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Jim Lee Sketches On The ipad

But does it look any good? Yes, of course it does.

Jim Lee bought an iPad this past weekend and he walked everyone through on his twitter page with the work he created. He picked up a sketchpad pro and started sketching out on this new piece of technology immediately, drawing the Catwoman to the right.

  A Catwoman rough done w/Sketchbook Pro on iPad. Medium: Fingers & 1hr

If you've ever seen Jim Lee draw anything in person, he makes it look WAY too easy. However, he is pretty good at giving everyone a small walk-through of his process on the ne w iPad though, especially with an upcoming Joker sketch(es) he created. (Pictured below) 

  Gonna start a Joker headshot real quick on my iPad. Hopefully the Yankees keep this game alive :) while I sketch ...  Joker rough, this is my base colors. I build from here w/ details&textures 

The rough is the first sketch in the gallery above. This product, like almost all computing products, is not without its problems, as the iPad seemingly crashed on Mr.Lee a couple of times.

  Awww crap. Sketchbook just crashed. Lost unsaved changes. Grrr. Must periodically save... Lost an earlier version via crash. Chasing the dragon now... Man after the crash could not capture the initial vibe I was going for 

So the second sketch is a complete redo of the first, from memory. Jim's final product turned out pretty cool, as he mentions on his twitter page, he zooms in and out while sketching for more detailed areas, and the program has great use of layers. He seemed to be switching back and forth between his fingers and a stylus.

  Looks better smaller--my fingers make for clumsy brushes--back to work that pays 

Aside from the occasional crash (save often), Mr Lee's work is rock solid wit this new product. No, it's nowhere near as cool as his old work, but you have to remember, this is pretty much finger painting on the iPad, and also, it's his first go at it. the only problem I have with this is that why hasn't Jim Lee been drawing any comics? That and I could care less about the iPad, but it is interesting to see what creative people can do with it, and maybe that's why I hate the iPad because I am simply not creative enough.
What do you guys think about the iPad art? Has anyone else, who owns an iPad, tried this out yet?
Posted by Caliber268

He is an AMAZING artist, love his work.

Posted by Hellos

Better than anything I could do.
Edited by Archetype

Jim Lee can finger paint better than I can draw anything...that Catwoman looks great and the Joker looks good for what it is.Wish I had an Ipad not because I love Apple but because it is technology and I like technology especially something new and shiny.

Posted by the_fallen11

I love his twitter post on this ipad drawing "Im too old to not draw on paper" lol

Posted by Tyler Starke

That is some pretty awesome stuff!

Posted by Yumulu

Like both the sketch, but that ipad seems to crash pretty often, specially for the price it go by 500-800 USD$ dependind of the memory.

Posted by KRYPTON

You can draw on a I-pad? I'm going to buy myself one.

Posted by Fleonix

This makes me want to get an Ipad, but I'll forget later. he he he 
Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

GOD wishes he had Jims skill

Posted by mattydeNero

He's the best at what he does, and what he does now is sketch on an iPad.

Posted by Argentino_18

I see this and I wish to shoot myself in the hands several times

Posted by Nova`Prime`

At first I thought that said Stan Lee and then when I saw Catwoman I had to reread the thread title :)
BTW is it wrong to want him to die for being so good at a freaking sketch?

Edited by ragdollpurps

hmm, i was wondering if the damned thing came with a stylus. i wanna try and color a couple covers with this. 
i like how he highlights catwoman with purple. when i color her i always use purple and like a lime green for her goggle lenses, kinda a throwback to her old costume.

Posted by sora_thekey

I honestly perfer old-fashion drawings... but they still look awesome nonetheless!
Posted by Paragon

I want one now. And a Jim Lee to draw me pictures on it.

Posted by Grim

im not getting an ipad for at least a year. second genis always better, and anyway im waiting for my Verizon Iphone announcement... cool beans though.

Posted by ComicCrazy

WOW jim lee is awesome and one of my favorite artists.
Posted by Theodore

wow, iPad art looks bad ass. I want an iPad so BAD!

Edited by exhibitvision

It seems like good that you can draw free hand on the Ipad but that kind of technology has been out for a long time but I don't know if there is anything portable like it. I had touch screens which all seem to allow you to draw similar to an Ipad before but didn't want to scratch the screen so I never used the pen  that came along with it or tired to use it. I'm sure it did cause some scratching.
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I want an iPad!