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Kyle Higgins to leave NIGHTWING

Nightwing is facing some dark times but it won't be with the writer that brought him into the New 52.

The DC solicits for April come out next week but Kyle Higgins has made an announcement on his Facebook page.

So here’s something I’ve put offwriting for a while. On Tuesday, DC solicits for April 2014 hit. They’ll introduce a new creative team on NIGHTWING which, sadly, I won’t be a part of.

It’s a weird feeling to leave the book after almost threeyears, and even though I would love nothing more than to write Dick Grayson foranother fifty or sixty issues, it’s time to move on. (In that spirit, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 and C.O.W.L…two of the books I am currently working on, which are also-- both in their ownway-- helping to curb the Grayson withdrawal :-)

I’ve talked many times about my love for Nightwing. He was the hero I grew up with, the book that got me collecting, and the inspiration for my first film. For all those reasons, I had a lot of reservations about launching his New 52 series. What if I wasn’t good enough? What if DC wouldn’tlet me tell the stories I wanted? What if people hated it? What if I hated it?

As much pressure as I felt about doing DG justice, the truth is there’s very little I ever could have done to break him. He’s an amazing character who’s been around for almost seventy-five years and will still be around long after I’m gone. Instead of thinking about what I’ve beenable to do for DG, I’ve found it much better to think about what DG has beenable to do for me. In that regard, I’ll only ever be able to look atmy time on Nightwing and smile. Why?

Because Dick Grayson made me a better writer.

While we have no idea what the future holds for Dick Grayson after the events from FOREVER EVIL #1, it won't include Kyle. Just to make it clear again, Kyle has mentioned there will be a new creative team announced in the solicits.

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Posted by MrTummyTumms

Can't wait to see how everything works out for Nightwing!

Posted by Ando123

:( I wanted to watch more aout the new Nightwing's city¡ :'(

Posted by ajshadowhawk


Man, it was Kyle's writing that really sold me on the series. Will be really sad to see him go. Do we know why he is leaving?

Posted by Wardishy

That suuuuuuucks. I really dig Kyle's work on Nightwing and I feel he really gets the character's voice.

That being said I will continue to support his work on Batman Beyond 2.0 and awaiting C.O.W.L. eagerly, and I will wait and see who the new creative team is before passing judgement.

Posted by akbogert

I find it interesting that all news about this sector of DC has coyly dealt with "Nightwing" rather than Dick. They've made it much harder to tell for sure whether the continuing stories of a character with the name Nightwing will actually be those of Grayson.

Posted by Nightwing4

Dang. Higgins was good. One of the best writers Nightwing has ever had. At least we still have BB 2.0.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Well this sux

Edited by HushoftheWind

well that almost made me shed a damn tear. The only thing i can say is thank you Higgins, thank you for giving me one of the best solo stories for Nightwing in recent years.

Posted by JetiiMitra

Well, that's too bad, but I enjoyed what he did and I'll hope for the best. Wonder how the sendoff issue goes?

Posted by dondave
Posted by Cavemold

Hmm i wonder who will e the new team.

Posted by saoakden

Bummer I like Kyle Higgins on Nightwing. It's one of my favorite Batman related books and a part of it is because I like what Kyle does with my favorite Robin.

Edited by longbowhunter

Higgins had put some quality work into Nightwing. I'm anxious to see who the new creative team is and hook for the series.

Posted by Nightwing4

Think is is Kyle's (extremely gracious) way of saying he disapproves of DC's direction with Dick after Forever Evil #1?

Edited by 2cool4fun

Why WHY ;~;

Man why is it that 90% of today's writers don't last over 30 issues :/

Or is it that he just does not want to write nightwing after what happened in Forever Evil?

Edited by attatje

Oh man this is bummer I've been thoroughly enjoying this series so for I hope the new creative team will handle him right.

Edited by Nightwing_Beyond

Kyle put so much history and mystery in Chicago with the masks of the past and the Mask Killer. It's a shame that DC didn't give time for Kyle's framework to blossom. I would've loved to see Chicago become a Nightwing defined area in the DC universe but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Whoever is replacing Kyle Higgins has some enormous shoes to fill.

Posted by SynCig

This makes me very sad. Nightwing as a whole has been pretty good. The constant need for DC to force it to tie-in to Batman dragged it down at points but I thing Higgins is a really good writer. I will definitely be checking out C.O.W.L and I have been loving Batman Beyond 2.0.

Posted by JLArturo


Kyle Higgins totally revived the Nightwing series in the new 52 after a long constant that it kept in the pre52 before he was Batman. He made it totally awesome. Him leaving the book really worries me for Dick's future.

Posted by wessaari

Fare thee well Kyle Higgins, your work on this book was out of pure enjoyment for this character which translated incredibly well through your writing. I think I can say that we as readers know how much you care for this book and character, and I'm sorry that DC couldn't see that. Keep on writing Higgins, and we will keep reading.

