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Kickstarter Alert and Interview: Paul Jenkins' FICTION SQUAD

Paul Jenkins FAIRY QUEST series is looking for your support.

Paul Jenkins has created a rich world in Fablewood. It's a place where "every nursery rhyme is actually a crime scene." Jenkins originally introduced the world in his FAIRY QUEST series. With a return trip in mind, Jenkins needs your help with his Kickstarter campaign. Joining him will be Ramon Bachs on art. You can check out the Kickstarter page and the incentives you can get.

We asked Paul a few questions to find out more about this latest series.

COMIC VINE: What can you tell us about the world of FAIRY QUEST?

PAUL JENKINS: The world is actually a giant, uncharted forest called Fablewood where all of the stories that have ever been told live side by side, and are divided by genre borders. In Fairy Quest, the Realm of Children's Stories is governed by a bunch of Fascists named the Think Police, and they make the characters tell their stories without deviation, or risk having their minds wiped in the dreaded Mind Eraser. Red Riding Hood and the Wolf rebel against this, and in order to keep their friendship alive they attempt to escape to the real world...

CV: How does FICTION SQUAD fit in with the previous volumes, OUTLAWS and OUTCASTS? Is the tone the same?

PJ: It is the same world, and I feel the art (and especially the coloring) has a similar tone. It's done in a kind of "gumshoe detective/Marlowe" style, where the main character is born in the Realm of Crime Fiction, and leaves to work in the Children's Realm after he fails to catch his bad guy. Poor Frankie Mack is the lead character of a forgotten 30's crime novella, and he realizes his only chance to make an impact in the world is to solve crimes in a town named Rimes, where all of the nursery rhymes live. After all, all Nursery Rhymes are crimes scenes.

CV: With each volume in the FABLEWOOD series, you’re fleshing out your world more and more. Did you always have a vision of what you wanted this place to be? Has it changed or evolved in any way with each volume?

PJ: I have a thousand stories to tell in Fablewood. Our next story involves a woman from Romance Realm who is sent to be an ambassador to the world of Horror Stories. She's a stranger in a strange land.

CV: You’re taking the idea that every nursery rhyme is the result of a crime. Can you give us an example or two?

PJ: Well, you know... Little Bo Sheep's sheep go missing and Humpty falls off a wall - next thing you know, Mrs. Humpty's cashing a big, fat insurance check and Bo Peep gets a payoff. In this world, the Queens and the Witches are the Mafia, basically. The Mayor is a Crooked Man and the Police Chief is Tom Thumb (he's in everyone's pocket).

CV: What can you tell us about the character Frankie Mack? What’s his motivation or incentive in the story?

PJ: He could not solve his crime, and so came to Rimes to get ahead. But he's completely out of his depth because the Children's characters are insane!

CV: You’ve had successful Kickstarter campaigns in the past. What suggestion can you offer to those thinking about starting their own?

PJ: The Kickstarter fans are largely in this to help. Of course, everyone would like to be sent a product as a reward but I am so blown away by the genuine attempts to help creators.

CV: Can we assume you have more FABLEWOOD stories in you?

PJ: I can't turn them off!

Here's the video about FICTION SQUAD:

Head on over to Paul's Kickstarter page to check out how you can help.

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