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Ka-Zar, Powerpack and Dazzler Coming to Screens?

Marvel's doing lower-budgets with lesser-knowns.

 I don't care what anybody says... the first two are still some of my favorite Marvel movies.

Marvel’s been talking for years about bringing its lesser-known characters to the big screen. I remember MORT THE DEAD TEENAGER and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT being floated around as possible titles for quite a while. Actually, Ray “ Darth Maul” Parks was attached to play Iron Fist on and off for about ten years (of course, he got to play Toad and Snake Eyes, so it’s not like he wasn’t busy). Anyway, according to Chud, it’s looking like this new association with Disney might be making it a lot more likely that we’ll be seeing more characters from the lower rungs of Marvel mountain.

Ka-Zar, Power Pack, Doctor Strange, Dazzler and Luke Cage are some of the characters Marvel’s currently considering for a new avenue of lower-budgeted features they’re looking to produce alongside their bigger-budget A-characters. While productions like IRON MAN 2 and AVENGERS would typically start with $100 million, these would be in the $20-40 million range and would be an avenue for interesting, surprising talent to try their hands in the MU.  

Devin Faraci brings up the interesting point that Marvel Studios’ original M.O. was that they were supposed to produce superhero blockbusters at cheaper brackets, presumably because they were cutting out the sometimes-excessive development process that typically goes behind such big movies. Needless to say, the cash needed for these movies has gone up to match the amount used by their competitors, but perhaps that’s a case of the money going more directly to what you actually see on screen, rather than in meetings you don’t see. Who knows?

What’s interesting about this is that Marvel’s current “golden age” of film actually started with a lower-budgeted movie starring a lesser-known character - - Blade the Vampire Hunter. So the question is, what characters do you, the highly-budgeted Comic Vine community, want to see and - - here’s a tougher question - - which ones would be the most feasible?

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Posted by Crymsun

Leach and Artie... the Musical!
Edited by MysterioMaximus

Hmm! Ka-Zar I could see working...but I could also see lots of cries of King Kong meets Tarzan ripoff. Still, I'd personally see it mostly cause I'm one sucker for dinosaurs. Dr. Strange is another I could see working, for sure! In fact, I don't really consider him any lesser known than say Daredevil or Blade. I just assumed he'd be getting a flick eventually, he's good enough a character (IMO) to warrent I don't really consider him among the rest of these. Poor Strange... 
But Power Pack, Dazzler, and Luke Cage...I don't know. Power Pack and Dazzler are def. no go for me and I do like Luke Cage, but I'm not so sure a solo film would work for him. I mean, you'd almost have to go hardcore (borderline comedy)  blaxploitation to pull it off in my opinion. Tarantino?  


Posted by theWarren

Luke Cage and Iron Fist movie.  Concentrate on Iron Fist.  This should happen.

Posted by sora_thekey

Power Pack would be an awesome movie... but have it be like the original story not the new "All Ages" stories... although I love those stories, and they are really fun I would like to see a Power Pack movie that involves those big boy problems! 
Ka-Zar is a character I am not familiar with, so his movie debut would be a .. meh! 
Doctor Strange would be a MUST SEE for me... if they just made the animated movie into a live action movie I would be happy because that was a pretty good movie! 
Isn't Dazzler under Fox rights, since she's an X-Man? Still somewhere Jim McCann is screaming of joy! 
Luke Cage.... yes and yes and yes, yes, yeah, of course, naturally, si, yes please! 
and I am still waiting for the Runaways movie!
Posted by MrMazz

Dc Strange needs to happen man if they could some how get Del torro to do it zomg awesomeness

Posted by warlock360
Posted by Red Rum

I think that Luke Cage and Iron Fist shoud be together in the same movie! Not only that, Marvel should take the Rodriguez/Tarantino approach and make the flick a parody of the 70s' Grindhouse flicks (Cage as a blaxploitation film and Iron Fist as a poorly-dubbed martial arts flick). They could even do fake trailers for more "grindhoused" Marvel movies, like Cloak & Dagger or Morbius the Living Vampire.
Posted by Homeless

Namor movie would be awesome... Luke Cage and Iron Fist would definitely be great also.
Posted by WickedWays

Shang-Chi: Master of Kung-Fu! 
Also, a Nova movie would be cool, but they would probably need a lot of dough to make a good one.

