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Jekyll Island, Georgia Doubles for Muir Island in First Class?

Just in exchange for a little sand...

 Muir Island, as depicted in the comics.

My left hand is gripping my right wrist… trying hard to control myself… but… but… but I really hope that X-MEN: FIRST CLASS is going to do some scenes in Hyde Park while it’s shooting in London, because the Savanah Morning News is reporting (by way of SHH) that the producers have just decided to shoot on Jekyll Island.  

Get it? Jekyll & Hyde? I couldn’t resist.

While most of this latest mutant movie has been shooting “across the pond,” this development brings production back stateside, as Jekyll Island is a resort off the coast of Brunswick, Georgia. Curiously, the report says that part of the agreement requires the production to leave 375 cubic yards of beach-quality sand at the location in exchange for a 15,000 film credit. I suppose that’s akin to letting a movie crew shoot in your living room on the condition that they leave you a new couch and coffee table. == TEASER ==

I remember early reports about the movie people trying to find a suitable island location in South America, so it’s clear that we’re guaranteed at least some “island action.” Considering how crazy the plot details have been, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a scene where Xavier and Magneto arrive on this island in a seaplane and are greeted by a Ricardo Montalban promising to make their fantasies come true (+5 honorary XP points if you get the reference.)

A little less fancifully, I think it’s pretty obvious that this will probably be Moira MacTaggert’s haunt, Muir Island. Georgia doubling for Scotland - - who’d have figured?

Since we’re on the FANTASY ISLAND kick, why don’t we play a little game. Imagine , if you will, that you’re on the island and you get to make your widlest, X-MEN-movie related fantasies come true. What would you make the next mutant movie be? Would it be riff on FIRST CLASS or something entirely, dangerously different?

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Posted by countvontrey

I would like to see an R rated X-Force film. 
Or perhaps something based on GM's New X-Men run?

Posted by TheMess1428
@countvontrey said:
"I would like to see an R rated X-Force film."
Me too.
Posted by BKole

Five gets you ten that the way they're going to get it too look like Scotland is with fake rain. 
Everyone knows it rains all the time in Scotland. 365 days a year. 
Actually, that said, Sarcasm aside, it was snowing in Aberdeen yesterday.

Posted by coolbeans

People realize that this movie is probably going to be awful right?

Posted by ForbushBug

Seriously? An article about a shooting location? As if constant updates on every casting rumor from whatever website throws one out there regardless of legitimacy weren't annoying enough, this is a new benchmark in Not Really News.

Edited by Doctor!!!!!

I'm sad to say but, the movie probably gonna suck 
but I Want to see Muir Island...
Posted by countvontrey

I have my misgivings about this film, but I am willing to watch it before I pass final poop judgement on it.

Posted by Decept-O

Well, if the X-Men arrive in a Blackbird on this "fantasy island", will we hear a "De Plane! De Plane!" ? 
Did you know that Ricardo Montelban's casket was lined with pure Corinthian leather?  +100 honoray XP points if you get that reference. 
Posted by BraveToaster

I really hope that this is good. Kevin Bacon, don't fail me now!

Posted by Sheep-Kill

R-Rated X-Force all the way hells yeah.

Posted by gambitpryde1993

How 'bout Days of Future Past?