@lensnart said:

god damn I want some of this oh and i bet the recipe for the ale is the anti life equation

my mind would explode

It would be worth it, FOR APOKALIPS!!

Edited by judasnixon

I want that now.......... Oh my god the label has Kirby Krackle!

Posted by MadeinBangladesh


Posted by SaintWildcard

Cool... now if only I drank

Posted by ARMIV2

Gotta give that a shot. Don't even care if I'm a year under.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Some one send me one of each.

Posted by hondobrode

Can those of us not in NY get some ? I'd buy a case of each.