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LBCC '09: Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex, Powergirl And More)

G-Man talks to Jimmy about Jonah Hex, Power Girl, Wednesday Comics, an update on Vampire Hunter D and more

Jimmy Palmiotti is a fun guy to talk to.  It's impressive if you look at all the books he's worked on.  He also is currently working on a lot of projects.  I got to talk to him about Jonah Hex (comic and movie), Powergirl, Terra,  Wednesday Comics, an update on Vampire Hunter D and more.

Posted by Obsurity

He may be a talented writer but than God no Vampire Hunter D. I don't want to see an American version. It would be just as bad as the anime Wolverine or Iron Man...
Posted by victorvndoom

i saw the painkiller tvseries, how loyal is de tvseries vs comic ?

Posted by spectaculous

our booth was right across from jimmy (and the annoying dude that wouldn't stop playing shitty sublime covers), and him and amanda conner are nothing short of great people.
Posted by G-Man
@spectaculous: Hey, it was good getting a chance to talk to you there!
Staff Online
Posted by _brandon
@victorvndoom said:
"i saw the painkiller tvseries, how loyal is de tvseries vs comic ? "

The Sci Fi series wasnt too much like the comic. In the comic she works with a cop (Maureen) to take down guys that the cops can't or won't go near. It's got a Punisher flavor to it mixed with Wolverine's healing factor.
Posted by Galamoth

Can someone tell me what the "update" on Vampire Hunter D is? (I don't have sound, my comp is stuck in safe mode.)

Posted by G-Man

It's not happening.  They just wanted Jimmy and Josh Blaylock to tell the same old story again.

Staff Online
Posted by Media_Master

wow, he gets around these days.

Posted by Shadow Sorcerer

I've recently started to catch-up with the Jonah Hex trades (recently finished the third one) and so far I'm loving what he along with Justin Gray and the roster of artists are doing.
Have yet to try Power Girl though, I've heard only possitive things though so maybe I should start to

Posted by TwilightThunder

I'd like to have my Jonah Hex #1 signed by Justin and Jimmy.  Both geniuses.

Posted by 04nbod

I loved the Supergirl in wednesday comics strip. However I still think Supergirl:Cosmic Adventures is the best all ages Supergirl story ever and one of the best Supergirl stories period.

Posted by goldenkey

gotta love east coast accent.