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Joe Quesada Sounds Off On Spider-Man Marriage

Like Brand New Day or hate it, this was pretty interesting.  The wedding day DID happen.  They just didn't get married.  Read the interview.  Joe said that that story will probably be told at a later date.  I'm not happy with what happened but I got over it long ago.  I'm enjoying the stories for what they are...entertainment.  You can't blame the current creative team.  They didn't have anything to do with the decision. 

In this week’s installment of MyCup o’ Joe at MySpace Comic Books, Marvel’s Editor in Chief, Joe Quesada, reveals a new art team for She-Hulk, a new member for the Guardians Of The Galaxy and…what happened on Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s wedding day! Yup, there was a wedding day! It’s all revealed at ," />, where Joe Q answer your burning fan questions and reveals some exclusive new art!

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