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Kickstarter Alert: Art Baltazar & Franco's AW YEAH COMICS

If you're looking for a great all-reader friendly series, let's make this happen.

There seems to be a lack of all-age/all-reader friendly comics. Most of today's comics are clearly aimed at older readers. Many of the existing comics suitable for younger readers seem to be on the verge of going away.

Thankfully Art Baltazar and Franco are coming back with AW YEAH COMICS.

To make this new series happen, the guys need our help. They've started a Kickstarter today with some cool incentives. Some are as simple as getting the first few comics delivered to your home and others include audio recordings of the comics and original artwork.

AW YEAH COMICS will focus on the adventures of Adventure Bug and Action Cat but there will be a complete cast of characters created just for this comic.

== TEASER ==

It won't just be Art and Franco working on this comic. The series will also see established creators such as Mark Waid, Brad Meltzer, Chris Roberson and Jason Aaron. There will also be work by Denver Brubaker, Alejandro Rosado, Patrick Scullin, Jen Aprahamian and Chris Smits.

All-ages does not mean it's just for kids!

Here's some more info from the Kickstarter page:

The target release date is April 26-28, during C2E2 in Chicago. Don't delay, back them today!

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Posted by DonFelipe
@damswedon said:

In other great news, Bryan Q Miller's all ages comic Earthward has hit its goal today.

Hmm, interesting... I want!
Posted by impossibilly

Nice! I was able to get in on the last page of original art. I'm very much looking forward to this.

Posted by longbowhunter

I love the villains. Polar Cycle and South Paws are adorable. I don't do Kickstarter projects, but I'll be in the look out for this while I'm in Chicago this year.

Posted by G-Man

@longbowhunter: Doing Kickstarter is like pre-ordering comics in some cases. But the good news is this HAS reached it's goal already (on the first day!). I believe if it makes it to 30K, they're extending it to 12 issues instead of 6.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I loved Tiny Titans. So, I might back this project up

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, lots of talent will be backing this. This is pretty sweet. I really like the concept behind this book.

Posted by tim_mik

They are already $8,000 over their goal!