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LBCC '09: Jeph Loeb, Part 2 (Ultimatum, New Ultimates, TV & More)

Part 2 of the Long Beach Jeph Loeb interview.

Here's the long awaited Part 2 of our interview with Jeph Loeb.  In this segment, we talk about a little story arc called Ultimatum.  People were pretty vocal about all the deaths in the Ultimate Universe.  Some people really liked the story while others complained.  What people tend to forget is it's not just the writer that comes up with the idea.  Check out what Jeph had to say about Ultimatum including some plans for the New Ultimates.  There's also some information on Jeph's upcoming TV project, "Day One."

Posted by Comiclove5

I am okay with Ultimatum as long as it didn't effect Ultimate Spider-Man.
Posted by goldenkey

Well I guess Millar is pro-nounced MILL-ER.  I saw that glance you thru us G-man. 
Posted by shankarma

i hope the secret project is about the x-men

Posted by zombietag

hmm dinner with jeph loeb, brian bendis,  and joe quesada. yea real casual haha

Posted by War Killer

I'm really looking forward to New Ultimates, I like Jeph's writing and his stories, Cho's work is great as well, and I'm guessing from how Loeb was talking on  the Mutants and his "secret" project, I thinking Ultimate Comics: X-Men is on it's way (or something that is about the reamaining X-Men and Mutants). Great Review G-Man!
Also, here's that huge New Ultimates cover Loeb was talking about. 

Posted by Legacy_

New Ultimates sounds fun

Posted by ubauba20

You're the best G-Man,
let's digg it people

Posted by iLLituracy

Screw Teen Wolf...a movie that needs a remake is the Back to the Future series.

Posted by Tmul501

does anyone else wonder why Ka-Zar and Shanna are in the New Ultimates? I don't know much about the characters other than I don't really have much of an interest in them. Does Ka-Zar even have powers? Isn't he just a human at max ability? And if they're on a government run team, why are they still wearing loin cloths? And I think Zarda sucks too. I do like the idea of Valkyrie kind of replacing Thor, and cap, black panther, and iron-man being on the team is cool, but I feel like the line up should be better. They should put Storm and Colossus on the team! Who cares if mutants are outlawed, SHIELD is part of the government. Who do they have to answer to? I'm just sayin...

Posted by Nefilim927

So I'm guessing the Thor replacement is gonna be Perun??
Posted by Media_Master

Neat hearing all the things Loeb did for the Ultimate Universe.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Loeb did prove one thing with Ultimatum - Marvel could in fact, make something worse than One More day. XD
Posted by War Killer
@Comiclove5 said:
"I am okay with Ultimatum as long as it didn't effect Ultimate Spider-Man. "
It did, it's just placed six months after it, leaving a huge gap of things that happened and have to be explaned
Posted by HaloKing343

I like these interviews and I like all that stuff on Ultimatum.