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Keanu Reeves as...Plastic Man?


I've been sitting on this story for a couple days now.  Right now it's all rumors.  It's been floating around that Keanu may be playing the role of Plastic Man in a movie by the Wachowski Brothers.  I was one of the few that actually liked the Speed Racer movie.  They may want something to recover from the backlash they've received over it.

Would Keanu want to play Plastic Man?  Superheroes seem to be the rage in Hollywood these days.  More and more top talent are gravitating towards these roles whether it's on the big screen or voice-overs.   You might remember Keanu did Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.   You'd think that a Plastic Man movie would have to have comedy involved.  has Keanu done anything funny lately?  He's done more serious and action roles. 

So for now we can sit and ponder upon this.  Would this make a good movie?  Would you watch it?  Do you think Keanu would make a good Plastic Man?
Posted by Shatterstar

I'm guessing it'll be really stylized like Matrix & Speed Racer, which seems appropriate for the character & could be a good thing if they don't go off the deep end with it like Speed Racer. Keanu already was Constantine/Hellblazer so depending on how he views that experience maybe he'll be into it or not. Should have Kyle Baker involved in the writing though for sure. I'd probly watch it if the previews looked good enough to justify it, not huge on Plastic Man to be honest.

Posted by Flash Is The Best

its just a rumor he confirmed it himself he isnt playing the part