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"Jumping On Point" In Savage Dragon #145 (Featuring Obama!)

Plenty of copies should be available.

It's been a little while since we've talked about President Obama.  Next week, February 25, 2009, Savage Dragon #145 will feature our beloved President.  The issue is also set to be "the ultimate jumping on point."  I've been following the title off and on over the years.  There was some wacky shenanigans going on when another world (or dimension) was discovered and the Savage Dragon was spending time there.  I missed that arc, hence my slight confusion. 

All that is in the past.  Dragon is returning to Chicago and the Chicago police force.
"A lot of people have been milking the reprint game for all it's worth by keeping their print runs tight in order to guarantee a sellout and I'd rather not engage in such tomfoolery. I want people read my comic instead of chasing after elusive back issues on eBay," Erik Larsen said. "While we've gone through multiple printings on SAVAGE DRAGON #137, which featured the first cover appearance of Barack Obama back when he was a candidate, we've now printed more than double our expectations for sell through in order to ensure there are plenty of copies to go around. This relaunch has been years in the making and it'd be a darned shame if anyone was unable to try out the series. New fans, lapsed fans and everyone in-between can pick this issue up to jump on board the series. With an appearance by President Barack Obama – it's the patriotic thing to do!"

SAVAGE DRAGON #145 has gained the media spotlight for the last several months with sources like The New York Times, NBC News, The Chicago Tribune, MTV, USAToday and even Fox News covering the issue's bold new beginning and the nation's  44th President welcoming back Chicago's other beloved adopted son to their police force. Given the anticipation for the issue, initial orders have broken records for the series in the last several years and instead of keeping the print run conservative, Image Comics has printed more than is necessary to make sure everyone has an opportunity to grab a copy.

SAVAGE DRAGON #145 (OBAMA COVER: DEC082233, OFFICER DRAGON COVER: DEC082232), a full color 32-page comic book for $3.50, will be in stores February 25th, 2009.

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I know he's black, but maybe, I don't know, he's professional enough to shake hands.

I hate comics now.

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its now worth $$$$$$

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Just a reminder, this comes out tomorrow also.  Obama's gonna be here and in Youngblood on the same day.

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