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Jeremy Renner Says He's Not Hawkeye

Did he really have a chance at the role?

It was a month ago we first heard the idea that Hawkeye could have a cameo in the Thor movie.  A few days after bringing it up, Jeremy Renner went on about the ideas that Marvel had in mind for the character.  Some of us thought it was a little strange that Marvel would tell him so much if he hadn't been officially cast and also that he was being so open with the details.  
/Film found an interview with Renner at Movieline and he clears things up a bit.

That was just one of those things that got blown way out of proportion. It was an idea. Those Marvel guys, I’m a big fan of them. They’re so smart about how they want to do these things…So they thought Hawkeye is an interesting role, and asked me if I knew anything about him. I said no, so they gave me their sort of spiel on what he was, and I thought that it was kind of interesting. The only reason it came out this early, because Avengers is two years away, is that they’re thinking OK, we may throw him in Thor, we may not, as a cameo. You know what I mean? So there’s truth that we talked about it, but there’s no truth to me doing it. 

Now the question is, what does this mean?  Did he really have a shot at playing Hawkeye?  Did the fact that he was so talkative about it ruin his chances?  Is he still being considered but this had to come out to throw us off.  That would make sense if they want to keep the cameos a surprise like they've tried doing in the past.  It seemed most people were on board with Renner playing Clint Barton.  I know I'd love to see him on the big screen.  Whatever the real story is, it's great that Renner actually stands up and tries to clear this up for us.  Now we just need to wait and see what will happen and if Hawkeye will appear or not.
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Posted by Dr. Detfink

Agent: "Hey Renner baby, the Deadpool film is up for grabs now Reynolds is taking GL..."

Posted by Little_Miss_Kitty

I don't think he's out of the running yet, but they're probably considering other (less talkative) options.
Posted by Bruce Vain

Well let's hope when they start getting the ball rolling on the Avengers after Thor & Ironman are released that he'll get a chance to play Clint. He seems like the right guy for the job.
Posted by Grendel

After reading that quote, full of extremely specific information, I think he's going to be Hawkeye more than ever.

Posted by crazed_h3ro

Aw man I really thuoght it was him...hope its someone bad ass ^_^

Posted by Decept-O

Sounds like Marvel has all the intentions to have him play Hawkeye.   Why would they bother asking him those questions if they didn't think he was a potential contender for the role?   
I'd love to see Hawkeye in one way or another in any film.  A cameo would be great but eventually in The Avengers movie as a member,  Heck 2 Da Yas.
Posted by Moomin123

I don't think Renner would've been brilliant for Hawkeye anyway.
Posted by cbellisrun

I do think Renner would be brilliant for Hawkeye.
We're reading way too much into this. He's just saying there's no contract yet so he's not sure if he's got the part.
I've been reading all of these Renner stories the same way we read about Sylar wanting to play Spock: He's interested, he's enthusiastic and he's got the acting chops.
I trust Marvel Studios to get Renner in writing once they know exactly where Hawkeye will appear.

Posted by War Killer
@Dr. Detfink said:
"Agent: "Hey Renner baby, the Deadpool film is up for grabs now Reynolds is taking GL..." "
Not going to happen!
Posted by Mutant X
@Dr. Detfink said:
" Agent: "Hey Renner baby, the Deadpool film is up for grabs now Reynolds is taking GL..." "
NEVARR!!! Ryan Reynolds was made for the role of DP.
Posted by THEBlaqueBasterd

Wrote a long concise piece detailing my reasons as to why he's right for the part &my thought on unneccassary tie in comicbook movies... but that got deleted..  oh well I go deja vu
I think Renners perfect for Hawkeye

