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Kaine's Final (?) Fate Revealed in SCARLET SPIDER #25

The latest solicitation reveals tough times are ahead for Kaine, but what exactly does it mean? We take a few guesses.

Marvel's December solicitations were released today and the one for SCARLET SPIDER #25 is absolutely worth discussing.


• It’s over. Kaine did his best to be a hero. He failed.

• What about Houston?! Who lives? Who dies? Is there a place for the Scarlet Spider in this world? The answers will surprise you.

• Two years and 25 issues have led to THIS! Guest starring: MEXICO!

First and foremost... LAST ISSUE?!?! Despite being loved here at Comic Vine (it even won the "Best Spider-Man Family Series" poll), Kaine's sales have never been all that grand, so sadly, this comes as no real surprise. It's terrible, terrible news, but unfortunately expected. Nonetheless, this is horrible news for fans of the series -- and there are many of you on this site -- so take a much needed moment or two to vent before reading on.

Cover for #25. Even though the series is ending, can Ryan Stegman PLEASE keep releasing Kaine covers? They're SO good.

"Kaine did his best to be a hero. He failed." When it comes to being a hero, there's two key qualities: doing the right thing and saving lives. In Kaine's latest story, 'Into the Grave,' the Kravinoff family (Ana and Sergei) is striking at the anti-hero's friends. Kaine's lovable supporting cast has apparently been abducted by Sergei's daughter. We know for a fact Aracely is alive and likely being held hostage (we saw her get slashed in the arm and pass out -- most likely due to poison), but it's uncertain if the rest share the same fate because they were all attacked out of our line of sight.

So, why is Kraven taking the people Kaine cares about? Well, it's probably because Kraven wants to die and Kaine's one of the two people capable of doing it. And, in the event he refuses, they'll likely force him into doing it by harming or even killing his loved ones. If Kaine considers himself a failure as a hero, it's surely because he's been forced into killing Kraven, was unable to save the people he cares about... or -- dare I say it -- both of those occurred (which we're betting on). Kaine has been through a whole lot when it comes to his struggle being a hero and being "good," but the combination of being unable to protect the people he cares the most about and being manipulated into killing could be enough to make him pack up and finally make it to Mexico.

For those unfamiliar with why the Spider-Man villain has a death wish, it's because he chose to take his life in the conclusion of 'Kraven's Last Hunt.' In his mind, he proved he was the superior Spider-Man and to him, that was the greatest thing he could accomplish in life. Feeling complete and left without any challenges, he opted to take his own life. Fast forward to 'Grim Hunt.' Kraven's family used "Spider-Man's" blood to resurrect the villain, but they were unaware it was actually Kaine posing as Spidey (which he did to save Parker). Naturally, Kraven wasn't happy about abruptly being brought back, and to make matters even worse, only Peter Parker can end his life. But, seeing as Kaine's a clone of the webhead, surely he can, too. Kraven's not a stupid man by any measure and has likely reached this conclusion as well. He wants nothing more than to go back to his eternal rest, and odds are he thinks Kaine is the man for the job. If he won't do it willingly, then Sergei will force his hand by threatening the people he'd do anything to save. Unfortunately, we think this means a life or two (not including Kraven's) may be lost in the process. But what does this mean for Ana? If we had to guess, she'll be the one to carry on the "Kraven the Hunter" legacy. Heck, she's already killed her brother just to prove she's worthy of the name.

Perfect world scenario, though? Since the Venom symbiote is probably leaving Flash Thompson due to events over in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, Kaine should randomly jump into that story and become the new host instead of potentially fleeing to Mexico. We know the chances of that happening are incredibly slim, but you can't blame us for dreaming, right?

This is all just speculation, mind you. Do you think this is what could go down in the conclusion of SCARLET SPIDER or do you have your own theories? And, if someone is indeed going to die, who do you think it'll be?

'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, right?

Posted by dauntes_patron
Posted by Caladorcp

I am soooo disappointed.

I knew it would be coming eventually, but I just hoped it would last a little longer. I've been buying this series every month since the first issue. Loved every second of it. Kaine is a great character.

You know what I wanted to happen??? In my fantasy world, Kaine finds out Ock stole Parker's body, beats the hell out of him, and becomes the new Spiderman...for a VERY long time...with Chris Yost as the new Spiderman writer. I'm aware it would never happen, but I wish.

I don't care for Ock-Spidey, and I really don't care for Dan Slott. He's not the worst writer but he's not the best either. Hit and miss for me. And every time I see someone else write Spiderman (like in Avenging, or in some Avengers thing, or even just a small appearence in something else) I think, "Why aren't they writing Spiderman?"

