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Laugh Or Cry? The Wonder Twins Are Coming To Smallville

Should we hope this rumor gets shot down?

I'm a little scared.  I'm not sure what to make of the upcoming season of Smallville.  Somethings things sound really cool and then we get some scary/crazy news.  The latest rumor, according to Kryptonsite, is the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, could be coming to Smallville.
The rumor places David Gallagher as "Tanner" which is suspected as being code for "Zan."  Gallagher was "Simon" on 7th Heaven.  Allison Scagliotti will be playing "Twyla" which could be Jayna.  Scagliotti has been on One Tree Hill and Drake & Josh.
I still don't know if I should laugh or cry.  Here's a video that Brian Reed posted on his Twitter account.
What do you think about the Wonder Twins?  Do you want to see them on Smallville?
Posted by johnny_spam

I normaly don't like Vince Mcmahon but WWE Smackdown will kill Smallville on fridays and hopefully that will be the end of this crap.
Posted by Decept-O

You stated it is a rumor, G-Man, and let's hope it remains just that--a rumor.  Rumor rhymes with tumor which is what I'd get if this actually happens.  Not that I care for Smallville any longer but once again I will say:  You've got to be sh@tting me. 
Posted by camodude

ok were in the world did you get that vid! that was oddly surprising from what i expected
Posted by G-Man
@camodude said:
" ok were in the world did you get that vid! that was oddly surprising from what i expected "
As I mentioned, writer Brian Reed linked it on his Twitter page.  Sure it's not 100% faithful to what the Wonder Twins are actually about but it could be closer to what they should be like.
Posted by joshmightbe

it could be cool if they change damn near every thing about their personalities
Posted by JadedFool

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

please, please no.. no more Smallville

Posted by King Quisling

I actually love the wonder twins. I always thought they could be used in such badass ways. I even wrote a Wonder Twin fic for a "Used Pop Culture Character for Your Own Story" back in my freashman year. I had Zan turning into vapors and using "ice fists" and such. I always figured he should be able to turn into any form of water. I also had Jayna turn into not only earth animals but weird alien animals. It was pretty cool. If I can find it I'll post it.

Posted by Quintus_Knightfall

Finally. The Wonder Twins are pretty damn cool in my opinion. The Justice League animated series had a newly updated version of the Twins and managed to pull it off. I think people will forever view certain characters as "jokes" thanks to Hanna Barbara's Justice Friends cartoon.

Posted by Obsurity

It's a awful idea but Smallville has done worse
Posted by jefprice

If it's done Smallville style it'll be fine.

Posted by Ikari

The movie is so campy, i think im going to die

Posted by PrinceIMC

I just never understood why one turns into an animal and the other turns into water in various forms. But I don't mind them on Smallville.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Truth be told. I stopped watching the show some time after the inclusion of Lois Lane and Lana became a witch for some reason. I didn't even know the show was still on.

Posted by JLAsuperdude

I'm pretty positive it's been confirmed as the fifth episode of the 9th season.
Posted by AngelFrost

Haha, this is the best news I've heard about Smallville.
I hope they do make an appearance :P that would be cool.
And c'mon people, they're obviously going to make the Wonder Twins more serious and basically, better.

Posted by Drafta

Say what you want, I hate Smallville, but I am watching this episode.

Posted by TheSavageAssasin

Wonder Twin Powers Activate Form of:Bucket Of Suck!

Posted by Archetype

Lol at first I thought that was an actual episode..."time for some Wonder Twins wonder speed and by speed I don't mean drugs I mean initiative"
I'll watch any episode Geoff Johns writes or if I am flipping through channels and have nothing better to do but I really wish they would let Smallville go it's more like SmallVile.

Posted by sora_thekey

I'm going to watch this then give my opinion... I consider Smallvile as the "Ultimate" DC title.. anything can happen... 
Posted by MysterioMaximus wouldn't be any better then the actual show anyway. What a POS.
Posted by Aronmorales

Done right and I'd love to see them on Smallville

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Smallville is already in the toilet.

