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Jim Lee To Draw Covers For Gears of War Comics

Did you know there was a Gears Of War comic?

Most of you guys know by now that we run a pretty awesome video game site side by side with Comic Vine. While you'd think that would make me really excited about crossovers from games into comics I really can't name many outside of the Dead Space series that were actually worth reading. That said I'm actually super curious about the Gears of War comic books that Wildstorm's been pumping out the last few months. I know I'm likely in the minority here but I'll honestly say I've enjoyed the Gears games more for their environment and world then their gameplay.

It seems that my curiosity for the series will have to finally be fulfilled now that Wildstorm head honcho Jim Lee plans on doing artwork for the covers starting with issue #9, due out in July. For those not into caped crusaders, Lee is essentially the artist in the industry and usually makes the comics he works on worth picking up even if the writing is complete garbage. The guy somehow even made that whole Batman Hush nonsense bearable. That said, I actually really enjoyed Brandon Bradeaux's work on the previous covers, which have been nothing short of epic for fans. I attached some of his art from the last couple issues.

What do you guys think of cross-overs from games into comics? Do they work, or do you see them more as a cash-in?

Posted by Hawk

It's another Redhead....someone call Methos!

Posted by bioghost

a chick fighting in gear. that is not pump in steriod. wow

Posted by Iron Fist Angel

I tried to like this comic as I'm a big fan of the games, but it's just awful. I quit buying it after 5 issues. The covers have been far and away the best thing about the series.

Posted by mattydeNero
HUSH nonsense?  Wow.

Now I'm really confused.  I can understand how Lee made his run on SUPERMAN readable.  Because that WAS nonsense.

I don't know if Jim Lee would've made R.I.P. more readable.  THAT was nonsense.

As far as crossovers go from videogames to comics, it depends on how good the game is, for one.  And secondly, if there was more of a story to it.  Personally, I'm not a fan of the "Gears" gameplay so I haven't played GoW2 at all.  The cover art is stunning nonetheless, eventhough I don't know who the hell that chick is. 
It's Jim Lee though.  Flawless.
Posted by Sparda

Cool. I've read the first four issues, and yeah, they're typical action orientated comics, much in the spirit of Gears. But I like em. Awesome that Lee is doing the covers now-I liked the other covers too, but this just looks better already.

Also, I was wondering when we'd see a female Gear. I was starting to think that they were all men.

Posted by Media_Master

"Hello boys"

Delta squad's jaws all drop!

Posted by damswedon

is she riding a brumak?

Posted by Sparda
damswedon said:
"is she riding a brumak?"
I think it might be dead and she's just sitting on it, but it's a possibility.
Posted by Loony Moony

Hush was great