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Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants As "Wonder Woman"?

The actress talks about her dream role?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants To Play "Wonder Woman"

Jennifer Love Hewitt wants to be Wonder Woman in a movie, and frankly, I don't blame her; but can she pull it off? MTV sat down with the actress and asked her what she sees in her acting future and what part she wants to play. Hewitt quickly indicated that her dream role would be to play Diana Prince in a live-action film.

"I'd really love to do an action movie. I'd really love to do like a 'Tomb Raider' or something like that," said Hewitt, "I think that'd be fun. I would love to play like a super hero or something like that. That would be awesome...I want to play Wonder Woman, I want them to make the movie of Wonder Woman and I want to play Wonder Woman so bad, I think it'd be really fun," said Hewitt.

When asked why she felt she would be perfect for the role, she cited that she has a "curvaceous frame," she loves tiaras, and she feels that "gold bracelets" compliment her wrists perfectly. Gold bracelets, not silver, Jen? Alright, maybe I took this a bit too seriously, and perhaps this is not the way things work in Hollywood, but if I were her and I was asked that question, not only would I have a better answer; but I would get the color of the bracelets correctly. 
If I was asked why I would want to play Wonder Woman, wearing a tiara would not be one of the reasons. Wonder Woman is this incredibly iconic female superhero who's character completely encompasses the idea that a woman can be strong and still be sexy. She is a symbol of femininity and feminism, and she emerged during a time when the role of the woman was to be submissive and subservient to men in this country. Even after World War II when the men returned from Europe an the women once again took on their traditional roles; Diana remained at the forefront of comic books as a powerful female Superhero who could take on the big boys. Diana's character has managed to remain symbolic and has transcended from being merely a comic book character, to being a symbol that anything a man can do, a woman can do too. She is a role model for girls, (and boys) and is one of the most prominent characters in the industry.  The actress that gets the chance to play that part should be honored to be chosen.
I hope that when they do finally make a movie about Wonder Woman, that the actress they choose can appreciate her character and is not someone who simply wants to pick up where Lynda Carter left off.
Do you guys think that Jennifer Love Hewitt would make a good Wonder Woman? Do you have someone in mind you think could play the part? Do you think I am asking too much?
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Posted by Luthorcrow
@cascadeking09 said:
" @Luthorcrow: i never said three years was a long time, wat i was sayin is that she isnt good for the part now. to be honest i wouldnt have wanted to see her play ww when she would have been good. and i get that u dont want a blonde playin her with dyed hair, but like i said race doesnt matter. ur right about it being best for them to actually look greek but i dont think that is important as long as she plays the role great and and every other aspect of her appearance is right. greek would just be a plus. i didnt just read it and decide that everthing u said was stupid, but being blonde shouldnt be a deal breaker if everything else about her is a perfect fit. but i get wat ur sayin now. "
I could be wrong about the blonde thing but I think we agree on the other points. 
@Vance Astro said:
" @_brandon said:
" Wonder Woman needs to be muscular, like Serena Williams built.  I'm not sure that sort of actress exists that is "known".  Maybe if you put Hewitt in one of those GI Joe body suits she could pull off the muscle look. "
Wonder Woman isn't as buff as Serena.Wonder Woman doesn't NEED to be anything either.  "
No doubt.  The whole consistent physical features she has been having dark hair.  More modern interprations have being taller and a little more muscled but she has never been a Serena or Chyna type build and to be honest, I think that would be a bit of an insult.  If you have to make WW look like a man in drag then that just seems to diminish the femininity of the character and the power of her womanhood.
I think casting this one is tough one because I really don't think there is a known actress that just leaps out.  It would work best as film if they get a good, known director and find an actress with look, skills and commitment regardless of being known.
Posted by cascadeking09

either Alexa Davolos, Alana De La Garza, or Matiland Ward. Definitely not Jennifer Love Hewitt, Megan Fox, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Connelly, Missy Peregrym, Angelina Jolie, or Lucy Lawless. especially JLH,MegFox,Angelina,and LucyL

Posted by Vance Astro
@cascadeking09 said:
" either Alexa Davolos, Alana De La Garza, or Matiland Ward. Definitely not Jennifer Love Hewitt, Megan Fox, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Connelly, Missy Peregrym, Angelina Jolie, or Lucy Lawless. especially JLH,MegFox,Angelina,and LucyL "
I doubt any of them will be Wonder Woman.I'm almost positive whoever plays her won't be an A-list actress until she plays Wonder Woman.
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Posted by cascadeking09
@Vance Astro: which ones? the ones i liked or the ones that i really didnt like.
Posted by No_Name_

I had no idea this thread would still be going!

Posted by Vance Astro
@cascadeking09 said:
" @Vance Astro: which ones? the ones i liked or the ones that i really didnt like. "
Any of them.
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Posted by cascadeking09
@Babs: yeah it has been goin for a long time.
Posted by cascadeking09
@Vance Astro: i wouldnt consider any of the first three A-listers
Posted by Player 1

I really feel you are look WAY to into this. Do you think Edward Norton could have told you every little detail about the Hulk? No, but he still probably wanted to play him because he was badass. Or do you think Hallie Berry could have told you about why she loved storm so much, and how storm is a strong womenly figure? Probably not. 
My point is just because they aren't into the character now, doesn't mean they can't get into it. So don't take it personally when she mixes up the bracelet color. Its no. big. deal. 

Posted by cascadeking09
@Player 1: i agree with u, but halle berry is very bad example. she went from having an accent to not having one at all. If they were gonna cast somebody to play storm it should have been angela basset, storm's voice should be more powerful and if halle berry could learn to do an accent then she could too. not to say that storm shouldnt be somebody younger than angela though.
Posted by fleegoo

My favorite for WW is still charisma carpenter.  she is tall, super hot, has the beautiful mane of hair, and proved she can kick butt on Angel.

Posted by cascadeking09
@fleegoo: i agree with some of the things u said about her, but charisma carpenter aint tall
Posted by WW-Fan

pff no way! she would be horrible choice!
Posted by Alexander Anderson

If Justin Timberlake can end up on the short list for Hal Jordan, then JLH can have a shot at Wonder Woman. 

Posted by Guidancecounselor
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Against negative write-ups,X19,kis13&7.    
Posted by grimreaper1980

i can't stop looking at your tits, i mean eyes

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

As a fellow Wonder Woman fan, I extend my apologies to Ms. Hewitt, but no. 

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Posted by hyiena


Posted by Commander_Kane

She's got the rack for it. Not much else.

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Sadly, I just don't think she has the right look. Not tough enough. Can't see her standing next to Henry Cavill and think that she can kick as much ass as him.

In regards to the OP... I think you are being oversensitive. She was clearly just joking around and skimming the surface on why she likes the character. I'm sure she could give a more serious answer as to why she relates to WW.

Posted by jphulk26

I personally wouldn´t cast her, but good to see an actress with some passion to play the role. She wouldn´t be the worse choice, but not top for me.

Posted by gokuwarrior

@jphulk26:good scrips,good actress,with the look,the acting skills,fightimg skills,good supporting actors,we need all this for a great wonder woman movie.

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i will leave this here

my cast for wonder woman

Posted by kcjr

I have always liked JLH a lot. However, she doesn't have the screen presence needed to play WW. I do hope she gets her wish and stars in a big action movie. Just not WW.

Posted by darkman61288

How about Phoebe Tonkin.