Posted by sora_thekey
@TheBug said:
"Smallville is already in the toilet. "

And yet it has been going on for 9 seasons.... 
While Blade and Birds of Prey only lasted 1
Posted by sifsclub

be afraid... be very afraid.
Posted by Incredible Hulk-Prime

This show is really famous thats why it has so many seasons.Smallville is starting to get on the right track, That and they have to do something with that ciffhanger at the end of season 8. 
PS. I am a fan of Smallville.
Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH
@TheSavageAssasin said:
"Wonder Twin Powers Activate Form of:Bucket Of Suck! "

That made me laugh.
Posted by MysterioMaximus
@sora_thekey said:
"@TheBug said:
"Smallville is already in the toilet. "
And yet it has been going on for 9 seasons....  While Blade and Birds of Prey only lasted 1 "

Seventh Heaven had 10 I don't think that says much of anything other then...taste has died.
Posted by Citizen 14
@TheSavageAssasin said:
" Wonder Twin Powers Activate Form of:Bucket Of Suck! "
Posted by Terranei Parker

That video is made of WIN. As for Smallville... It's not like it could really get much more ridiculous.

Posted by Kyle C


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Posted by aztek_the_lost

I still enjoy Smallville and though this news does initially make me want to cry I know Smallville will make this work
Posted by Ramathon

WOW! Wonder Twins on Smallville? I suppose it is better than Kung-Fu Lana.
Posted by DennyColt

I think I'll probably just laugh myself to tears. Outstanding.

Edited by mattydeNero

Good grief, these last two topics have put me in a mood.


Is it because it’s not Batman?(wait that was too easy)   This hate-fest is just crazy and getting old.   People, it’s the WONDER TWINS.   I grew up with them.   A lot of us did!   Sure those two and their monkey were goofy, BUT it was a cartoon you knuckleheads!   You think that they’re going to just go with the cartoon version?   Hell no.   They’ve made OLIVER QUEEN cool.   That’s enough for me as far as that goes.   SUPERGIRL was awesome.   LOIS IS PERFECTION.   Then you have IMPULSE, CYBORG, AQUAMAN, BIZARRO, DOOMSDAY...all have been great.

With the talk of ULT. COMICS and ULTIMATUM and what not, maybe this will try explain what Smallville is.   That being:   ULTIMATE SUPERMAN.   Sure, NO ONE on the television/big screen is EXACTLY like the characters portrayed in comics OR cartoons.   So my question is: when have they ever?   The SIN CITY, 300, IRON MAN and SPIDEY movies have been CLOSE.  Everything else is a big load of, “Hell no.”

Plus, Smallville has the “90210” side to it as well.   The Wonder Twins, in my opinion, should’ve shown up during the high school years.   But, it’s whatever.   It’s just another set of characters to throw in.   TOY MAN WAS AWESOME!!(sorry, wanted to throw that in)   I guess this mood has to do with the fact that I’m a HUGE Superman fan.   And with so much nit-picking and bashing of the character over the years, – whether it be in film, T.V., or in the court of law – in most cases, I’m chalking it up to the fact that Superman is so perfect a super-hero, people begin to hate on him for that fact alone.  

Kind of like THE BEATLES or ELVIS in a sense.   When they were at the top of their game, critics and whatnot found little quirks or actions just simply because they didn’t like them as artists and/or just people living on Earth.   I feel that way about Superman.   He’s like The Beatles of the comic book world.   You got to respect it at least.   If people are talking ‘s’, rolling into it’s 9 season, -- after the same jive-talking before the previous 8 -- then it’s got to be a good thing.

And plus, Superman can kick Batman’s ass.   He can take his little belt, wear it as a necklace, shave, break his nose just because, then chuck him into space…towards Saturn…all in 1.9 seconds. (not sorry, and didn’t need to immaturely throw that in, oh well =)   I do feel better now.    

Posted by mclovin

Oh this is one of the moments I thank myself that I do not watch smallville..

Posted by 04nbod

If this happens I bet you all will watch online just to see how they do it

Posted by The Hottness

are they bringing that damn monkey?!?
Edited by ARMIV

The Wonder Twins are a good example of potentially good characters turned to really stupid characters. This could work,but the image remains tainted.

Posted by cascadeking09
@ARMIV: just like aquaman. the only thing i really hated about the wonder twins is that zan could never turn into anything other than some kind of water he should be able to turn into something cool too.
Posted by Media_Master

Smallville version of the twins must be better than this

Posted by U R Sofa King We Todd Did

Maybe it will be the cooler revamped versions.
Posted by Comicjew