When Superior started I picked up the first issue (knowing it was Doc Ock but willing to give it a chance) and was done. It wasn't bad...but it wasn't good either. Haven't read it since. I actually sold the first issue to my brother because I didn't care to keep it (and he liked it).

Posted by TheFirstLantern

Guise, relax. Can't you see this is just so we can get a totally another awesome Avengers title?

Posted by Provehito

Guess I won't be reading anything else from Marvel now. This was the only title from them that I read. Such a shame.

Posted by Cold4NoReason

Where do I start?!

I'm at a loss of words for the most part. This was one of the first of four titles I picked up and have enjoyed since its run. I was always a Spider-Man fan but with the changes since Parker's death and Doc Oct taking over never caught my eye. I am now reduced to one Marvel title left. I started giving DC more or a chance when I noticed that every Marvel title was either about X-Men or Avengers. I like both enough but will not succumb to any of their titles. I am just so disappointed with Marvel now since Gambit, Venom, and Scarlet Spider are ending. I hope they redeem themselves with making a Spider-Man 2099 comic again or something worth reading over their other titles.

Scarlet Spider aka Kaine you will be miss sorely.

Posted by butters911

Im going to miss this series, and Venom. I hope Marvel have further plans for Kaine.

Edited by Mrgreenlantern

The biggest problem i'm having with this is , if Kaine doesn't trade off into another book they cant just say to us "oh just go back and read all his past stories, those are still there" we've read all of them and kaine in the clone saga isn't the one we know and love

what about the story involving zoe walsh the daughter of the roxxon head? or the jackal and spidercide 2.0? lets not forget the entire aracely story involving aztec gods. These are the stories I want wrapped up but its not looking so good now is it..

Posted by Mezmero

Well I haven't been reading this with any regularity so I'm not really torn up about it. At least now if I start reading it again I know I'm headed towards a presumably definitive ending. If you ask me you can't really have a happy ending when clones are involved. Riley was the only one who shouldn't degrade unnaturally so it seems like Kaine was doomed from the start. Between stuff like Deadpool, Jonah Hex, and New Avengers I'm sort of covered on the anti-hero front. Sorry Scarlet Spider fans. It couldn't have happened to a nicer clone.

Posted by Poncho

The logic of "A sale for Superior Spider-Man = A sale stolen from Scarlet Spider" is just so moronic.

Posted by Mrgreenlantern

@poncho: not exactly but when scarlet spider launched as the anti spiderman then a few months later Superior is the same damn thing ,that might account for a loss in sales

Posted by roboadmiral

Well this is an unfortunate turn of events. I just got the first Scarlet Spider trade not too long ago, I was (and still am) planning on getting the rest of the series and on getting Venom, and now both series are canceled. I was way more interested in Kaine and Flash Thompson than I've ever been in Peter Parker.

Posted by Shallbecomeabattoo

I hope that Kaine gives Kraven his wish and ends him. Then maybe he could join p with the Thunderbolts?

Posted by Poncho

@mrgreenlantern: a few months? Scarlet Spider was heading into it's second year when Superior #1 came out if I remember correctly.

Posted by darthfury78

The reason why both Venom and Scarlett Spider got cancelled could be attributed to the fact that none of the writers seem interested in bringing in a larger reading audience. For example, Scarlett Spider could have brought in a few characters from the X-Men, Avengers, and Spider-Man's rogue galleries and allies. Imagine if Kain was working alongside Mystique and the Taskmaster, as well as Moondragon? As for Venom, imagine if the symbiote was able to regrow Flash's legs, as well as working alongside Dr. Don Blake, Robin Vega, and Longshot? I think that the writers for these titles do not know how to promote their books in the same manner as Dan Slott. The key to a successful series in not just about writing a good story dialog; it's about the ability to attract a wide audience from the most popular comic titles and bringing some of those related characters unto their title series. I am sure that if the writer for Venom had brought in the Black Cat and Menace, it might have increased sales; especially if the Toxin symbiote was on Julia Carpenter instead of Eddie Brock.

Posted by Phaedrusgr

@darthfury78: Have you read any Scarlet Spider comic book? It seems to me you haven't.

Posted by redhood21


Posted by superior_prime_maybe

the best spider character gone :(

Posted by mwanderson

@iaconpoint: Really? Ashamed for what? Because we find Superior Spider-Man an interesting concept and take on the character of "Spider-Man" rather than Peter Parker. Don't worry, I'm sure Peter will find a way to be reincarnated - probably in a clone body… hmmm, Kaine's not got much to do now - so why hate on Superior Spider-Man fans when we all know Peter will be back as the Amazing Spider-Man!