Posted by BattheMan008

@wessaari said:

Fare thee well Kyle Higgins, your work on this book was out of pure enjoyment for this character which translated incredibly well through your writing. I think I can say that we as readers know how much you care for this book and character, and I'm sorry that DC couldn't see that. Keep on writing Higgins, and we will keep reading.

What did DC do?

Posted by LenSnart

Damn, never realised Dick had such a big rogues gallery

Edited by kennybaese

This really is too bad. I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye out for COWL.

Posted by TommytheHitman

Farewell Kyle Higgins! I really enjoyed your run!

Edited by UrbanChill

didnt know this many people like the nightwing title...actually makes me question why i didnt like it so much

Edited by BatWatch

BatWatch reported this months ago. I wish I could continue keeping up the site and invest time to get it popular since it gives better insight than any other on the bat verse, but alas, I've got other projects.

According to a few somewhat reliable sources, James Tynion will be taking over Nightwing, and based on the hair change of nightwing in bats giving and the ending of Tynion's Talon, it seems likely that Calvin Rose will be taking Dick's mantle.

Posted by Mucklefluga

DC reveal Nightwing's identity in Forever Evil then Higgins leaves the book. Coincidence?

Edited by Mucklefluga
Posted by KnightRise

@batwatch said:

and based on the hair change of nightwing in bats giving and the ending of Tynion's Talon, it seems likely that Calvin Rose will be taking Dick's mantle.

That is not ok.

Posted by PeppeyHare

Really gonna miss him

Edited by BatWatch

@mucklefluga: it was, but I've left it now. Supposedly, someone was going to continue it for me, but he has not been in contact recently, so it is probably over. Still, it was a cool site while it lasted. You can go there and click on news to see the general feel for how I covered news items. I could give you links to the specific stories that make me think tynion will be takin over if you like.

Edited by BatWatch

@knightrise: If I happens, it will no doubt be temporary. I say let them change things up and have some fun. Also, it's just an educated guess. I could be wrong, but I was right about Higgins.

Posted by kyler416

@batwatch: Is it just me, or does it seem like the only thing that DC does correctly these days is write and plan Batman? Maybe that is because of Snyder, I don't know, but it seems like they are messing with a lot of their franchises in a terrible terrible way. Lemire does great work with his stuff and so Does Johns obviously, but everything else is meh. They found consistency with Higgins. Good consistency. With a beloved character. And they are going to kill it.

Posted by Caladorcp

This actually doesn't upset me. Higgins' run has been solid, but nothing spectacular. I'm excited to see who else will get their hands on it.

Posted by Z3RO180

The issues I bought where awesome the new team have some big shoes to fill.

Posted by QueenCorp15

Higgins had a good solid run but im excited to see the new creative im thinkn maybe geoff johns will want to write him after what he did to him in FE an hez also stopped writing aquaman & green lantern so he has room to write a new series

Posted by Denn979

"will still be around long after I’m gone"

Edited by McBig

That's to bad to hear but hey at least he was solicited for doing the Dick Grayson part of the Secret Origins #1. Either way the next team has some big shoes to fill.

Posted by DEGRAAF

That sucks. Sad news. I hope DC finds the right person to replace him. I loved Kyle Higgins writing Nightwing. There is supposed to be a new Nightwing though isnt there? So really while Kyle wont be writing Dick Grayson... will the next person be writing him either?

Posted by Sovereign91001

That's a shame, I've thouroughly enjoyed Higgins run on Nightwing. Best wishes moving forward.

Edited by PopRock123

This news made made me sad I really liked Kyle Higgins work on nightwing.

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

This isn't good. I have been loving every issue of Higgin's Nightwing. Sad to see him leave. I'll stick with the book though to support Nightwing, but it is going to be sad to see him go. Thanks Mr. Higgins for almost 3 years of great Nightwing stories.

Edited by Sun_Pusher

Well this sux

Found this run to be average. Stuck around for the character more than the stories. Hopefully the new team will be better than Higgins ever was.
Edited by Sun_Pusher
Not true. Lady Vic, one of his only half decent ones, made it into the new 52. Though of course its as one of Batwing's rouges. Which pretty much just follows suit with the pattern of the poaching of Nightwing's toybox. This is one of the most frustrating things about New 52 Nightwing. The only one who doesn't get to play with Nightwing's pre-52 toys is Nightwing. And that just isn't right.
Posted by MMMatinee_Podcast

This is GREAT news - looking forward to Nightwings future

Edited by Denn979

Its probably because they're introducing an all-new female Nightwing. cough cough Harper Row

Posted by attatje
Posted by mksystem74

Well, DC seems to keep losing a lot of my business. Vibe is done, Talon is ending, I stopped Flash when Buccelato left, and now Higgins is leaving Nightwing. Guess that frees up some space for other things.

Posted by havoc1201

I would like to know why Higgins is leaving one issue prior to the last issue of the series, it really doesn't make sense to not allow the writer who started the series relaunch to write its final issue instead we have tyvion writing it who just got done destroying red hood, great!