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Join Spawn's Adventure This November

The Adventures of Spawn #2
ADVENTURES OF SPAWN continues this November!

I must have missed issue #1.  I take it this is supposed to be Spawn in "animated" form.  Okay.  I'll buy that.  It could be interesting.  I do wonder if it's really just Spawn-lite.  If so, fine.  Let's give the younger kids something to enjoy too.  There's obvious content in the regular Spawn series that isn't appropriate.  I think I'll check this out if I see it on the shelf at the comic shop in November.

THE ADVENTURES OF SPAWN, the high adventure re-imaging of Todd McFarlane's seminal creation, returns this November in a full color one-shot concluding the highly praised "Awakening War" storyline written by Jonathan David Goff and illustrated by fan favorite artist Khary Randolph!

“Working on this project has been like a dream come true for me," said Randolph. "When I was younger, it was books like Spawn that made me want to draw comic books for a living. So to actually have the ability to fulfill that dream on Spawn really can’t be beat.”

In ADVENTURES OF SPAWN, Al Simmons, now known as Spawn X, teams up with fellow heroes Omega and Redeemer in the never-ending battle against the forces of Darkness and its vicious leader, Mammon! While ADVENTURES OF SPAWN made its debut online as SPAWN.COM’s very first web comic to coincide with McFarlane Toys’ own toy line (Spawn: Series 30 & 32), this one-shot is the only place to read the story's conclusion in its entirety.

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane added, "It’s fun is to see if your characters can fit into different settings, genres, mediums and/or formats – as a means to get your idea in front of more new eyes. ADVENTURES OF SPAWN is such an attempt. Unlike the regular title, this one is truly built around the word, 'adventure.' Join us as we dive head-first into a world of Spawn unlike the others I've populated."

THE ADVENTURES OF SPAWN #2 (SEP082222), a 48-page full color comic book for $5.99, will be in stores November 19th, 2008. For more information and to read the original web comic, please see .
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Posted by Risky

Well, might be a nice idea but I don't like it. Spawn was an adult's comic from the beginning and I want it to stay that way.What will they put in i? When I look into my old Spawn comics I see only a few things that are appropriate for a younger audience. They will have to change the whole character and I think I can't get used to that after reading Spawn for so long. Might sound ignorant but that's just my oppinion.

Posted by Shatterstar

I for one look forward to the Adventures of the Walking Dead & Preacher Adventures.