Posted by leokearon
@sora_thekey said:
Power Pack would be an awesome movie... but have it be like the original story not the new "All Ages" stories... although I love those stories, and they are really fun I would like to see a Power Pack movie that involves those big boy problems! 
Ka-Zar is a character I am not familiar with, so his movie debut would be a .. meh! 
Doctor Strange would be a MUST SEE for me... if they just made the animated movie into a live action movie I would be happy because that was a pretty good movie! 
Isn't Dazzler under Fox rights, since she's an X-Man? Still somewhere Jim McCann is screaming of joy! 
Luke Cage.... yes and yes and yes, yes, yeah, of course, naturally, si, yes please! 
and I am still waiting for the Runaways movie! "

Dazzler was a solo heroine when she started out, it wasn't until much latter that she became and X-Man
Posted by jstarzyk

These are the type of characters that they should do more animated films with.  I'm not sure that the lower budget films are going to pay off if the characters are not well known outside of the comic world.


Power Pack will happen eventually. Stans been talking about them pushing that for years now.
I thin it likely would have ended up as one of their animated direct to DVD films, but thats the exact
type of formula Disney could mold into a live action.
@Tom Pinchuk:
you forgot that Deathlok has been in the works for sometime as well.

Posted by MysterioMaximus
@Voidheart said:
"Doctor Strange would be the shiznits, sadly though the actor in my opinion best fit for it already lays six feet under lol
Younger version of course. "

NAY! I've got one just as good. Can we please start a petition to get... dad to play Dr. Strange!
Posted by Kid_Zombie

Doctor Strange and Luke Cage would be sick! Iron Fist also.
Guillermo del Toro should direct DR. Strange with Johnny Depp as the good doctor, but that would put it into the high budget territory ha ha

Posted by messiahsjedi

Power Pack could definitely be a commercial success.  It would be a hit with young people and could be marketed well.  It could be treated along the same lines of Harry Potter and each movie focus on the growth in the maturity level of the 4 kids as they go from child super-heroes to adult super-heroes.  The only problem is the main villain or villains.  The team never really had a gallery of villains to deal with, but there would be the alien presence (which contributed to their powers)  in the films which could add to it's success.
Posted by Green ankh

Moon Knight, She-Hulk and Star Brand
Posted by EdwardWindsor

ironfist , moonknight or strange and iam happy

Posted by Bathory1313

I know there are a lot of haters but it should happen and not ruin him like Wolverine Origins Did...
Other suggestions in my humble opinion, Power pack would make a cool animated feature film I think... Moonknight as well would be cool... She Hulk I think could make a great movie with a good script... even if it's an Origin movie.. Bring in Ed Norton for a cameo and lets go.... !

Posted by Jake Fury

Iron Fist

Luke Cage

Moon Knight

Give Daredevil another shoot too.

Heroes for Hire maybe?

Posted by ManuelPrez

how bout bruce CAmpbell for the doc strange. 

Posted by Namor1987

Ka-Zar, Luke Cage, or Dr. Strange would be awesome as hell

Posted by Captain13

These all sound great. Aren't they making a Runaways movie?
And will we ever see Cloak and Dagger?  (Make 'em gritty please!)

Posted by Bathory1313
@ManuelPrez said:
" how bout bruce CAmpbell for the doc strange.  "
He's got the Chin for it!!!!
Posted by Jake Fury
didn't even think about Cloak and Dagger. that'd be sweet too!
Edited by Jordanstine
Power Pack
would do well marketed as the usual Disneykids flick... kind of like Superhero Academy a few years ago. 
But I'd rather see them as grown ups in Marvel's The Losers
Edited by Decept-O
@Crymsun said:

"Leach and Artie... the Musical! "

If any of these characters have their turn as movies, that would be a step in the right direction.  The more comic characters that become movies, the better, I say, but provided they aren't crapola.   

I want an Iron Fist/Power Man (Cage) team-up movie!!  Barring that, I'd be happy with individual movies of both Iron Fist and Luke Cage but a Heroes For Hire movie would be great, plenty of other characters added....mmmm...Misty Knight...anyway, that would be my first choice for "lower rung" characters.   
Moon Knight--oh, heck 2 yes.  Wouldn't require a big budget, he's a great character with plenty of potential for out and out action, he has a strong following--hello, Marvel, are you reading?   
An Alpha Flight movie would be butter on my popcorn.

  I know there are others but I think these would be great choices for Marvel/Disney to consider.    

Posted by grimreaper1980

dr. strange could work, if they got the right actor, luke cage, maybee, although i think ving rhames would be better in the part than tyrese. ghost rider needs to bee rated r, and morbius should be a villain eventually. i think the reason blade worked so good for the first movie is that they used one of the marvel comics badd asses instead of just heroes in spandex, ironman, the incredible hulk and daredevil and the x-men franchise worked good i think mainly because of the non-spandex uniforms, and good storylines, lol,  no disrespect to spider-man and the fantastic four, but lose rubber suits and bring in more of a street style of uniform, and it will be a start. i mean, they are heroes, not ballet dancers

Posted by archangel0127

Ah heard rumours of a cable film... i'd like to see that before ka-zar or dazzler ( no offence to their fans)
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

i would love to see the power pack and dazzler in a movie.