Posted by THEBlaqueBasterd

IMHO... I dont think we need all these "rounding up" movies I mean who wants to see a friggin Ant-Man movie? No..? Ok then thats what I thought.. Seriously dons put a cup of sugar into a full glass of coke.. their only gonna be a FEW guys that can hold a movie on their own Iron Man (obviously) Hulk by his very nature is standalone.. Cap & Thor are possibles but for me personally have always worked BETTER in a team dynamic than solo (even in the comics) .However the public WANT a Cap'n America standalone..give it to em but have it segue directly into the Avengers movie focus on the man out of time modern relevance (or lack thereof) modern issues & teathin issues etc instead of makin a movie out of every single Avenger Character in history &things sghould be fine.
THE Blaque Basterds Ultimate Avengers Line Up
Garrett "Troy" Hedlund - Steve Rogers
Robert DJR - Tony Stark
Alex Skarsgaard - OdinSon
Jeremy "Hurt Locker" Renner - Clint Barton
Olga "Quantum Of Solace" Kurylenko  - Natasha Romanov 
Lucy "Kill Bill" Liu - Janet Van Dyne
Timothy "Live Free/Die Hard" Olyphant - Dr Henry "Hank" Pym
Jared "Fightclub" Leto - Petro Maxmoff
Megan Fox - Wanda Maximoff 
Samuel L Jackson - General Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury
Edward "Incredible Hulk" Norton - Dr Bruce Banner
Olivier "S.W.A.T." Martinez - God Of Deception

Perfect For Hawkeye Role .. Is seasoned, exudes a natural air of easygoing charm, that translates on screen EVERYSINGLETIME (never seen a film he was in where I didnt like him as a character or at least BELIEVE him as a character)
Poss Backstory: Orphaned thief & allround badseed turns his life around by  using his natural gifts of phenomenal hand-eye do-ordination to become an Olympic Archery Wunderkind.. is ultimately stripped of all his medals when his criminal past is revealed.. enter Fury who "bails him out" ..recruits him & takes him under his wing as his protege/Paramilitary Ops Officer aswell as forming the earliest incarnation of S.H.I.E.L.D. ala SpyGame or Body Of Lies (an idea first highlighted in Ultimates 1 but not expanded upon)
Sidenote Perfect for The Cap Role (Hedlund).. Is Young, can play Cap at teen AND nominal age, Natural Blond, Blue eyed, minimum 6"2, athletic, despite lowkey movies &being relatively unknown has INCREDIBLE range, VERY adept at using a shield (Troy) & MOST importantly he has the VOICE the kind of voice you EXPECT your Commanding officer to have. The only thing he'd need is a week or so shadowing Zen-God QB Tom Brady to get a feel for what a Natural Field Leader in their element looks like, a month or so of Bootcamp, MCMAP &Tactical training to add method to the role & he would actually BE Mr DoyouthinkthisletteronmyheadstandsforFrance?  

Posted by glforthewin

after seeing him in the hurt locker i'd say he'd be a good hawkeye. 

Posted by goldenkey

I checked IMDB and it says he's been announced as being the AVENGERS.  IMDB is usually really really good on when they say some is announced because they usually say if it's rumored or open to change also.   I don't who this guy is, haven't seen the hurt locker, and don't remember him in anything else it says he was in.
Posted by Gank

I think the guy would make a good Hawkeye. I sorta like the Ultimate version of Hawkeye - where's he's more like a non-evil version of  Bullseye with can't miss ability.

Edited by THEBlaqueBasterd
@goldenkey:  He's had PLENTY of roles you can see him in The Unusuals (series that ran on ABC think Bones..but better)  S.W.A.T. with Colin Farrel he plays the main mercenary ex swat baddie, 28 Weeks Later with Idris "Stringer" Elba he plays the Rogue Sarge that dies helpin the kids get outa London, he's been in The Assaination Of Jesse James &he's played Jeffrey Dhama.. YUP THE serial killer Jeffrey Dhama & tons of other roles.. the guys seriously versatile.. & were he a LIL bit taller (he's 6"1) id sy he'd even make the "Perfect Soldier" role look like a cakewalk (some of his best roles are military guys) &it was even rumored he could be the unknown to play Cap but as it is studios probly wont go with that kindof grit & persona for the role, they'll most likely cast him as Barton & look for someone more universally "lady friendly" to buff up the female ticket stubbs
Posted by conformist21

what a liar