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Kickstarter Alert: Van Jensen and Jose Pimienta's THE LEG

It's a graphic novel with a kick.

A new Kickstarter campaign has started today. This is a project unlike any you've heard of before. THE LEG is a 180-page, full color graphic novel created by Van Jensen (PINOCCHIO VAMPIRE SLAYER, GREEN LANTERN CORPS, THE FLASH) and artist Jose Pimienta (A FRIENDLY GAME). The story deals with the disembodied, sentient leg of Santa Anna, as it goes out on a quest to save Mexico.

Once upon a time in Mexico—more specifically, in the 1880s during the Pastry War—President Santa Anna lost his left leg when it was struck by French cannon fire. Santa Anna gave his missing limb a full military funeral (true story!). But when the Mexican people rebelled against Santa Anna (because he did insanely vain things like giving his limb a military funeral) and threw him out of office, protesters exhumed his leg, dragged it through the streets and cast it aside (also a true story!). It hasn’t been seen again…until now!

Our story is set in 1938, when the Leg has reappeared, clad in a tall leather boot. When the Leg learns of a new threat against Mexico, it embarks on an epic journey across the country, battling with villains both modern and magical in its quest to save the country and redeem Santa Anna’s tarnished legacy.

This is a project that Van's had in his head for some time. It started when he was told the story of Santa Anna's missing limb in a history class as an undergrad. His thoughts kept going back to the limb and he wondered what happened to it. Now you can find out.

The book is fully completed. The $10,000 Kicktarter goal is to cover the cost of printing and shipping to the backers. In other words, it's ready to be printed and head your way as soon as the campaign is over.

There are several different options in which you can support the project with different incentives available. One stretch goal has been revealed. Once they pass $25,000, the book will be translated into Spanish and everyone that pledges at least $10 will receive PDFs of both the English and Spanish edition.

Check out the video for more information:

A full preview is also available over on the Kickstarter page. Don't delay. Head over to the Kickstarter Page today and back this project.

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Posted by tparks

Lol. What?

Posted by LCazT1996

Hahahaha that's great xD

Edited by longbowhunter

I remember hearing Van talk about this on the podcast. Story sounds nuts, like something from a Dead Milkmen song. The art is totally stellar. Glad to hear Pinocchio Vampire Slayer is getting the omnibus treatment later this year.

Posted by G-Man

@longbowhunter: Yeah, I think it was THIS EPISODE. I'm still not fully sure what to make about this but since it's Van, I immediately backed it.

Posted by McBig

I may check this out. I think this is a cool thing and wish you guys would feature kick starters like this more often. Unless you already do it. Then ignore me.

Posted by G-Man

@mcbig: We do it on occasion. There are a lot that come out. Hopefully we could try to get on a more regular schedule.

Posted by McBig

@g_man: yeah I think I remember one for jimmy gray and justin palmiotti and thought that was cool. But I get it takes time and there's not a ton of you guys so I get it.

Edited by EdBlank

Do not want

Posted by Cuboid

Heh. Other commenters have already said most of what I wanted to say.

I remember hearing about this on the podcast and it sounds pretty ridiculous, but the kind of ridiculous that I want to check out. Just need to figure out if I want the hard copy or not.

And I like the idea of seeing more kickstarters featured on the site. It helps spread the word and offers support to people trying to get into the industry or just pursuing passion projects. (though I also get that it's another thing you have to do and you've got a lot of work going)