Posted by Hit_Monkey

Oh come on Marvel. This was one of your best books.

Posted by Captain13

@darthfury78: Have you read any Scarlet Spider comic book? It seems to me you haven't.

No one has. That's why it's heading toward cancellation =P

Posted by Lvenger

No one has. That's why it's heading toward cancellation =P

It was above the 20,000 mark that seems to be the norm for cancelling a series. Hell DC titles like Demon Knights and I, Vampire had to go below 15,000 before they got cancelled. Marvel is axing one of their best series too soon.

Edited by FlashDamn



Posted by sparty-dbq

Oh, and no Captain Marvel solicit again either, even after Kelly Sue assured us it wasn't cancelled. So that's 5 books from my pull list gone in 4 months.


Posted by sora_thekey

Here I was excited that Kaine was going to Mexico. I thought, finally a Marvel super hero in Mexico but noooooo sales had to ruin it and have his series canceled before he arrives.

Edited by darthfury78

@phaedrusgr: Yes. I have read Scarlet Spider. But the problem, in my opinion is that the writer didn't try bring in characters like Moondragon, Snowbird, Omega Red, and Red She-Hulk into the mix. Moondragon could have helped Kaine a get deal at overcoming his demons through her mental training with him.

Posted by X35
Edited by Mrgreenlantern

@poncho: you missed my point entirely , what was the reason to introduce another anti hero in the spider family? the fact Superior Exist takes sales from Scarlet spider .Look at it this way casual fan walks into LCS sees Superior Spiderman flips through then does the same with Scarlet, 95% of the time people will buy the book with peter, dont kid yourself into thinking otherwise

Edited by k4tzm4n

It's worth noting the series coming to an end doesn't equate to Marvel not having any more plans for the character. Holding on to hope.

Posted by aaunderoath

Easily the most upsetting news since Peter died

Posted by Mrgreenlantern

anyone else notice Slott took a leave of absence from twitter a day or two before this news broke..conspiracy!!!!!

Edited by 8008S

@k4tzm4n: yeah but what are the odds of those plans being congruent with Yost's character development?

Edited by LordRequiem

@iaconpoint: By comparison to Venom and Scarlet Spider I can't help but agree. Plus "abortion" of a title is just hilarious also.

Edited by flazam

as long as Ben comes back I'm happy

why are they cancelling all the epic series

Posted by Taylors005

sad sad day for this spider-fan... the only marvel titles ive read over the last 5 years have been x-23, amazing spider-man, venom, scarlet spider, gambit, and superior spider-man.

why doesnt marvel want my money?

Edited by DADDY_XERO

it's sad the only spider title i found interesting is being cancelled.

venom didn't interest me.

'superior' just comes across so rubbish. if i wanted to read about bad guys winning i would read the newspaper.

scarlet spider (to me) felt like a real story of redemption with the main character not turning into a wuss.

Posted by Phaedrusgr
Edited by fACEmelter88

WHY?! They took Peter from, their taking Venom from and now my Scarlet Spider...damn them, a plague a plague I say unto both their houses.

Ps what does he mean when he said Flash might lose the symbiote because of what's going on in Superior Spider-Man

Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

Not the best idea if that's how its gonna roll for this fine title :-/

Posted by DeVianThaI

@iaconpoint: ashamed? What for? I'm a spider-man fan. Can't I read me some spider-man?:)

Posted by spiderx

So I guess Shathra won't return? Kaine deserves better. I blame Joe Q.

Posted by Mrgreenlantern

@spiderx: god so many stories left without being fully told THIS SUCKS!

Edited by IDontLikeBirds

I doubt the Ultimate Universe is ending. All their titles are doing well and even Ultimate Comics Spider-man takes places in the future (there was a time jump a few issues back), so I think it's pretty safe.

Hate seeing Scarlet Spider get cancelled as well as Venom. It seems that whenever I read spin off's of other heroes, they get the boot (I was reading Wolverine, X-23 and Daken before until the last two got cancelled). Seems people like their spin off clone characters, but not enough to keep steady sales of their series. Oh well, hopefully this means Scarlet Spider or Venom (if Flash keeps the symbiote) will be in Superior Spider-man.

Posted by dreamfall31

'cmon Marvel! It was selling 22,000 plus the past months! How is that bad? The more amazing titles DC and Marvel cancel, the less money they will be getting from me!