Posted by Nyogtha

Moon Knight PLEASE! Dr Strange would be awesome, I'd see that.  
Since Vincent Price is dead, this is my choice.

Daniel Day Lewis
Posted by grimreaper1980

could gerard butler do dr. strange justice

Posted by xerox_kitty

I would be charging down the cinema, kids flying to the left & right of me as I shove 'em out the way for the best seats to a Power Pack film :)  Honest.  No joke! :) 
That, and a Doctor Strange film.  But if he's not grey at the temples or is missing his goatee beard, then I'm demanding a refund!

Posted by charlieboy

power pack would be fun. i would be really excited about a dazzler movie. i think it would be really cool. and i would like them to do a movie about a heroine that was actually good. lol. cloak and dagger would be great. black cat maybe? new warriors? a movie about teen superheroes.... got possibilities. and i wish the wolverine movie would do the kitty pryde and wolverine storyline. that would geek me out.!!!
Posted by doordoor123

Id like to see Doctor Strange with a bigger budget, but whatever. If they could bring in movies faster im all for it. LOL

Posted by growup

Luke Cage 
Moon Knight (people will cry batman ripoff, but who cares) 

Posted by DevilmanEX

Heroes for Hire is the best bet with that type of budget......Moon Knight could be pretty good too for $40 mil.  Personally I would love to see Guardians of the Galaxy or Nova or any galactic Marvel really but they probably couldn't cut it for $40 mil although Serenity had a $38 mil budget.  Guardians would probably need more special effects though.    I'd like to see a Dr. Strange too but for $40 mil I doubt it.  Lets see in that budget range I'd like to see Agents of Atlas, Hercules, She-Hulk, X-Factor investigations (that could be pretty quirky), and Deadpool can definitely be done for way less than $40 (if Ryan Reynolds would take a pay cut) as long as they keep it funny with gun blazing need for too much cgi special effects.    I really want an Exiles movie!

Posted by jordama

could you even make a low budget dazzler movie? I think special effects would be threw the roof
Posted by daveydavey

Power Pack would be an Awesome movie! Power Pack is Cool!

Posted by Meteorite

Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Nova, Namor.

Posted by DH69

doctor strange is a must 
powerpack would be a great kid movie (sadly it would be 3d these days) 
luke cage couldnt care less 
dazzler would be crap yet people would still go see it

and honestly if they made ka-zar i would just expect anyone who's never heard of him (almost everyone excluding comic readers) to call him a tarzan rip off running around jurassic park

Posted by CellphoneGirl

Dazzler Movie? Hell yeah ^_^

Posted by Harlekin

I want a Power Pack cartoon on Disney XD.

Posted by pimpdenz

If it's a low budget then special effects needs to be less so Dr. Strange? magics? i don't think so. Maybe they should choose more of an action packed type that require less special effects, so maybe daredevil (reboot!), nick fury, deadpool, blackpanther, hawkeye, night trasher , moon knight, iron fist.  What can I say, I like martial arts ^_^

Posted by dazzler1365

Dazzler would definately make a good movie, because back in the day Casablanca Records was going to promote issue # one of Dazzler with a singer touring America in the Dazzler getup and also recording a real record/cd/cassette.   
I think it would be way cool to have a Dazzler movie, and have the actress who plays her release a cd too.  Talk about cross promotion.  Heck.....female singers/actresses would die to be able to actually act in a Dazzler movie and sing and record a record.  It was a good idea back then and it even makes more sense now with all the actressees/actors doing multiple duty on movies, ala Tina Turner when she acted in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and she sung a few songs for the soundtrack.  But this would be even better cuz the star of the movie would be releasing a cd and maybe do a few concerts too if it was someone with clout in the singing biz like Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Lopez, etc.  Way to go Marvel/Disney!!! 
Posted by dazzler1365

I would love to see a Moon Knight Movie too.  It would be low or high budget. Moon Knight has a great story with the three identies he has and he has a cool origin story that would not require too much money to make.  If they do do a Moon Knight I hope they do the Fist of Khonshu version with him having his strength/agility etc. multiplied when there is a full moon.  Marvel should bring this back in the comics.  If you have not read the first few issues of Moon Knight check it out. 
Posted by taesisap

Make A Movie About The Sentry.. He's An Interesting Character!

Posted by Tony Rogers

i'd liked to see Dr Strange and Luke Cage more than the other movies being considered

Posted by Baptimus

 I keep hearing that Tyrese is going to play Luke Cage which I DO NOT agree with!  I think Terry Crews who plays the dad on Everybody Hates Chris would be a better fit or even  Kevin Grevioux who played the Lycan Raze in the Underworld movies would be better as well!  Just my opinion though.     

Posted by CellphoneGirl
@xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:
" Dazzler Movie? Hell yeah ^_^ "