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Joe Kubert RIP (1926-2012)

Sad news.

I hate doing these sort of write ups. Comics legend, Joe Kubert, dead at 85.

He was an amazing man. He's contributed so much to the industry, including opening up the Kubert School in New Jersey in 1976. Take a look at all the issues he worked on here. He will be missed. We would like to share our condolences to the Kubert family and friends.


Statement from DC Entertainment.

We are saddened to learn of the death of our colleague and friend Joe Kubert. An absolute legend in the industry, his legacy will live on through his remarkable talent, with his sons and with the many artists who have passed through the storied halls of his celebrated school. An important member of the DC Comics family, Joe made an indelible mark on the entire DC Comics universe including his renowned and award-winning work on iconic characters such as Sgt. Rock, Enemy Ace, Hawkman and most recently Nite Owl. We are so honored to have worked side-by-side with such an unforgettable force in both comics and in life.

- DC Entertainment Executive Team

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Posted by primepower53

My heart.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

RIP :(

Posted by Mutant X

Horrible news. Mr. Kubert is a huge inspiration to me and has had a massive influence on the comic book industry. To an amazing creator and a legend, rest in peace. You will be missed.

Posted by The_Tree

Rest in peace, Joe. He was a true master of the art form.

Posted by hpwaz

I was so shocked when I heard this. He was a legend, an inspiration, and an amazing man

Posted by thecomicscove

Met him at Comicpalooza just a couple months ago. Took a brochure for his school, and shook his hand. He will be missed. :(

Posted by Mandrewgora

I saw him drawing at a panel at C2E2, this is really sucky news.

Posted by ItsygoSkywallWOW

Rest in Peace Joe Kubert

Posted by The Poet

Rest in peace...


Posted by Mercy_

Wow :( What a loss. RIP, sir.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Aw man, I was just reading some old Sgt. Rock comics.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Kubert.

Posted by chalkshark

Another light goes out in the industry. This one shined long and bright. Condolences to his sons.

Posted by Webjaker
Posted by spider-man 2996

That sure is some sad news.He was one of my favourite artists and will terribly missed.

Posted by MrArrogant

It's devastating to loose such a living legend, the man may be dead but his legacy will last a lifetime, he achieved greatness in his life and will be sorely missed.

Posted by fojtikbt

RIP Mr. Kubert.

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

Met him at Baltimore Comic Con a couple years ago.Wow, R.I.P Mr. Kubert.

Posted by Brazen_Intellect

One of the actual legends of the industry, at least his work will live on through his students for generations to come

Posted by RScottH08

R.I.P. to a real legend.

Posted by Inverno

That was all of sudden :(

Descanse em paz.

Posted by SandMan_

Rest In Peace.

Posted by britsera

This career was roughly seventy years long.

Posted by venomoushatred1001



Posted by AttumaThurman

Damn. We'll miss you.

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Sgt. Rock & Company by Joe Kubert

Rest in peace Joe. My sympathies to his family. His legacy will live on.

Posted by moywar700

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau


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The great Joe Kubert was before my time yet I greatly follow and love the work of his sons and they wouldn't be where they are today without dear ol' dad. I've checked out a bit of his work over the years and I can mos def see where his talent has influenced not only the work of his sons but many others in the industry. Another comic and artist legend will be missed and my heart goes out to his family and friends. RIP Joe Kubert...your legacy lives on and is in great hands.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

RIP dude

Joe Kubert - the real Hawkman

Posted by Zeeguy91

Rest in peace, Joe. You will be missed.

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Posted by Tyranisrex

RIP Joe, thanks for all the good times and for showing us why the Rock always kept those bandoliers of .30 cal with him....

~Rex...going through the Sgt. Rock longbox....

Posted by hpwaz
Posted by blueninjapanther

That sucks. RIP Joe Kubert

Posted by SniffumsActual

Haven't read much of his work, but really love the stuff his son Andy has done. Another sad day for the comics industry.

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

Such a rich history in the comic industry. Rest in peace.

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

Why must the good die young? (85 is still too young to kick the bucket, in my opinion.)

Posted by Soldier zero

It's a a old cliche, but I think it's appropriate considering Mr Kubert love for Sgt Rock.

So long Mr Kubert, you'll be missed.

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I have never heard of this guy, and I dislike most of the characters he's created. I'm not gonna say he had an influence on me (at least to my knowledge) but it's still sad to hear that he's passed. A lot of these early comic writers and artists were just really cool PEOPLE, and it's always a shame when we lose someone who's really just a great person.

Posted by Smurfboy

Oh Lord! :( Sorry to hear that. I pray for Andy and Adam Kubert (they're one of my favorites artists!).

Posted by The Sadhu

R.I.P. Mr Kubert!

Another true legend has left us!

Posted by etragedy

I recently reread Tor and it has held up pretty well.

At the time (last year or earlier this year) I couldn't believe there was no Joe Kubert page (or a blank one) here on ComicVine - so I filled it in, little did I know that it wouldn't be up for very long before his passing. :(

Posted by Superguy0009e

Never read any of his work, but seemed like an amazing man and legend

Posted by zombietag

RIP. what a legend

Posted by THEBATFoE

Sad. :( I give any of his family my condolences.

Posted by pikahyper

Damn it, he was a good man :(

Posted by bladewolf

What a tragic condolences for his family.

Posted by jaredbright


Posted by Barkley seem like an old friend so i will say old friend goodbye

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

NO! Aw, that is awful.

RIP Mr. Kubert.