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'Justice League: War' Animated Movie Details Released

Come see what story DC's next animated film will be based on!

When it comes to DC's animated flicks, you should absolutely be excited for whatever they throw our way next. Their track record is superb and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (which is up next) definitely looks solid. While that technically isn't out yet (releases July 30th), we're already looking beyond that and to the next film: Justice League: War. So, what'll that be about? Gary Miereanu took to Twitter and announced it'll be based on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's first New 52 story in JUSTICE LEAGUE. Gary also revealed Jason O'Mara will voice Batman and Shemar Moore will be the voice of Cyborg in the movie.

An animated movie about the Justice League forming to take on an invasion from Darkseid? Um.. yes, please! Consider us extremely excited for this one.

Source: Gary Miereanu's Twitter

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Posted by mkukie68

@black_arrow: hell yes court of owls would be awesome great idea

Posted by TheBigZ

I think DC is leading the charge when it comes to top notch animated films and whatever they can do for the New 52 Justice League is exciting in my book. While I agree its not on the same level as Morrison's Justice League I am excited for the reboot in general. I enjoy reading both the old and new versions of DC lore because it makes it more of a Mythology, less a chronology.

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No Martian Manhunter = not getting my money

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