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King Ice Offers Thor Necklaces for Those who are Worthy

Take a look at how you can wear some Thor accessories around your neck.

We've been talking about Thor being worthy with the recent news of a female Thor coming to Marvel Comics. King Ice is a hip hop jeweler based in Los Angeles. They have a bunch of different chains, watches, rings, and accessories available on their website, Some of their recent items especially caught our attention.

Thor's Helmet

One Thor item King Ice has is a 14K Gold CZ necklace. The chain is a 30" ball bead chain. The weight is 38 grams so it's not super heavy around your neck. There is a cubic zirconia stone that adds a little more style to it. The cost is $80.00.

The back of the chain also has the King Ice logo to make it even fancier. You can order this one HERE.

Now gold may not be for everyone. King Ice understands this and also offers a Rhodium version.

This also cost $80.00 and weights the same with a cubic zirconia stone. You can order this one HERE.

Thor's Mjolnir

For some, the first thing you think of when it comes to Thor is Mjolnir. King Ice also has a smaller version you can wear around your neck (because a life-sized version might be a bit much). This also carries the $80.00 price tag. It has a 14K finish and comes with a 30" franco chain. The hammer itself measures 2 5/8" by 7/8".

This necklace also has the King Ice logo at the back. You can order this version HERE.

Similar to the helmet, if you don't want so much gold on at once, they also have an alternate version available HERE.

They have a little something for everyone, depending on your preferences. If Thor's your guy and you want to show off your appreciation for him, this might be for you. It's rumored that wearing these actually allows you to channel some Asgardian might. King Ice won't guarantee this rumor because, of course, a large part depends on how worthy you truly are.

These necklaces definitely fall into the "something different" category. Get yours today to be the first on your block or local comic convention to wear one. The detail is great and they have a nice sturdy feel to them. It's not like some jewelry where you have to be super-cautious while wearing them.

Head on over to King Ice for more information and products.

Edited by Overlander

The marketing for this writes itself...
"With a Thor necklace, it's always Hammer Time."

Posted by dagmar_merrill

I'm not paying 80 bucks

Posted by G-Man
Posted by The Stegman

80 bucks?...pffft. Maybe 10.

Edited by SoA
Posted by SoA

these are nice i just don't know if i should get the Mjolnir or the helmet (in rodium)

Edited by G-Man
Posted by phisigmatau
Posted by AmazingWebHead

80 bucks!? I wouldn't pay that much even if I had a girlfriend to give it to!

Edited by i_dont_like_comics

nick fury made us all unworthy!! we just don't know it YET!

Posted by Cassius_Knightfall

How bad would it be if you paid the $80 and cant lift it.

Posted by Ostyo

Haha, wow.

Posted by Coanmenell
Posted by Jayc1324

Are these just for girls?

Posted by G-Man

@jayc1324: These aren't specifically for girls. They're for whoever is worthy.

Posted by Teerack

I think it could make a nice key chain.

Posted by iaconpoint

That last one looks pretty nifty. But I'm not a hip hop kinda guy.

Posted by tparks

I wish I was a girl or a stereotypical rapper. :(

Posted by monsterduc1000

There's a Hammer in the picture? All I see are some lovely lovelies :)

Posted by Captain_Effort

Clever thumbnail on the news page, my good man ;)

Posted by PowerHerc

Those whom are worthy, eh?

More like those who'll pay through the nose.

Posted by Black_Arrow

Thor can´t wear one of this now lol.