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Kid Reviews: L'il G-Girl's Reviews For 3/1/10

I'm a kid & I review comics like my dad.

I know it's been a while but I've been busy. Here's some reviews for some comics my dad and I read this weekend.

Donald Duck #351

Donald is still a spy and that's cool. They're still looking for the stolen spy computer. I liked that Donald talked to Daisy and she's not mad at him anymore. I liked all the colors on the cover and art is good inside. 
I didn't like that they used the word "idiot" or when they Oh well. 
This was a fun comic. I'd say it's a 5 out of 5. Even though Donald gets mad a lot, I like him as a secret spy.

Words I Learned: wiretapping, rendezvous, rogue (not the X-Man), encrypted, GPS, algorithm

The Marvelous Land Of Oz #4

We had to catch up and read a two Oz comics. I really liked that the Scarecrow and Tinman got to meet up again. The pictures and colors are really pretty. When they were all in a field of sunflowers, it reminded me a little of the poppies. There was a new character, a woggle-bug who looks cool.
I don't like that Jack Pumpkinhead keeps getting hurt and that he lost a leg here. Then there's Mombi. I wish she stayed away. I don't like her because she's kind of being mean.
My rating for this is 4.5 out of 5. I can't wait for the next issue. The preview page at the end shows the mouse king is coming back.
Words I Learned: orthodox, comrade, vanity, aggregation, hearth, pinnacle, congenial, amputated, entreat.

Batman: The Brave And The Bold #14

This comic book is almost like the cartoon. It even starts the same with a tiny bit with Batman and Plastic Man. The main part is Batman and Huntress. She was cool on the cartoon. I think she really likes Batman.
The bad guy was Mr. Camera. He seemed like a silly bad guy. The only thing I didn't like was the comic felt too short. I wanted it to be longer but I guess comic books can't go on forever.
I would give this a 4.5 out of 5. I hope we see Huntress again in this comic and the cartoon.
Words I Learned: killjoy, emoticons, nuisance, catatonic.

Tiny Titans #25

I like this comic book. The art is cool even though they look different from the other comics. Everyone looks like kids. But that's funny. Krypto looks really cute as a puppy. We get to see a lot of colored Green Lantern rings. I said I wanted the green one because green is my favorite color. Dad told me what the colors are for and maybe I'd want the Love one too.  We get to see other Green Lanterns. Ch'p was also really cute. 
When Superboy came, another character called Match was there. It was weird since he's supposed be bad like Bizarro. I didn't like that he ate one of the Titans' chairs. I also didn't like that all the Tiny Titans got their rings taken away.
This gets a 4 out of 5
Words I Learned: epilogue

Muppet King Arthur #1

We only read the first issue. Dad left the second one at his office. I really like the Muppets and I read a Magic Treehouse book that had King Arthur and Merlin in it. I also really liked the Muppet Peter Pan comic. This one seems different. 
I like that Miss Piggy was Morgan Le Fey. It's funny that she had so many magic mirrors in her room. It was also a good idea that Fozzie was a court jester. 
Dad said a lot of the jokes were "over my head." It didn't seem as funny as the other Muppet comics. Like Dad said there were jokes about different bands, I kind of got one about the Beatles. I didn't really know some of the others. I like the art but I think I like the art in Muppet Peter Pan better. The cover was really pretty.
I give this comic a 3.5 out of 5. Hopefully dad will bring in the next issue so we can read it.
Words I Learned: foreboding, editor, telegraph, lense flare, cutlery, travesty, aristocracy, besmirched, montage, nepotism.
Posted by Primmaster64

No MA Spiderman?

Posted by InnerVenom123

Awww.... nice reviews, lil G-girl.
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Nice reviews, I enjoy reading them. 
Some of those issues have tough words in them.  Especially Muppet King Arthur.  Nepotism?  I've heard it before, but can't recall what it means.  Time to look it up! 
EDIT: Ah! Of course! Now I remember why I knew it before.

Posted by ninjasquirrel01

This is a great idea! Keep these up Li' G-Girl!
Wow, some of those words even I didn't know.

Posted by EisforExtinction

Way to be Lil' G-Girl! 
Foreboding is an awesome word.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

These are always nice. The touch I love the most is the "Words I Learned:" part. Reading is a great way to learn new words and become a better speaker.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I agree with you, L'il G-Girl, idiot is not a very nice word, at all. I don't care for Mombi much, either. I can tell that you're a Huntress fan, too! I used to read her stories back when I was your age, back when they would chisel comic books into stone. :D Just kidding! The Tiny Titans got their power rings taken away? That's a bummer! I'll have to check that out. Miss Piggy makes a perfect Morgan Le Fey! She is one wicked piggy! I always enjoy your reviews, L'il G-Girl! Keep up the great work!

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@Illyana Rasputin: She gets mad at me if I even whisper the word when reading to her at night. When she reads it, she just says "I" like "then he called her an 'i'."
Oh, and we're reading through the Lemony Snicket books which sometimes uses it.
Posted by Illyana Rasputin
@G-Man said:
" @Illyana Rasputin: She gets mad at me if I even whisper the word when reading to her at night. When she reads it, she just says "I" like "then he called her an 'i'."  Oh, and we're reading through the Lemony Snicket books which sometimes uses it. "
She's an awesome kid! :D Good job, G-Man! This is the first book I remember learning to read from, when I was four! The Super Dictionary
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Great stuff, L'il G-Girl.  
Besmirched is such a fun word to say.

Posted by xerox_kitty

I was just wondering if Li'l G-Girl would review more comics... hooray!! 
I love seeing the new words learnt in each issue.  Comics really do teach kids to read ;)    
Posted by NightFang

I really enjoyed Tiny Titans & Batman: the Brave and the Bold.

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

My daughter loves The Muppets and BTBAB. But Mrs. Dead Pool hates when I let her read the regular stuff.