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Just Toying Around, G-Man Reviews The Shadowhawk Toy

Shocker Toys releases assorted comic book action figures.

Here's something new.  Since the folks at Shocker Toys sent over a Shadowhawk action figure, I thought I'd give it a full review.  Who is Shadowhawk?  What is the quality of the new figures from Shocker Toys?  Check out the video to get a mini-lesson about Shadowhawk and to see if  the figure can stand on his own as a decent toy.


It's funny that I didn't notice the different in costume (on the figure and back of the card) until after I watched this video.  Maybe we'll make this a new feature, reviewing action figures and/or accessories so you can see what they're like before you spend your money.

Posted by Media_Master

Nice vid!

Little long, 5 mins should do, just like a comic review

Posted by G-Man

I know this was on the longer side.  I wanted to give the comic-history for those not aware of who Shadowhawk is/was.

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Looks like there are several points of articulation (the joints and moving body parts). Pretty cool.

Posted by speedlgt

you should do more fig reviews

Posted by Guigui
Posted by G-Man
Guigui said:
McFarlane Toys did a Shadowhawk action figure. 
Thanks.  In the back of mind I thought he must have.  I just couldn't picture it.  Also in 2002, my action-figure buying days were over. 

And perhaps I will do more figure reviews, just not as long as this one.
Posted by Guigui

You're welcome. I think it was cool you did an intro on who is Shadowhawk, cause he isn't well known. I only knew him through McFarlane toys.

Posted by G-Man

The big surprise was that I was able to get access to my Shadowhawk comics.  I have a really bad storage/catalogue system.  But I knew where a shortbox with Image comics was kept and grabbed the comics before doing the video.

Posted by Tainted-Cell

Looks like Moon Knight and Cyclops, with a variant Batman bike helmet.
The way I see it, probably because my days of playing with action figures are pretty far behind me... the articulation is good for reaching all kinds of dynamic poses. Imagine how good it can be if you were to use that for drawing reference purposes.

Posted by defunkt

That's odd they would would make a Shadowhawk figure now. Especially one based on Paul Johnstone as Shadowhawk. Paul died from AIDS a long time ago.

Posted by zoist

He's got 2 left feet.

Posted by ReverseNegative
@zoist said:
" He's got 2 left feet. "