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Justice League to Appear in Next Batman: Arkham Video Game

We'll be seeing a lot more of the Justice League pretty much everywhere.

We all know there has to be a sequel to Batman: Arkham City. Today some news has come out about the next game but it's not going to be a sequel. Instead, it will be a prequel and feature the Justice League.

There has been plans in trying to get people more familiar with the Justice League. We've heard the rumblings of plans for a live action movie. This sounds like another way to make consumers and non-comic book readers aware of the team. We've already seen members show up in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and of course they will be featured in next year's Injustice video game.

Variety has reported that the next Arkham game will center around Batman's first encounter with the Joker. It was also mentioned that there would be a Silver Age feel to the game and have Batman teaming up with members of the Justice League.

The questions remain whether or not it will still have the same gritty feel Rocksteady Studios have crafted and will Mark Hamill reprise his role. He's already stated he would not return in the next game.

It all sounds like a good idea but doesn't feel like it'd fit in with the other two games. It makes sense they'd want to capitalize on the success of the first two Arkham games but we'll have to wait and see how it progresses.

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Posted by KainScion

@Mr_Wayne69: batman is a drug??? that would explaine the craziness around him

Posted by Crash_Recovery

I'll be interested in seeing what capacity the JLA operate within the Batman game universe. It's a darker place and I wonder how Superman and the Flash fit into that (not that I doubt Rocksteady's ability).

Either way, the games have gotten better with each incarnation and I look forward to another.

Posted by Funrush

Sounds great, if done right.

Posted by MadRooster81

Sounds like they just need to take a stab at a JLA game. Not sure how it will evolve into the Arkham games we know and love. Why would a prequel have JLA members and then Arkham Asylum and Arkham City have non? I'm all about expanding the DC Universe, but I don't think they need go to these lengths. I like Rocksteady, so why not just create a JLA game in that style and format and not make it a silver age Arkham City prequel?

Posted by Jimmie

What if they do a normal Arkham 3, with flashbacks to the first time Batman met Joker (side missions, perhaps?), and have the Justice League as DLC for special challenge maps and stuff?

Posted by Cavemold


Posted by ectoborge

The only downside is that it does not look like it will feature the villains that were hinted at like Hush. That is too bad because with Joker being absent it could give other villains a chance to step up, and people were looking forward to the return of scarecrow.

I will probably get over it when I get play as superman.

Posted by moywar700

I think the you should be able to collect batman comics book covers in the next batman game.If you have them all collected, you get the 4th wall scene where the justice league are reading comics and batman walks in and they make fun of him for all the stupid things he did.


and they make also fun of him by mimicking his voice and saying "i'm batman."

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

@Jimmie said:

What if they do a normal Arkham 3, with flashbacks to the first time Batman met Joker (side missions, perhaps?), and have the Justice League as DLC for special challenge maps and stuff?

not even that. a justice league DLC/game wont work, the leagues powers cannot be transferred into the fighting mechanics and stealth.

Posted by TheHeat

Meh! I'd rather have another Arkham sequel.

Posted by SandMan_
@CaioTrubat said:

@SandMan_ said:

....Cool...Still want my Superman game though.

This is how DC works. You are irrelevant unless you show up on a Batman medium.

Hurt my feeling why don't ya? :'((
Posted by bladewolf

@SandMan_ said:

....Cool...Still want my Superman game though.
Posted by jcbart

@Jonny_Rogers: Not really. More like DC have smelled Avenger's $1.5 billion and want a slice of the action. No heart in this, strictly business.

Posted by soduh2

If anything I think it's too early to include the league in the next game. I would have introduced Superman as a boss/unlockable character in the 3rd game before thinking about other league members.

Posted by Blood1991

I think it is sad that the rest of DC's heroes need to be showcased through Batman.

Posted by FanofUltraman

There's really no need for a sequel, is there?

