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Jimmy Palmiotti Talks 'Random Acts of Violence'

The creator discusses the new book!

We recently caught up with writer Jimmy Palmiotti to ask him a couple of questions about his new project, Random Acts of Violence, which hits store shelves today. We have seen the talented creator write powerful female superheroes in tights and capes (Powergirl) as well as dabble in a truly awesome western (Jonah Hex). Now, Jimmy Palmiotti tries his hand at a completely new genre, horror! Check out what he has to say about the project!  

Comic Vine: When we first open the book, it reads like a slasher comic. I'll admit the same thoughts a lot of the women in your book had, I did as well. Where did you come up with the concept for the story?
Jimmy Palmiotti: Well...I wonder if you thought that once you got deeper into the story. the beginning is set up like a slasher pic...and is supposed to get you thinking. That all said, we came up with the idea because we were talking one night how cool it must be to create a character that people want to dress like...and started thinking what if that character wasn't a good guy, but a real evil bastard and from there we dug in and created the graphic novel you read.
CV: In the beginning you wrote, 'art imitates life, life imitates art,' how prevalent would you say that quotation is? Would you consider it to be a foreshadowing of what is to come?
JP: It totally foreshadows just about everything that happens in the story and again is our way of saying to be careful with what you create and put out into the world...that there is a responsibility on some level for the creator and the book is a study on this idea and how much trouble a few people can get into.
CV: You team up with Justin Gray pretty frequently, why? What is it like working together?
JP: We are best friends, so its like hanging out with your best friends coming up with ideas on a daily basis and at times, getting paid for these ideas. Justin and I work really well together on so many levels that i think it elevates the work into something either of us would have create. He is a great guy, smart as a whip and understands a lot of things i cannot begin to understand. Together, we are unstoppable! lol...

CV: Can you guarantee that readers will be surprised with the story?
JP: I think they will be a bit surprised, a bit shocked...will laugh and will enjoy the book overall. Our job is to not only make you think...but to entertain, and I think Random Acts of Violence delivers on those levels.

CV: Will this be an ongoing? How many issues can we anticipate?
JP: This is a one shot 72 page graphic novel with a beginning and an end. there is no more to buy...unless it sells well...then we have a good problem on our hands. The biggest problem we are seeing is that some comic shops didn't order the book, so I hope fan will get their retailers to get it for them.
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I like the idea that this is a book that begins and ends. Knowing that when you read there will be a feeling of finality. Far too often comics and other books are stretched far beyond then they needed to be.

Posted by Bobby X

Well I absolutely love what these two have done with Jonah Hex, so I should probably check this out...especially considering it's just a 1-shot.