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Just Blame Spider-Man?

Say what you want about One More Day but I have been enjoying the current issues.  I guess a part of me is going back to the early days when I started religiously reading comics.  I gobbled up every back issue of Amazing Spider-Man and Marvel Tales that I could afford.  Maybe a part of me is just in denial at how effed up this whole thing for his continuity really is.  It's just weird not really knowing what has happened, what's been altered and what's just been plain erased. 

I did see a bit about a post someone put on another forum about the whole thing being a dream.  I think they put it on Loki to be messing with Spidey.  Well  it did all start out with Peter waking up at Aunt May's.  It does seem too crazy that Marvel would just re-write all of Marvel's history on a whim.  I'm still waiting to see mention of Harry in Thunderbolts.  Why does Harry hate Spider-Man so much if his dad is still alive and the public knows he was the Green Goblin?  So yeah, maybe it's Mephisto just playing around with Spidey.  Maybe the "real world" is going on while he's in his little dream world.

And it's funny that this guy named Freak is going to be causing Spidey trouble.  He's the dude that was snorting sugar at the homeless shelter.  Check out his default pic.  It was the only decent one I could scan.

Spider-Man’s been put through the ringer by Menace, named public enemy #1 by the DB, but now it’s time for another new villain to stick it to ol’ webhead—his name is Freak! Amazing Spider-Man #552, from Oscar-nominated writer Bob Gale (Back To The Future) and superstar artist Phil Jimenez (New X-Men), kicks off a brand new arc of the thrice monthly Spider-Man series that has everyone’s Spider Senses tingling! A petty theft from at a local soup kitchen quickly turns into something deadlier than Spidey could ever imagine—and he’s about to face the results! Meanwhile, the DB’s new Editor-In-Chief launches an all-out smear campaign against the Wall-Crawler—and it may just work! Plus, the mayoral race heats up and Harry’s caught up in it!

As Brand New Day continues, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on all issues of Amazing Spider-Man, as the series continues to garner acclaim from all corners! Just what is the shocking origin of Freak? And can Spider-Man prove he’s not a murderer? Tune into Amazing Spider-Man #552 for answers, True Believer!

Written by BOB GALE
Pencils & Cover by PHIL JIMENEZ
Variant Cover by ADI GRANOV
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—2/14/08, On-Sale—3/5/08