Posted by the3rdborn

It shouldnt be a prequel it should take place after Arkham city remember all that crazy stuff Azeral or whatever was saying they should build upon that and have it invole the justice league too

Posted by Duncan


Posted by Jazon

Silver age? Justice League? Sounds like... Batman: The Brave and the Bold!!!

Oh yeah! That got me excited!

Posted by DraketheSlaughter

@Jonny_Rogers: o__o Really the Avenger's are rubbish to you?

Posted by druzod2501

This doesn't sound anything like it belongs in the Arkham series. I don't even want another Arkham game the story ended fine with the last one. I pray this won't be a direct prequel

Edited by KnightRise

I'm kind of afraid for this. I'll buy likely, but a true Arkham City sequel has to be made, undoubtably.

Posted by DoctorTrips

I'm in. Justice League. Silver Age. Rocksteady. Words I always like to hear, well maybe not the third one all the time but that's not the point. I have faith that they can make it work - I'd like to see how they'll pull it off.

Posted by TheCannon

Bad idea.

Posted by BatWatch

It could still be a good game if it was set in the Silver Age, but I don't think it would set up well for a franchise. Furthermore, it shouldn't go with the Arkham imprint. Doesn't go with the feel. Finally, Joker? Really? He was great as the central character for two games, but I'm ready for someone else to take center stage.

Posted by CaptainMexico

It's funny how DC put their Justice League heroes in games that feature the name BATMAN on the title.

Posted by VictorGrey

@TheCannon said:

Bad idea.

Posted by the_fallen11

I'm suprised to see this on ComicVine..none of this is official. Variety gave no sources on these reportings and to think that Rocksteady would be okay to stray so far away stylistically from two games that did so well for them seems a little off. All that being said. If this IS in fact true...this is a terrible idea..Arkahm City left too many questions unanswered.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Very nice! The more exposure Justice League gets in the popular culture market, the more likely we'll eventually see a Justice League movie ^_^

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

The first two games are real dark. I don't see how throwing the Justice League into the mix is going to continue that.

But, this does sound pretty cool, only because I hope that the JL members will be playable.

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Posted by Tyrus

Not sure if they should do this, just in case the JLA film is cancelled...

Posted by htb106

Awesome! I can't wait for this!

Posted by moywar700

It's fairly obvious that waners bros. wants to introduce the justice league through batman. I don't think it should matter as long as the game is good. I think we should start ranting if the justice league film is called "batman and the justice league." =p

Posted by bob agent of agency x

To me, this sounds like the worse idea for a games direction to go in since MARIO BECAME A DOCTER! I can't believe Rocksteady would say this without adding April fools. Prequels alone are a bad idea and have a very small success rate (see Star Wars, Wolverine, and Twin peaks diary bullshit for examples) but they aren't even giving themsevles a chance with this set up.

I mean seriously, what about all those easter eggs like Harley being pregnant, Azrael saying Gotham will burn, Hush replacing Joker and Hugo for main villain, Scarecrow being alive, and a playable Bat-mite. Are they so oblivous to what people want for the third that they are taking a note from LEGO BATMAN 2!

I blame two groups for this. The comic geeks who kept saying "Joker can't be dead. They should bring Joker back. Make Joker a zombie." He's dead, get over it. If you don't like it, maybe you should perfect Lazarus solution and give it to your love ones because, guess what, fictional characters aren't the only ones who die. The second group is the Avengers, who's success have made Rocksteady think that a group of superheroes makes for better cash cow. I'm not saying I don't like the JLA, but I think that if making something Batman, don't throw in the League just so the odd Lantern or Flash fan who doesn't like Batman is compelled to buy it.

I love the Arkham series for its darkness, progression, and that certain feeling you get when you beat up 20 thugs and a titan with one flawless motion (plus other things). Why are they trying to ruin its own series.

Off note: Thank you Comicvine, I needed a good rant.

