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LBCC '09: Michael McMillian Interview!

Comic Vine interviews writer of the 'Lucid' comic and 'True Blood' actor!

Comic Vine interviews writer of the 'Lucid' comic and 'True Blood' actor!

It is pretty awesome to see actors crossing over into comic books, such as Michael McMillian ('True Blood') has done with his upcoming project for Archaia Comics, 'Lucid.' We were able to catch up with Michael who discussed some of the major themes that can be found in his upcoming book, as well as all the research that he had to do to create the incredible universe that is 'Lucid.' Oh, and did I mention he also does a fantastic South-West American accent?  

  Look for 'Lucid' this Spring! 
Posted by SuperCoonce

such a great interview babs! great job :)

Posted by Riezner

Nice! I like him in True Blood, I'll keep an eye out for this.

Posted by crazed_h3ro

cool, i'll buy it
Posted by War Killer

Nice guy

Posted by Media_Master

He's very relaxed.
Now I'm interested in True Blood all of a sudden!

Posted by No_Name_

Yeah, True Blood is a great show :) I'm excited about this book though, the backstory sounds pretty intense!

Posted by Noona1

I met him there .. he was such a nice guy .. took a pic with me and alll 
Can't wait for his comic to come out

Posted by LastSon1027

Sweet interview Babs. I'll definitely be picking this up.

Posted by Dr. Detfink

After listening to this interview, I am convincedIts comic books have become the modern yuppie hobby for Generation Xers. It's become the Wine and Country for nerds. You know the writing is on the wall when a stack of single issue comics will run about $50-60 a week and celebrities are testing their chops to write a comic book.