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Kid Review: FCBD: Fraggle Rock/Mouseguard & Fraggle Rock #1

Reviews from an actual kid.

Free Comic Book Day: Fraggle Rock One-Shot

We got to read two Fraggle Rock comics this week. The first one is with the Mouse Guard comic we got for free. 
What I Liked: I like the Fraggles. It's funny how Boober really likes washing socks. He gets to spend time with the Doozers when he wants to be like them. In the second story Red's worried about not winning an art contest. My Art teacher says there's no mistakes in Art. I like that she really tries with her art. 
What I Didn't Like: Boober shouldn't worry what others think. He should be his own personality. It shouldn't matter if you're different. Red shouldn't have gotten upset about her art compared to the others. I also thought the pictures in the comic was a little weird since the two stories looked different. But I still liked it.
Words I Learned: Finesse, coefficient, contemplate.
I liked the comic and I would give it a 4 out of 5.
== TEASER ==


Free Comic Book Day: Mouse Guard

The other side of the comic had a Mouse Guard story.
What I Liked: The pictures are really cute and pretty. The girl mouse in the beginning [ Gwendolyn] has a really pretty dress. It was cool seeing all the mice working together. The colors in the pictures were really pretty too.
What I Didn't Like: I kinda remember Lieam from the other books. I didn't like that he was missing and that no one can look for him. I hope we get to see him soon.
Words I Learned: Matriarch, placate.
I really like the pictures and the mice but the story was too short and a little confusing. I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Fraggle Rock #1

This is the regular comic book. There were three stories here.
What I Liked: Gobo and Red have to work together. The pictures in the story looked good and this one wasn't too short. In the next story Junior Gorg looked like a baby. I guess he wasn't a baby here but he looked like one. The third story was good. I liked how Red thought to make an invention. I also liked that they show how to draw a Doozer at the end.
What I Didn't Like: Red is always about competition. She wants everyone to play her game then feels bad when they don't like it. The second story was too short. 
Words I Learned: Morose.
I liked this comic better than the free one because it felt longer. I give this one a 4.5 out of 5
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Posted by moffattbooks1

heh another generation introduced to Fraggle Rock :)
Posted by Icon

I grew up with Fraggle Rock. Love this, and Mouse Guard is a great series.

Posted by KRYPTON

Great Review.

Posted by Bloodstonefreak

Another set of great reviews!  Always enjoy reading them!  Keep it up, L'il G-Girl!

Posted by LordAndrew

Red sure does love competition.

Posted by G-Man
@moffattbooks1: The funny thing is I missed the show when it was on. I bought the dvds and we've watched them. The cartoon doesn't compare though. The comic seems off to a great start.
Posted by inferiorego

I loved this book!

Posted by daveydavey

I like the Mouse Guard story.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Another great review L'il G-Girl. 
I enjoyed Fraggle Rock when it was on the air, and just recently got one of the dvd's.  G-Man's right, the cartoon doesn't compare. 
As for Mouse Gaurd, this was my introduction to that book.  After reading it I went back to my LCS and put it on my list.
Posted by ateygheyev

Another notch on the belt for child literacy.  Keep up the reviews.

Posted by Final Arrow

Lil G-girl is shooting for her dad's job. Great review

Posted by -Vigil-

I think L'il G-Girl is my favorite reviewer on the site.

Posted by xerox_kitty

I loved Fraggle Rock, but all my local comic shops couldn't get it.  I had to buy #1 on the internet.  And absolutely LOVED it.  It represented everything I loved about the TV series when I was a kid.   
Now I've just found out that there's a FCBD Fraggle Rock comic *AND* from the look of this review it's just as good as #1.  Looks like I'm gonna have to buy that one on the internet as well...