Posted by JillGr

Mark Hamill didn't say he would never return to do the Joker, he said that he would reprise the role as long as it was done right with this team from Rocksteady and the other voice actors

Posted by Mbecks14


See this is how the next Batman franchise should be! It should feel more like Arkham City! With that classic Batman, Batman TAS feel with a touch of grit. Dark and edgy while still being a SUPERHERO. It has to be a world where the Justice League is possible.

Posted by Uncas007

People don't know about the Justice League of America?

Posted by Jorgevy

This sounds good and promising, people saying otherwise have little faith. Two awesome games + Justice League + Silver Age = kaboom awesomeshizzletastic!

Posted by Spidey_Guy1

It's just best to go forward with Arkham World instead when Bats met Joker for the first time. DC has the support of Warner Bros to get the Justice League movie out to the masses in a better way than the video game circuit.

Edited by ThomasElliot

@bob agent of agency x:

Why do you hate you fellow fans so much? I ask this because, everywhere else, including this Comic Vine article, its CLEARLY been stated that there's a mandate coming down from Warner heads to push JLA more and more. When the people cutting you checks to make games say "Put more JLA on it", I don't think you have much of a choice. Rocksteady came up with a great way to do so WITHOUT having to break the narrative from the first 2 Arkham games. There's also no solid details so its not even 100% that this is a 'prequel' within the Arkham universe, and could just be a whole new, 2nd series of Batman games. Nothing about it says there will never be a 3rd Arkham game.

But despite that, you have this entire rant blaming 'fans' and Avengers... who else do you want to blame, Obama? Because that makes as much senses as your rant.

Get off the internet once in a while and realize the people you're talking about really boils down to like 2 nerds in a message board and hardly is the voice of all gamers or comic fans out there.

Posted by CrimsonCake

Hearing the Phrase "Silver Age" sort of tipped me off,atleast there making a new game.

Edited by Jonny_Rogers
@DraketheSlaughter: Honestly, not really. I was just overreacting to this news. I do, however, believe that the general public, most of which are unfortunately not comic book readers, have yet to give DC a chance before deciding who is better. This game should provide that platform for them to do so.
Posted by Agent_Prince

If Rocksteady cannot move away from The Joker as a villain, it's time to give up. Batman has villains in droves. It was already ruined enough becoming a sandbox game

Posted by divingfalcon713

I'm so hyped that the rest of the Justice League are getting some type of recognition, but I wish they would just make a JL game. I get that Batman is the cash cow at DC, but making this game a prequel to AA and AC doesn't seem like a good idea. Batman's never been one to ask for help from metahumans, especially when it comes to defending his city, so having the JL "help" him with the Joker doesn't seem legit. I think they should make it after AC and show the JL interacting with a different type of threat. Then maybe include a DLC about other bat family members defending Gotham (maybe still cleaning up the mess in Arkham City) while Batman is gone.

Posted by moywar700

There were many Easters Eggs hinting a sequel for Arkham City.If it weren't for the justice league, batman would had been moving forward with his stories.It might be years if we want to get a sequel for the Arkham City.A good solution for this is just to release a free web-comic that wraps up everything. Having the comic doesn't mean we can't have a sequel for the game. It would just tie loose ends and not keep fans of the game waiting for many years.I think it sounds good.

Posted by Noctis
Posted by GR2Blackout

NOOOO!!!! They might as well as name it Batman Arkham City: DC Super-Heroes!

Posted by Buckaroo_Banzai

i was hoping they would use more Gotham City based heroes in the next game.

like The Question, The Creeper, Anarchy, & Ragman.

maybe even Hitman.

Posted by sethysquare

@Noctis said:

@sethysquare said:

oh great, our threads will be locked. :( but heys, totally excited about this. Btw @G-Man there are chracter sketches from Rocksteady Studios available at

Thanks for sharing that. Wonder Woman looks totally badass!

IKR. I was really hoping they would change her look up in the comics than just a bathing suit. But oh well.