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LBCC '09: Rob Liefeld (Youngblood, Deadpool, Image United & More)

Rob Liefeld talks to us about all the things he's working on right now.

I can still recall the first time I read New Mutants #98.  Right away I could tell there was something to Deadpool.  Rob made a big name for himself.  When Image formed, he gave us Youngblood which currently has an ongoing series.  We've heard that Brett Ratner is interested in making a movie out of it.  Rob is also actively involved in the upcoming Image United, which is going to change the core Image characters.  There's also Rob's "Capeshooters" that Bryan Singer has optioned.  Of course there's some talk about Deadpool.  I even asked him how many copies of New Mutants #98 he has.
Sit back and enjoy the show.

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Posted by goldenkey

Liefeld SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Heard nothing but problems about the guy, and his art is onesided, crap.
Posted by crosal05

Nice interview man.  It was a pleasure meeting you last night at the James Robinson, Bloomington's/Isotope Comics event.

Posted by daveydavey

I like Rob His art is Cool.
Posted by TheSavageAssasin

I'm glad Liefeld isn't a dick anymore!

Posted by Zoom

Brett Ratner and Rob Liefeld.  A match made in hell.
Posted by Fresh0133

Seems to be allot more friendly these days than he used to me. 
I despise his old art but he's been turning out some pretty good stuff recently.
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I personally have always like Rob Liefeld.  He got me re-excited about comics as an actual career choice when I was in highschool. 
@G-man hiliarous putting in that "Fedex" image for no reason!

Posted by bx1

Great interview. 

Posted by 5N1KT
@Zoom said:
"Brett Ratner and Rob Liefeld.  A match made in hell. "

Posted by Decept-O

No one's perfect.  People DO change, and what little I know about Rob Liefeld hasn't been kind BUT the man has created some great characters and his art has improved and he seemed genuine in this interview to me and in other interviews I've seen him in. I used to despise this guy in the past so I understand a lot of the animosity towards him but think a lot of it is unjust.   
 If his co-creators at Image have him on board and work well with him now why can't fans let up and give him a chance?  
He's had some failures but so have many other creators.  I know someone will post examples of his past work and yes some of it could have been better but if you see his work NOW he has improved quite a bit.   I look forward to the possible Youngblood movie I think its a great idea I will see it and hope it does well.
Posted by Om1kron

A lot of young artists use someone as a reference to help their own style and I feel sorry for those that followed his path. He's a great storyteller and storyboarder. But his art still has not evolved. 

Posted by Suigetsu

Screw U guys, Lefield is better than what U all wish you could be! You ranting suckers.
WOW 20 Min Interview?! That Rocks! he is really nice!  Most ppl would go, 5 mins and thats it I got stuff to do.
BTW nice deadpool drawin he was doin!  ></.
He's one shot with Joe Kelly ''Pinky Promise'' was Hilarious!
Joe Kelly should get involved in the movie aswell if possible :p

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great interview G-Man 
I'm looking forward to Image United! Cant wait
Posted by Media_Master

I'm digging his art style.

Posted by The Human Stain

Funny how an interview with Rob Liefeld is posted and the "art critics" come running to give their opinion. Makes me wonder how they'd feel if someone came up to them while they were working at Wal-Mart or wherever and told them they sucked. I agree everyone is entitled to their opinion but I don't get what being a dick about it is. I'm by no means the biggest Liefeld fan but I say the guy has some big balls for sticking to what he loves doing despite the negative comments he gets. I suppose telling someone they suck makes them feel more manly when they're probably dealing with issues of living at home with their parents. I've never seen Liefeld at a convention but he seemed cool in this video. You also can tell that he's enjoying what he's doing. If he's so bad, why is Hollywood optioning his stuff for movies and why are his books selling?  
Now this is just my opinion but I say if you don't like a writer or artist, fine. What's the point in sharing your thoughts when no one asked for them. If you don't like some guy's stuff, just don't buy it. Easy as that.

Posted by Green ankh

I hate Liefeld in the 80's.   About that time i was tying to be a Comics Artis and i gave up becouse i hate how my stuff looked. Which was like His.  
And seeing this interview i still hate the guy.
Posted by TheOmegaMan

I don't know the whole back story as to why some people love/hate him. He seems like a cool guy and it was a good interview. If anything, he looks like the wrestler Bob Backlund!!!
Posted by LastSon1027

He seems like a nice enough guy to me from the interview and I have no problem with his art. 

Posted by Archetype

He seems like a cool guy and he seems excited about all of his projects but the guy really has done some horrible art.I am sure he has improved be he still has trouble drawing feet and the grimacing is ridiculous but overall he's ok.He also created some great characters.

Posted by NXH

Good interview. Seems like to be a real stand up guy. I look forward to seeing his new deadpool work!
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Liefeld backlash backlash?  Bizarre.  He seems like a nice guy but I recommend you check this site out if you're annoyed at people who belittle his artistic sensabilites:   
The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings 
Posted by liltwinklestar100
I luv his awesome art skills and genius!!!!!
Posted by Shatterstar

G-Man you're awesome! We need to get one of those square things that go under the mic with the comicvine logo on it.

Posted by Gaveedra

Great interview, well done and really about what the fans like. 
Rob's art evolved since years, especially since some people disliked his style and else. 
His last comics were truly good and the guy is really cool on his forums.
great to see an interview like this here ^^