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Joker Redesign Debuts in Detective Comics with Terrifying Jock Cover

Scott Snyder and Jock finally unveil their dark and scary interpretation of the Joker.

We love Detective Comics here at Comic Vine, which is only part of the reason why we are so excited about a supposed new cover to an upcoming issue of Detective Comics by Jock. The cover clearly showcases the Joker--or at least part of him being swarmed by visions of bats. Jock posted the amazing image earlier today on his Twitter feed. If the cover is indeed for an upcoming issue of Detective Comics, will he pose a threat to Dick Grayson Batman? The Joker's most recent appearances depict him locked up in Arkham Asylum--in both Action Comics as well as Gotham City Sirens. I have a funny feeling he'll be making his escape very soon.

Check out the full cover below!

== TEASER ==

Scott Snyder recently confirmed in our forums that the Joker may pose a threat to Dick Grayson beginning with issue #879. According to Snyder, he and Jock have teamed up for a completely new redesign of the Joker- something they are very excited about.

As for what's coming up, I couldn't be more excited. I mean it. 878 will ratchet the James Jr. story up in a big way, 879 will be the big James/Gordon chapter, and in 879 we also bring in our version of the Joker (I cannot wait for you guys to see him - Jock and I have been designing him for a while. Nothing is radically different, but we wanted to make him our own the way other guys have, and so we've gone as dark and scary as possible and he is our take visually, too) then big 2-issue finale.

The cover is definitely beautiful, and the idea of bringing the Joker in as a threat to Dick Grayson in Detective Comics is certainly an interesting one. What would you like to see happen in Joker's return to Gotham? Have you been reading Detective Comics? What do you think of Jock's cover?

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Posted by JLAsuperdude

First! Looks Good though!
Posted by Kal'smahboi

Wow, that's creepy as all hell.

Posted by Baddamdog

Is it gonna keep after the re-boot?

Posted by Warihay

The Joker is still a threat.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Just amazing how that looks! Sadly I'd only buy it for the cover though, not so much the story.

Posted by goldenkey

Really................a smile that looks like smeared makeup?   Never saw that before. 
Posted by craigbo180

I don't like that the top half of his head is made of mini bats. I feel he should have a whole head.

Posted by CRTrobinson

This looks like something Andy Warhol would draw.  Very cool version, amazing how a drawing can project so much into a reader's mind without any dialog.

Posted by Mbecks14

I'm so confused. 

Posted by ImperiousRix
@Baddamdog said:
Is it gonna keep after the re-boot?
That's my question.  Is there really any point in making any significant changes and the like if they're just rebooting everything in September?
Posted by Decept-O

I love it.  Wow!

Posted by mikeclark1982


Posted by thecheckeredman

Wow that looks totally different and not like The Dark Knight/Heath Ledger version what so ever! Amazing... 
Gimme a break. 

Posted by JonesDeini

Great series, great cover. A nice blend of classic and Ledger. I pray this beautiful cover's not ruined with a Batman Inc. log or some other dumb banner DC likes so much. 

Posted by djotaku

I'd also add how this would be much more exciting if they weren't about to do a complete reboot of DCU

Posted by Blindside002

Lol, I can't get excited about any of this. I already know one of my favorite characters in DC is no longer going to be in the same position and more will probably be losing all of the character development that I loved so much about them. Sadly I can't see me reading many more DC comics after this and with my distaste for most Marvel comics now who knows how many comics I'll be reading.

Posted by entropy_aegis
@JonesDeini said:
Great series, great cover. A nice blend of classic and Ledger. I pray this beautiful cover's not ruined with a Batman Inc. log or some other dumb banner DC likes so much. 
Yeah that's really irritating.This along with Tony Daniel and Frazer Irving is the best Joker EVAR.
Posted by Out_of_Space

It looks really good.
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I just did a sex wee!

Posted by Adnan

I've been saying this about a lot of covers lately, but I want that as a poster.

Posted by Icemizer

Absolutely without a doubt HATE the mouth being cut to make the smile seem bigger or more evil. Will just remind me of the pathetic Joker in the last movie.
Posted by JonesDeini
I think you're forgetting Dave McKean :)
Posted by NXH

Wow!! nuff said.

Posted by Wattup

I just peed a little.

Posted by InnerVenom123


Posted by Doctor!!!!!

He gas bats on the mind! And his hair and eyes!!!
Posted by Blastov

Somebody will be having Nightmare until he wets his bed! 
Is that somebody me? 
OH yes It is!
Posted by Chane

Looks good, but doesn't matter a jot. 
There's no point in announcing things before the September solicit details hit as it's hard to care when it's all up in the air.

Posted by the_fallen11

yeah idk i have lost interest in everything but flashpoint. its the only dc title that really matters bc of the reboot :( this looks really awesome....too bad it doesnt matter.

Posted by DEGRAAF

whats supposed to be the big change here? 
Posted by VanTesla

Need to see more before I decide that I dislike it...
Edited by Jordanstine

So what's the main point of reading the stories in the DC books now, when they will all just be rebooted in 3 months like it never even happened?
Simple question really.
Oh yeah, nice Joker design.

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.


Posted by ArtisticNeedham
That is really creepy looking.  Does Joker currently still have a bullet mark on his forehead and a split tongue?
Posted by Final Arrow


Posted by xerox_kitty

That's all kinds of creepy & awesome!

Posted by Final Arrow

@xerox-kitty said:

That's all kinds of creepy & awesome!

Totally agree it's freaking Awesome, super excited about this...

Posted by MrUnknown

Wow it is breath taking!!

Posted by vincethekid

Jock is the man! This cover looks sick as hell.  I hope Detective is one of the books that doesn't get rebooted.  Action Comics is another one.  These books are iconic and are just milestones.  I hope they're not touched but, who knows?  Only time will tell us.

Posted by DEGRAAF
@Final Arrow: 

What are the real differences in the look for him?
Posted by Jake Fury
This isn't the Joker. It's Grant Morrison after he heard about the DC reboot.
Posted by Last_Guardian

Love it..

Posted by nszerdy

Cool--the smile reminds me of the version in the Dark Knight--!

Posted by VaizD

I love how creepy and atmospheric all Jock's covers are. It's a great fit for the book. Wonder what effect (if any) Flashpoint is gonna have on The Joker?

Posted by The Sadhu

Nice cover!
Posted by RareCheshire

I like the whore make up look they're going with. Just glob that lipstick on.

Posted by thedanyrand

thats a cool cover and i really like the art as a whole but im not really gettin the whole "redesign" thing. seems pretty much par to me but maybe when i read the book it will be more apparent

Posted by harleyquinn12

Damn, Jock is amazing! That cover is so delicatley creepy, and this book has been consistently good every month.
Posted by SuperXAsh

..... looks like crap. o_o
Sorry... doesn't look scary... looks more like... well.... crap.

Posted by Psychotime

I wonder what they'll do.

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