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LBCC '09: Ian Sattler Interview

Comic Vine sits down with DC's Senior Story Editor

Comic Vine sits down with DC's Senior Story Editor

Some of the most important names in comics are not on the cover, but can be found in the interior credits. Such is the case with Ian Sattler who, next to Dan Didio, is probably one of the most important people working at DC. It was certainly a pleasure for me to sit down and talk to Ian and learn exactly what it means to be a "Senior Story Editor" at a major comic book company.
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Posted by Riezner

Interesting job he has. The artists and writers get most of the credit, but dudes like him are obviously pivotal to the business.

Posted by crazed_h3ro

COOL!! he has alot of work to do,thats the senior story editor for you work,work,work   ^_^
Posted by TheRichestManinTown

This dude has my dream job!

Posted by goldenkey

so what does he do again?
Posted by Media_Master

He's going to Baltimore neat!!
Baltimore Comic-con is this weekend and I'm going!