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LBCC '09: Matt Hawkins Interview!

Comic Vine catches up with the President of Top Cow!

Comic Vine catches up with the President of Top Cow!

It seems that Hollywood is looking to the comic book industry to get their "next big hit," and vice-versa with all the news that we have been hearing about upcoming comic book movie adaptations. If you have ever wondered how comic books become movies, then Matt Hawkins, the President of Top Cow, is your go-to guy. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Matt about the current film projects that Top Cow has in the works, his personal favorite books, and what sorts of goals he has for the future of the independent publishing company.
Posted by Media_Master

Sounds like he is very dedicated to make the right movie based off  Witchblade or the Darkness.
Good for him and his company otherwise it could of ended  up like the Spawn movie.

Posted by Decept-O

It'd be great to have some of their titles translated into movies to add to the comic book movie genre with something different.  He pointed out their titles are essentially supernatural, while obvious, I never really thought about but of course they are.  
  I think the potential is ripe and hope something comes about for Top Cow's characters as movies.  I agree with Media Master it is great they rejected bad scripts so they can have quality movies instead.  Wish some studios *fox* *cough* *cough* would follow suit.
Posted by CaptHowdy

Great interview Babs... tons of Top Cow info!

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Considering it was Angelina that got me to see the first WANTED! movie. If she's not in the sequel I have little in the way of motivation to see a sequel.
Where was he when they tried that Witchblade TV series on TNT? I believe it had one or two episodes. I keep imagining that god awful Blood Rayne movie. That thing really looked like one of those cheesy SciFi made for TV movies.
GOOD QUESTION about writers influence in the movies. I remember that Bendis actually wrote the story for the Ultimate Spider-man game.
I like his dedication to making good films. Rather then just throwing themes against the wall. To go through so many screenplays. I doubt many would be that serious on doing good work. If he's talking about the remake Battlestar Galactica series then my ears just perked up. It took even longer to get a really good Batman movie at that. 

This was an interesting interview. How come it has so few comments??